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This was a setup, a setup that obviously targets Lin Chujiu. That’s why, before Meng Laofuren lost consciousness, she specifically emphasized to the Meng Family not to tell this matter to Lin Chujiu, but… …

If they will not tell Lin Chujiu, the Meng Family has no way to solve this problem.

The three Meng brothers refused to say a word to Lin Chujiu, but they didn’t stop Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen to say a word about this matter. After all, the Meng Family will suffer a great disaster. All these things happened because of Lin Chujiu, but they don’t blame her.

Meng Er Furen was stopped to speak by Meng Da Furen. However, Meng San Furen said in a low voice: “We don’t want to involve you Chujiu, but… … If you won’t go, I’m afraid those children will die.”

“Chujiu, mother said that this matter has nothing to do with you. The other party already took our children, but they also want you to go to the Wind Cliff Valley. They want another bargaining chip. Even if you go there, we’re not sure if they will let go of the children.” Meng Da Furen was also worried about her child, but she didn’t dare to forget the old lady’s words.

Since the day she took the lead in the family, she was regarded as a god. After all, she was personally trained by Meng Laofuren.

“Aunt, if you say it like this, it means you don’t believe me.” Hearing the other party’s demand, Lin Chujiu understood that the other party actually want her. The Meng Family was only implicated by her.

“I didn’t mean it like that, the other party can take away our children, we can clearly see that we are incompetent.” As she said those words, Meng Da Furen’s eyes redden and her thin body slightly trembled.

Because of this news, her mother-in-law fell ill. A few men in the family got injured. The future of the family was put on her shoulders. She was not as determined as the old lady, she was not sure if she can get through this.

When the three Meng brothers heard this, they bow their heads and sighed.

The persimmons were soft to pinch. If they were not incompetent, how can the other party choose to pick a fight with them than the Lin Family? In regards to close ties, the Lin Family is where Lin Chujiu belong to.

“Chujiu, the time is not too early, you should go back.” Tears slide from Meng Da Furen’s eyes, but her voice was much colder than before. Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen sobbed in a low voice on the side. They didn’t dare to say another word, they only bite their lips and held back the sorrow in their heart.

The Meng Family was covered in sorrow, not only because the old lady fell ill, but also because their children were taken away. In this case, Lin Chujiu can go back home, but she must take responsibility for causing this trouble.

“Uncles, aunts, you can rest assured that after three days I will go to Wind Cliff Valley to solve this matter.” Lin Chujiu vowed deeply in front of everyone to express her apologies.

The three Meng brothers didn’t utter a single word, while Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen’s face became bright. Only Meng Da Furen stopped Lin Chujiu: “Chujiu, no… … you are Xiao Wangfei. Xiao Wangye will not agree to this.”

How can Xiao Wangye allow his wife to venture in danger for her maternal ancestors?

“Xiao Wangye said, I should be responsible for my own affairs. This is my business. I don’t need him to intervene.” Lin Chujiu suddenly felt that Xiao Tianyao’s coldness was also quite good.

“I don’t believe Xiao Wangye will not get angry. You can’t let Xiao Wangye became unhappy because of the Meng Family.” Lin Chujiu was abandoned by Lin Family. Now, the Meng Family was like this, if Lin Chujiu also loses Xiao Wangye’s support, Lin Chujiu will be left with nothing. Anyone in the capital can bully her.

“Aunt, don’t worry, I know what to do. Uncles, you don’t have to worry, my cousins will come back safely.” Even if I’m only a broken arm and powerless person.

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