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Housekeeper Cao looked at Xiao Tianyao, who had been sitting all night. While hesitating to go forward, Housekeeper Cao saw Xiao Tianyao suddenly stood up and left without saying a word.

Housekeeper Cao silently closed his mouth… …

If their masters were in a bad mood, they will end up unlucky.

Lin Chujiu was too tired, so she took a bath with the help of Chunxi and Qiuxi and then, climbed up to her bed. But as for how she got into her bed and when did she fall asleep, Lin Chujiu didn’t know how. She only knew that after she woke up, she felt very satisfied and comfortable. It’s just… …

Why does she smell so bad?

There was no dirt on her body, her body was only covered with sweat. But she smelled so bad as if she didn’t take a bath for three days.

“What is going on?” Lin Chujiu couldn’t understand it. She turned her head and looked at his side. She didn’t found traces of Xiao Tianyao sleeping beside her. Does it mean this bad smell on her body has nothing to do with him?

But aside from this stinky odor, there was no other discomfort to her body. Lin Chujiu specifically activated the medical system to check her condition. But, she found out there was nothing wrong in her body. Instead, the chronic poison in her body was relieved a bit.

"Why do I feel like my body was cleansed like in the legends?” Lin Chujiu really felt like she had received a great prize. However, she soon realized that it must be because of the cold fruit that Xiao Tianyao gave her.

“It turned out, that thing is good.” Lin Chujiu’s heart was sour, she couldn’t tell what she actually feels.

Although Xiao Tianyao's attitude was very poor, she can’t deny the good effect of the cold fruit.

Xiao Tianyao also has a heart. “I should thank him back.”

Lin Chujiu turned over and got out of bed. When Qiuxi and Chunxi heard a sound, they knocked on the door. As soon as they got Lin Chujiu’s permission, they went inside to serve her.

The two were shocked when they saw Lin Chujiu’s appearance, but they didn’t dare to say anything. They just silently clean up the bed sheets and quilts. Then, they prepare water for Lin Chujiu to take a bath.

It took an hour before Lin Chujiu could go out and have breakfast. Lin Chujiu wanted to see Xiao Tianyao, but Housekeeper Cao told her that Xiao Tianyao was summoned into the palace by the emperor.

This time, the Emperor called Xiao Tianyao into the palace, naturally because of Divine Doctor Mo.

Although there was no actual evidence, the Emperor was determined that once Divine Doctor Mo’s case burst outside, Xiao Tianyao can’t get away with it.

The Emperor didn’t intend to protect Divine Doctor Mo, but he also cannot allow Xiao Tianyao to cause more trouble. The matter regarding Divine Doctor Mo was already very embarrassing. If things go on, he could no longer clean it up. He invited Divine Doctor Mo into the palace, which made him look bad.

The Emperor called Xiao Tianyao into the palace to beat him and let him stop his actions, but… …

The Emperor was doomed to be disappointed.  Because Xiao Tianyao's orders have longed been arranged. He will never take it back for the emperor.

The Emperor said a lot of warning to Xiao Tianyao, but he also made it clear that he will not protect Divine Doctor Mo so that Xiao Tianyao will stop his further actions. Regardlessly, the present charges to Divine Doctor Mo was enough to push him to death.

Xiao Tianyao did not say anything, no matter what the Emperor said, he only replied with “Mmm”. It seems like he doesn’t have a plan to refute the Emperor’s decisions at all. As if, he was telling the Emperor he could arrange everything.

When the Emperor saw Xiao Tianyao so obedient, he couldn't help but be happy. In order to show his importance to Xiao Tianyao, the Emperor let Xiao Tianyao have lunch with him.

Xiao Tianyao only looked at the Emperor and didn’t refuse.

He was very much looking forward to it. He wanted to see the Emperor’s ugly expression when Divine Doctor Mo’s secret medical practice in the valley of Southern Country was exposed… …

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