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After having a morning breakfast, Chunxi whispered to Lin Chujiu to remind her to send gifts to Meng Laofuren and Lin Family.

Lin Chujiu now came back from Zhuangzi. But, even if she won’t go personally to meet Meng Laofuren. She will definitely send a one or two gifts to make her feel at ease. But, as for Lin Family?

It’s completely unnecessary!

The gifts for Meng Laofuren were personally prepared by Lin Chujiu. The gifts were ready to eat herbal foods. While the gifts to the Lin Family, were… … Lin Chujiu only asked Housekeeper Cao to prepare them. The only one requirement she said was: The appearance must look luxurious. As if they spent a lot of money. But, they actually don’t really have to. It’s not worth it.

In short, Lin Chujiu’s gifts to Lin Family was the same quality as, what Lin Furen had prepared for her dowry.

With this errand, Housekeeper Cao was rather feeling happy: “There are many kinds of that stuff in the storage room. People used to fight for them, but they actually don’t have any value. I guess this is a good chance to clean up some things.”

Housekeeper Cao prepared the gifts full of joy. His high spirit was rather contradicting to his old age.

However, when their Wangfei came back, the entire Xiao Wangfu was enveloped with warmth. So, Housekeeper Cao was in a good mood and has unlimited energy.

Before moving the gifts to the carriage, Lin Chujiu looked at them once again. After seeing that there was no problem, she let Housekeeper Cao sent them out.

Meng Laofuren learned that Lin Chujiu returned to the capital yesterday. She knew she wouldn’t come, but will definitely send her gifts. So, as soon as the sun shines from the sky, she asked her maidservants to prepare a few things to be sent back to Lin Chujiu.

"The old lady really care about Wangfei. All these things are good nourishment for the body. And these clothes, they are really like a treasure. I’m afraid, only a few palace concubines have this kind of things.” After seeing the returned gifts of Meng Laofuren, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but give praise. 

Lin Chujiu was also very happy. She doesn’t like this kind of things, but she was very happy to see Meng Laofren’s care for her. The old lady always does good things to her.

This feeling of concerned by loved ones was a first to Lin Chujiu in her entire life.

Lin Chujiu, who was in a good mood, picked up several brightly colored clothes and let her maidservants help her to wear them: “Help me put on these clothes and let us go to Guo Gongfu. Grandmother will definitely be happy to me see me wearing them.”

Housekeeper Cao wanted to speak out loud, but he only keeps it inside his heart: Wangfei never thought of dressing up for Wangye to see. Wangye is really poor ah.

Lin Chujiu’s returned made Meng Family happy. But, the Lin Family didn’t feel happy at all. After Lin Furen received the “so-called gifts”, she sent her baby daughter, Lin Wanting, as her “returned gift”.

“We don’t know how is Chujiu’s condition. This child, Wanting, couldn’t sleep or eat in worry. Now that Chujiu is back, Wanting wants to take care of her sister.”

Lin Furen prepared a good reason for her daughter’s trip to Xiao Wangfu. Lin Xiang was not at home, the maidservants couldn’t stop Lin Furen. And under Lin Wanting’s pressure, she went to Xiao Wangfu with the guards.

As soon as Lin Chujiu heard Lin Furen’s “returned gift”, she immediately smiled. But, she didn’t go and meet Lin Wanting. She only let the maidservants settle her in a room. And she asked Housekeeper Cao to find Lin Xiang.

“Tell Lin Xiang. I haven’t died yet. He doesn’t need to get so anxious and send another daughter in Xiao Wangfu. He might not be feeling disgusted with a sister marrying her brother-in-law thing, but I and Wangye feel sick.”

Housekeeper Cao knew that Lin Chujiu was angry with Lin Family’s behavior. And she was really disgusted. So, he immediately went out and looked for Lin Xiang to deliver Lin Chujiu’s words.

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