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“Okay.” Although Su Cha doesn’t know Xiao Tianyao’s purpose in checking out the Seventh Prince. Xiao Tianyao must have his own reason, so he only needs to do a good job. 

“Send this letter to Mo Qingfeng.” Xiao Tianyao got up and grabbed the letter on the table and throw it to Liu Bai.

“Well, I will go now.” After accepting the letter, Liu Bai was in a hurry to leave. But before leaving, he asked Su Cha: “Aren’t you looking for Doctor Wu? Do you want to go together?”

“I still have something to do, you go first.” If it’s an ordinary day, he will go with him. But today… … He wants to try his luck.

“Haven’t you finished talking? What else is there do?” Liu Bai carelessly whispered.

Xiao Tianyao, who was cleaning his hands, also looked at Su Cha and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect Su Cha was in his Xiao Wangfu, but there were still some things he didn’t know. 

Su Cha wanted to sneak away, but Liu Bai stabbed him in the back in front of Xiao Tianyao. Su Cha didn’t dare to hide anything, so he said: “Didn’t you see it earlier, Wangfei will give a special treatment to the wounded guard. I wanted to see it… … What about it? I missed seeing her treatment before, but now I’m going to try my luck and see Wangfei treat Chen San’s wound.”

Although he didn’t see Lin Chujiu’s medical skills last time, those guards were praising her like a god. So, Su Cha wanted to feed his curiosity.

“I haven’t seen it either.” Liu Bai sneaked a peek on Xiao Tianyao. When he saw him not angry, he added: “I will go with you. If we miss it, we’ll go out directly to the capital tomorrow.”

“Liu Bai, you shouldn’t go out tomorrow, sending the letter outside at night is much safer.” Su Cha didn’t intend to go and watch with Liu Bai. Even if Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry.

“Benwang’s letter must be sent today.” If he won’t leave tonight, not only sneaking around will be hard but also he might be discovered. He will encounter danger much easily.

“My business is not urgent, I can go tomorrow.” Su Cha patted Liu Bai’s shoulder and added: “We have a different way, I’ll go first.”

Su Cha hurriedly left, leaving Liu Bai inside the study room, but someone was much faster than him… …

Wangye turned left!

Isn’t it the same way as me?

Su Cha didn’t say anything, he only obediently followed behind Xiao Tianyao. Liu Bai was also intending to follow, but he saw Xiao Tianyao in front. So, he could only withdraw his foot.

He was not as smart as Su Cha, so he didn’t dare to go forward and look for death.

Xiao Tianyao really didn’t plan to see Lin Chujiu, but… …

When he heard Su Cha’s words, his brain automatically imagine a figure. A figure that standing in front of a patient full of calmness. When his senses returned, he saw Su Cha following behind him.

In this case, can he still turn around?

So, the two of them walked in tandem and went quietly to the place where the wounded guard was.

At this time, the sky was already dark, but there were lights everywhere on the east side of Xiao Wangfu. So, although it was not as bright as daytime, the guards could see that their Wangye has come. One by one, the guards hurriedly salute: “Greetings to Wangye.” Why did their Wangye come so suddenly?

“No need for the ceremony” Xiao Tianyao didn’t sweep his eyes to the guards, he only walked straight to the corridor. Seeing this, the guards knew at once that Xiao Tianyao came to see Lin Chujiu.

“Wangye came to look for Wangfei.” When the guard saw Xiao Tianyao left, he frowns his eyebrows and whispered to his companion. However, he hasn’t had a chance to get close to his companion, when Xiao Tianyao suddenly turned around. The guard was so scared to the point that his body got stiff and his face distorted. Su Cha almost laughed at this scene.


The guard with a funny face immediately kneel on the ground: “Wangye, please forgive this subordinate.” He really didn’t expect that he was unlucky up to this point.

“Get up.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t bother to look at the guard, he continued to move forward…

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