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Lin Chujiu didn’t say out loud her last sentence and just left… …

Back in Xiao Wangfu, as soon as Lin Chujiu entered the gate, Housekeeper Cao greeted her: “Wangfei, Wangye wants to see you, he said he wants you to come and see him once you return.”

“Mmm, I’ll wash my face and then go.” After crying, Lin Chujiu still has some tears mark on her face and her eyes were red. Her appearance looked pretty embarrassing.

Housekeeper Cao stopped Lin Chujiu and repeated his words: “Wangye said he wanted you to come and see him immediately. No further delay is allowed.”

If it was an ordinary day, Lin Chujiu will definitely obey. Xiao Tianyao has already seen her embarrassing side, so what if she embarrassed herself more, but today… …

She was angry, she has no place to vent to her anger. And now, Xiao Tianyao and Houskeeper Cao have stepped on her landmine.

Lin Chujiu slowly looked up and looked at Housekeeper Cao coldly. Then, she said word by word: “And if I wash my face first?”

Every word was abnormally heavy. And at the moment, her gentle and serene eyes were full of anger. As if it can tear people apart.

Such look was undoubtedly terrible… …

Houskeeper Cao was scared, he took a step back and bowed his head: “Wangfei, please don’t make things difficult for this old slave.” Their Wangfei was scary, but their Wangye was even scarier.

"Difficult?" Lin Chujiu's lips curved with a trace of mockery: “If this is called difficult, then what do you think you are doing to me?”

Regardless of what, Lin Chujiu pushed aside Housekeeper Cao and said: “Don’t block my way, I will do what I want. Don’t dictate me.”

Houskeeper Cao was caught off guard when Lin Chujiu pushed him. Fortunately, even though Lin Chujiu was angry, she didn’t put too much force. Housekeeper Cao fell on the ground but was not hurt.

“Wangfei, Wangfei… …” Housekeeper Cao climbed up immediately and chase after Lin Chujiu. When the guardsmen saw it, they blocked Lin Chujiu’s way: “Wangfei, Wangye wants to see you!” In Xiao Wangfu, Xiao Tianyao’s words were like an imperial edict. No one can violate it.

The guardsmen in Xiao Wangfu were not as soft as Housekeeper Cao. They were tough and strong, so when they stand in front of Lin Chujiu, Lin Chujiu couldn’t leave.

“Get out of my way!” Lin Chujiu was angry. Her apricot eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

When the guard saw Lin Chujiu acted so tough, he was somewhat surprised. He doesn’t know what he supposed to do, so he only said slowly: “Wangfei, Wangye wanted to see you. Why don’t Wangfei go and see Wangye first?”

Lin Chujiu didn’t get soft: “I said get out my way! Didn’t you hear me?”

“Wangfei, don’t force us.” The guardsmen were overwhelmed. They usually follow their Wangye and Wangfei. So naturally, they know that their Wangye’s treatment to their Wangfei has changed recently, but… …

This change doesn’t mean that their Wangfei is allowed not to listen to their Wangye’s order.

“Force you? Right, you have the ability to kill me.” Lin Chujiu took a step forward and went close to the guard. The guard was shocked and took a step back: “Wangfei, this subordinate is also doing this for your good. Wangfei, if you act pampered and spoiled, it will only make Wangye unhappy.”

“Good for me? What qualifications do you have to say that this is good for me? What qualifications do you have to decide for me? Have you forgotten my identity?” Was she too kind, so that the Xiao Wangfu’s guards don’t respect her even in the surface? 

Good for her?

Thinking about it, which guard in the capital will say to his master that this was good for her?

These people, do they know who is their master?

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