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While Lin Chujiu was suffering from the punishment of the medical system, Third Prince Xiao Zian was also suffering from great pain.

Third Prince Xiao Zian drank his medicine as usual, but who knows why, after a half column of incense, his abdomen suddenly cramped and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Somebody come, somebody come, hurry!” The palace maid was frightened and screamed. She screamed and screamed while holding Xiao Zian’s trembling body: “Doctor, doctor, Third Prince is vomiting blood!”

The next moment, Third Prince Xiao Zian vomited with a mouthful of white and yellow liquid. After looking carefully, there were many small worms and insects in the said liquid. However, those small worms and insects died shortly after it was exposed in the air. And melted in the white and yellow liquid. So, it could not be seen at all again.

Third Prince Xiao Zian was groaning in pain. After vomiting those liquids, he didn’t vomit again. But, blood continuously flowing out in his nostrils. The palace maid was complete scared.

Fortunately, Divine Doctor Mo, who lived in Third Prince Xiao Zian‘s courtyard came.

“What’s going on here?” When Divine Doctor Mo saw Xiao Zian’s appearance, he was also shocked. He didn’t pay attention to Xiao Zian’s filthy appearance, he directly touched him and diagnosed his condition.

When the palace maid saw Divine Doctor Mo checking Third Prince Xiao Zian‘s condition, she busily reported: “Doctor Mo, please, hurry, Third Prince, vomited blood. He also vomited a lot of liquid. Look at the Third Prince appearance.”

“Blood counter flow, poisonous gas attack. How can this be?” The more Divine Doctor Mo’s face gets ugly, the uglier Third Prince Xiao Zian’s face also gets.

At this moment, Third Prince Xiao Zian was in a semi-coma state. His lips were black and his face was bluish in color. His nostrils and ears were bleeding.

Divine Doctor Mo once again check Xiao Zian’s pulse. But, his face becomes more ugly: “Poisonous worms and insects? How can there be so many of it? What did you feed to the Third Prince?!”

When Divine Doctor Mo roared in anger, the palace maid was scared and stiffed. She slowly shook her head and said: “No, nothing. Third Prince didn’t eat anything. He only took his medicine.”

“Impossible. If you only gave him the medicine, how can there be so many termites in his body?” Divine Doctor Mo said and took a golden needle from his medicine box: “Take off the Third Prince’s clothes.”

Right now, was not the good time to pursue the issue. What was important is to save him!

“Yes, yes.” Third Prince Xiao Zian was only wearing one coat, so when the palace maid removed his clothing. Third Prince Xiao Zian’s pale and thin body was exposed.

Divine Doctor Mo didn’t blink, he inserted all the 72 needles in his hand to Third Prince Xiao Zian’s body with a lightning speed. Soon, Third Prince Xiao Zian’s complexion improved. His nose and ears also stopped from bleeding.

Divine Doctor Mo haven’t had time to gasp for breath. But, the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou, who also received the news came. The two of them haven’t taken a step inside the room, but they already smelled a sour smell.

The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou didn’t pay attention to the scent, they hurriedly walked inside.

“Zian, my son, how is he?” Imperial Concubine Zhou asked with teary eyes. But, her elegant demeanor and makeup in the face didn’t even change because of these tears.

“My beloved imperial concubine, don’t worry, Divine Doctor Mo is here.” The Emperor holds Imperial Concubine Zhou’s hand tightly. Imperial Concubine Zhou leaned weakly her body to the Emperor’s arms, then said: “My son, why is he experiencing so many hardships?”

When the two of them came in, the first thing they saw was the filthy liquid and blood on the floor. Imperial Concubine Zhou’s legs soften, and she almost fell: “How can this happen? Why is my son vomiting blood?” 

The Emperor looked at Xiao Zian when he saw his son’s face was blue and his lips were black in color. His heart almost jumped out from his chest: “Doctor Mo, what is going on here? Didn’t you say that my son is getting better? How did he become like this?”

“Third Prince was given with an insect poison.” Divine Doctor Mo who just finished his acupuncture treatment said with a bit of exhaustion.

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