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Lin Chujiu didn’t realize that she had forgotten to give Chen San a mirror to let him see his wound.

Lin Chujiu sincerely apologize: "I'm sorry, I forgot to give you a mirror. Now your wound has been wrapped up. I’ll let you take a look at it, next time when we change the bandage, okay?” Lin Chujiu can’t be blamed for this. It was Xiao Tianyao’s fault. If he didn’t appear suddenly, she wouldn’t lose her mind.

Chen San was scared to death.

Their Wangfei apologized to him? Didn’t he hear it wrong?

“Wang, Wangfei… No, no, I don’t need to look at it.” Chen San, who don’t know what to say, replied stupidly.

Lin Chujiu sighed with relief: “Let’s forget it if you don’t care.” Habitually, Lin Chujiu patted Chen San’s shoulder to comfort him: “Have a good rest, your wound will heal soon.”

For Lin Chujiu, this was simply to encourage a patient. It was a habit that was developed in the hospital. There was no other meaning, but… …

Xiao Tianyao and Chen San didn’t know this!

Chen San was stupefied again, he hasn’t made any movement, but he felt a chill on his back. Chen San instinctively and hurriedly avoided Lin Chujiu, then said: “Wangfei, I, I will take care of my wound.” To be more clear, please stay away from me. 

Although Lin Chunjiu has a thick nerve, she also noticed that it was wrong. But, when she turned around, Xiao Tianyao has returned to normal, so she didn’t found anything.

Lin Chujiu tidied up her things and said goodbye to Chen San. She then turned around to clean the other’s wounds.

Fortunately, there were not many injured people recently in Xiao Wangfu. The medicine they bought before hasn’t been used much. Only a dozen of people in the house has used the medicine with copper rust. Otherwise, Lin Chujiu will really be exhausted.

After cleaning and suturing the wound, there was no big problem. Lin Chujiu treat one person after another, but the medical system only gives her small points, which she found the system to be a little stingy.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu doesn’t care much about this stuff. She just treated the patients according to their severity. She was so busy. She finished everything around midnight. Lin Chujiu, who was so tired and hungry sat on the wooden chair and didn’t move. But she found out, Xiao Tianyao was still sitting in the same place. Lin Chujiu bowed her head but didn’t speak.

He said he didn’t come to see me, so what is he doing here?

Lin Chujiu didn’t move, Xiao Tianyao also didn’t move. Housekeeper Cao, who was quite old stayed up late with his two masters. But watching them like this, he was really struggling and feeling exhausted.

But after waiting for a long time, the two people still didn’t take the initiative to speak. Housekeeper Cao has no other choice, but to approach Lin Chujiu: “Wangfei, do you want this old slave to arrange you a soft sedan chair to pick you up?”

In the middle of the night, people will pick her up and carry her?

“No need.” Lin Chujiu shook her head: “I can go back and walk.” Although she was tired, but not to the point she couldn’t walk on her own.

If this body of her was not in a bad condition and has no chronic poison, she will not embarrass herself. She was used to standing up for 18 hours in major operation.

“But…” You don’t look so good, can you really walk like this?

Housekeeper Cao was very suspicious.

“I can.” Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and stood up. After packing her things, she said: “Just arranged some people to carry my medicine box.”

Housekeeper Cao immediately arranged two guardsmen to come over. After the two guardsmen paid their respect to Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu, they lifted the medicine box and stood behind Lin Chujiu.

Before Lin Chujiu left, she politely said to Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, I’ll go first.”

Unfortunately, Xiao Tianyao didn’t show any care. He didn’t even look at her. Lin Chujiu didn’t feel embarrassed, she just went outside with the guardsmen.

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