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 Su Cha deliberately mentioned Meng Family’s intention to visit the capital of the east. Of course, this was not merely to talk about rumors. But because he was hoping… …

“Can you let Wangfei check the young master of Meng Family?” After saying this sentence, Su Cha immediately jumped behind Liu Bai, he didn’t dare to look at Xiao Tianyao’s face.

So, poor Liu Bai, he was glared by Xiao Tianyao.

Liu Bai was shocked, he really wanted to pull out Su Cha behind his back. But now, Xiao Tianyao was obviously angry, he can’t change his mind. He can only face Xiao Tianyao’s anger, and then… …

“I also think that Su Cha’s suggestion is quite good. Wangfei is highly skilled in medicine, her skills are not worse than Divine Doctor Mo.” Liu Bai was not really cheering for Lin Chujii, nor was being optimistic. It’s just the benefits they can get in curing the Young Master of Meng Family were too many to count. If Lin Chujiu succeeds, it can bring unexpected benefits to Xiao Tianyao. 

Liu Bai thinks Xiao Tianyao will not lose anything if he tried it.

Xiao Tianyao naturally knows this, but there were some benefits that are not easy to get. If the Young Master of Meng Family’s illness was something can be cured, Meng Family will not give up their face and come to the capital to seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice. Everyone knows that for literate people, fame and keeping promises were more important than life.  

Su Cha could guess what Xiao Tianyao was worried about. So, he walked out behind Liu Bai and seriously said: “Tianyao, I know you are worried. But, I think, we can do some operation on this matter. Let’s make the Meng Family took the initiative to see Wangfei.” If things didn’t go well, the two-party will not have enmity.

“What you mean by an operation is nothing more than propaganda about Lin Chujiu’s medical skills. Aside from this, do you still have other methods?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha disdainfully. He doesn’t think this method was good.

Su Cha was quite aggrieved. “Wangfei’s medical skills are really good. Even if we spread it, nothing bad will happened.”

“Too fake. Do you think Meng Family is a fool?” Can the Meng Family manage the Wenchang College for all these years if they were a fool? Additionally, they were not controlled by the four countries. Meng Family was more difficult than they could imagine.

Su Cha thought too much of course, so he bowed his head: “Well, it's my thoughtlessness, just treat it like I didn’t mention it.”

“Put this matter aside, benwang will think about it later.” Xiao Tianyao admits that this thing was feasible, but it must be done naturally, just like how Lin Chujiu helped the Mo Family of Northern Territory.

Su Cha nodded his head, and no longer dared to push his idea to Xiao Tianyao. Iin order to divert Xiao Tianyao’s attention, he busily discussed other things.

After half an hour, Su Cha and Liu Bai finished their business and were preparing to leave. However, they heard Xiao Tianyao ask: “What happened to Lin Chujiu in the palace that day?” The more Lin Chujiu refused to speak, the more he felt there was a problem behind it.

“In the palace? Oh… I remembered, Wangfei didn’t encounter any problem in the Qinghe Hall. When Wangfei came out from the Qinghe Hall, there was no difference. Imperial Concubine Zhou sent Wangfei out. However, Wangfei and the Empress also meet that day in the garden house. There was only one person behind the Empress, her old mama. So, I couldn’t find out what they talked about.” Su Cha reported all that he knows.

Obviously, the problem lies with the Empress, but apart from the three parties, no one else knows the content of their conversations. Xiao Tianyao remembered seeing the Seventh Prince in the Qinghe Hall before. So, he could not help but say: “Check out the Seventh Prince.” 

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