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"Zhou Si?" As she heard this name, Lin Chujiu’s heart become sore. But, she stayed calm in front of Xiao Tianyao, as if it has nothing do with her: “Isn’t he dead? What else is there to say?”

“You’re thinking of it too much.” Instead of asking, Xiao Tianyao simply stated. Lin Chujiu didn’t speak.

Xiao Tianyao keeps wiping her hair and said: “Zhou Si received a money to take away benwang and your life.”

"Someone wants my life?” Lin Chujiu was very surprised. After all, she couldn’t think of a person that would waste their money to take her life.

Before she married Xiao Tianyao, she didn’t seem offended anyone. But of course, that was aside from to the Crown Prince, the Empress, and Lin Furen. These people want her life, but not to the point to hire an assassin.

“Yes, someone paid a price for your life and Zhou Si took it. He has been secretly wanting to take your life. To solve this trouble, benwang hired the best assassin, Jing Chi, to kill him. Benwang was hoping he can solve him. But it’s a pity, Zhou Si received a news in advance and hideaway. He hides in a mountain that Jing Chi couldn’t find him.” Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but reveal a few real events.

“Zhou Si has a habit, he wouldn’t take a new task as long as he hasn’t completed his current task. Zhou Si’s skill is not bad, but benwang is not afraid of him. And even if benwang’s legs were useless, he can’t kill benwang easily. But, you are different… …”

“You mean to say he choose to kill me, right?” Lin Chujiu understand, but she still couldn’t help but complain.

“The fact that you are much easier to kill than benwang won’t change. As long as benwang left Xiao Wangfu, or as long as you leave, Zhou Si will make a move.” Additionally, he will soon leave Xiao Wangfu, so he didn’t hesitate to use her as a bait, to kill Zhou Si.

If he won’t solve Zhou Si, when he goes to the battlefield, Lin Chujiu will be left alone in danger.

“So you’re telling me that you didn’t use me as a bait. Zhou Si has been watching me, so as soon as I get out from Xiao Wangfu, I automatically become a bait, right?” Lin Chujiu began mocking herself.

What a magnificent reasoning, Xiao Tianyao can really be deceiving.

“That’s the undeniable fact.” Xiao Tianyao’s nodded his head naturally.

“You mean to say that you did all these things to eradicate the potential danger that is coming for me, right?” Lin Chujiu asked again and again. Xiao Tianyao firmly nodded and said: “Yes.”

“So, Wangye, are you explaining to me?” For the sake of 300,000 soldiers in the front line, you opened your noble mouth?

“No, benwang doesn’t need to explain. Benwang just wanted you to think about it less.”  Continuing to drill in this awkward and emotional event was really annoying.

“Oh, thank you very much for opening up these things to me, despite your awfully busy schedule.” Lin Chujiu turned around and grabbed her hair from Xiao Tianyao’s hands. Then, said: “Wangye, don’t you dare deny it, you used me as a bait, right?”

Xiao Tianyao frowned his eyebrows in displeasure: “Lin Chujiu, when are you going to stop over thinking about this?” His patience was limited.

“I’m not overthinking. I only want to know if you used me as a bait that time?” If it was an accident, she won’t blame Xiao Tianyao. But, it wasn’t an accident.


"Sure you did… …" Lin Chujiu already know this, but when she confirmed it from Xiao Tianyao’s mouth, her heart felt an extreme pain. She stepped back and hit the dresser. The pain Lin Chujiu felt from her waist made her mind sober. After taking a deep breath, Lin Chujiu asked: “Have you ever thought that I will die under Zhou Si’s arrow?”

Tears from her eyes silently fall down… …

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