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“Insect Poison? How can my son suddenly been poisoned?” The Emperor frown his eyebrows in disbelief. Imperial Concubine Zhou’s face turn pale and asked with a trembling voice: “Insect Poison? How can that be? Isn’t it something only Miao people could do? How can that thing exist in the palace?”

“This servant doesn’t know.” Divine Doctor Mo also was also having a headache, so he simply added: “The palace maid said that Third Prince had only taken his medicine, but this thing had happened. Huangshang, please check the remaining medicine.”

The Emperor didn’t agree at once, he said: “Then, how is my son now?” It was important to check the problem, but the most important thing for him was to save his son’s life.

“This servant have used a golden needle to stabilized Third Prince’s condition. It is only a temporary treatment. It is necessary to know what drug was used to know the remedy.” Divine Doctor Mo was exhausted, but he has to continue his treatment.

If he will fail to cure the Third Prince, not only him will suffer, but also his daughter.

Remembering that her daughter had become the Emperor’s woman, Divine Doctor Mo was feeling regretful. He was regretting entering the palace. He should have stayed in Xiao Wangfu.

When the Emperor heard Divine Doctor Mo’s words, he immediately said: “Someone, go and take the remaining medicine today.” The remaining medicine of Third Prince Xiao Zian was being kept in private, for fear of a sudden accident.

The palace maid quickly took the bowl of remaining medicine and dregs. Divine Doctor Mo first identified each and tasted them… …

The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou looked at him with anticipation. After a while, they only saw Divine Doctor Mo shaking his head: “There is no problem.” The amount and ingredients were exactly the same on his prescription.

The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou were disappointed, but Divine Doctor Mo also added: “Huangshang, please let me also check the other dregs.”


Third Prince Xiao Zian was taking so many medicines every day. It was impossible to bring it one at a time. So, Divine Doctor Mo could only go personally. The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou stayed in the room and looked after Xiao Zian.

The palace maid knew that she couldn’t help with the Third Prince’s condition. So, after things have calmed down a bit, she immediately cleaned the Third Prince’s hands and feet and the floor. Then, she lit an incense stick to make the room smells better.

Third Prince Xiao Zian’s appearance was now clean, but his face was green. His blacken colored lips also haven’t change.

“Zian, my poor child.” Imperial Concubine Zhou sat at the bedside and cried.

The Emperor went to Imperial Concubine Zhou’s side and held her hand: “Nothing bad will happen to Zian, Divine Doctor Mo is here.”

“Mmm.” Imperial Concubine Zhou gently replied, but she was actually sneering inside her heart.

She used to believed that Divine Doctor Mo could cure her son, but it’s hard to say it now. His daughter has now become the Emperor’s woman, so who knows if Divine Doctor Mo will kill her son for his daughter.

As everyone knows, the Emperor most beloved son, was Xiao Zian. If Xiao Zian died, and his daughter got pregnant, who can guarantee that the emperor will not cherish his newborn son?

Additionally, Divine Doctor Mo was a talented doctor. As long as the emperor forgive his daughter and gave her a chance. Imperial Concubine Zhou believes that Mo Yuer will be able to conceive a child at the fastest speed. Who can harm Mo Yuer in the palace by then?

Imperial Concubine Zhou believed that this was a conspiracy!

Because of Third Prince Xiao Zian’s illness, the palace was turned upside down. However, Xiao Wangfu was also in chaos because of this.

Even after giving a punishment, the medical system still constantly reminding Lin Chujiu to treat Third Prince Xiao Zian as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will die. And she will receive another punishment.

Third Prince Xiao Zian has medical records in the medical system, so even if he was very far. The medical system can receive the signal of his condition. It’s just it can’t identify the exact diagnosis. It can only receive Third Prince Xiao Zian’s strong need for medical treatment.

After receiving a punishment, Lin Chujiu was really scared of the medical system. But,  Third Prince Xiao Zian was in the palace. Lin Chujiu must go to the palace first to heal him, but… …

As soon as she opened her mouth, Xiao Tianyao refused!

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