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Xiao Wangfu was very large. At least, it was several times bigger than the house in Zhuangzi. Xiao Tianyao lived in the front yard, while Lin Chujiu lived in the most remote area in the backyard. If the two will not deliberately meet up, the possibility of meeting each other was impossible.

Sitting alone inside the dining room, Xiao Tianyao realized that Xiao Wangfu was too big. Before, in Zhuangzi, no matter where his eyes look, he could find Lin Chujiu. But now?

At least 5 hours had passed since they arrived, but they haven’t met even once. So, after eating half a bowl of rice, Xiao Tianyao already lost his appetite, and let the servant next to him clean it up.

On the contrary, Lin Chujiu was cheerfully eating her dinner. Xiao Tianyao was not living next to her room, so she was not that reluctant to live in Xiao Wangfu.

After eating dinner, she played the same routine. She walked around to digest her food in the stomach. And then, she took a bath as soon as the hot water becomes available. Lin Chujiu also read a dozen pages in the book to rest a bit more.

In this world, where televisions and computers were unavailable. Aside from reading, the only available activity at night was to sleep. Lin Chujiu was extremely unaccustomed to this lifestyle before. But now, she felt great. She sleeps and gets up early every day, because of this, her body obviously become much better.

Lin Chujiu was feeling good, she didn’t feel tired at all. So, after lying on the bed, she fell asleep as soon as she laid her head on the pillow.

Lin Chujiu’s sleeping posture was the same as ever. She sleeps curling up like a baby.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Tianyao quietly entered her room. Seeing the big bed, but Lin Chujiu sleeping like a piece of wood to the corner. Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but shook his head… …

The darkness inside the room didn’t stop Xiao Tianyao to see the surroundings and made a move. He walked behind Lin Chujiu and poked her soft body. Seeing her sleeping like a dead pig. It seems she won’t wake up in any moment.

Xiao Tianyao opened the quilt and lied next to Lin Chujiu. Then, he pushed her into his arms. Xiao Tianyao smelled an inexplicable scent on Lin Chujiu’s body. But, it made him felt relaxed.

Lin Chujiu’s presence had given him a great sense of security. He was able to sleep soundly. He no longer sees those bloody pictures in his dreams… …

Before daylight, Xiao Tianyao woke up. And as expected, he had a good night sleep beside her. He no longer has to worry about being invaded by nightmares.

"How do you expect benwang to let you go?” Xiao Tianyao said with his lips that were next to Lin Chujiu’s ear. His voice was so low, that nobody can seem to be able to hear it.

When Lin Chujiu woke up, Xiao Tianyao had already left. The quilt and pillows were not wrinkled. Lin Chujiu didn’t found an anomaly. However, her body felt tired, as if she didn’t have a full sleep. And when she stretched her sore neck, she accidentally smelled a scent that only belongs to Xiao Tianyao… …

Lin Chujiu suddenly jumped out from the bed and opened her quilt. But, she didn’t find any abnormalities.

“Am I only thinking too much?” Lin Chujiu knocked her head and tried to recall things. But, she couldn’t think of any event after she lied down last night.

“Wangfei, are you awake? Can this slave come in?” Chunxi and Qiuxi were standing outside, carrying a clean water, and ready to serve her.

Lin Chujiu sighed, then said. “Come in.” Even if she knows Xiao Tianyao came last night, what can she do about it? Can she stop him?

Obviously, Xiao Tianyao was bullying her because she has no martial art skills. But, even if she has a pistol, to use as self-defense, can she overpowered these high-leveled people? Maybe with the soldiers on the battlefield, but with him?

With her chicken like figure, she’ll definitely never win against  Xiao Tianyao.

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