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Lin Chujiu didn’t hear things clearly, so she stayed motionless. Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao repeated his words patiently: “Sit down.”

Gently words with majestic tone can really make a person hard to refuse. But, Lin Chujiu’s face became pale and her body trembled a bit. Lin Chujiu shook her head and stubbornly said: “I’m going out.”

She doesn’t want to be influenced by Xiao Tianyao again. She doesn’t want to have feelings for this person anymore. She doesn’t want to be deceived by his gentle eyes.

“Yes, but not now,” Xiao Tianyao stood in front of Lin Chujiu, and didn’t give her an opportunity to leave: “Benwang has something to say about Doctor Wu’s proposal.” He came to talk about his business, so how can he let her go out?

“Say it.” Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and tried hard to make herself look calm.

“Sit down first.” Xiao Tianyao pushed away his wheelchair and no longer blocked Lin Chujiu’s path. He believed Lin Chujiu would not be so stupid to try running away in front of him.

Of course, Lin Chujiu was not so foolish to do that. Xiao Tianyao was not an ordinary person. As long he disagrees, she can never go out from this place.

Lin Chujiu sat down honestly and waited for Xiao Tianyao to speak. But after a long while, Xiao Tianyao still didn’t open his mouth. Lin Chujiu turned her head and saw Xiao Tianyao took a towel and walked close to wipe her hair.

Lin Chujiu’s eyes widen in horror, she busily said while trying to take the towel from his hand: “Wangye, I can do it myself.” She couldn’t afford his service.

Xiao Tianyao avoided Lin Chujiu’s hand and leaned over: “Sit down, benwang can help you wipe it.” When his words fell, whether she agrees or not, Xiao Tianyao directly wiped Lin Chujiu’s hair.

“No, I really can.” Lin Chujiu tried to escape, but she was held down by Xiao Tianyao, “Sit properly, don’t let benwang repeat himself for the fifth time.”

An invisible force was put over to Lin Chujiu’s shoulder. This force made Lin Chujiu’s feet unable to move, but will not harm her.

With this, Lin Chujiu could only sit properly and watch Xiao Tianyao’s movement through the bronze mirror. Xiao Tianyao’s long slender fingers move back and forth to her hair.

She grew up this old, but it was the first time she saw someone so concerned because she didn’t dry up her hair.

She grew up this old, but it was the first time someone volunteered to wipe dry her hair.

She grew up this old, but it was the first time someone stood behind her for a long time… …

She would be lying if she said she was not moved, but why is that someone was Xiao Tianyao?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know why her heart was moved. But, the more she felt moved the more she felt sad. There was no noise inside the room, so in order to calm down herself, Lin Chujiu took the initiative to break the silence: “Wangye, didn’t you said you want to talk about Doctor Wu’s business?” Isn’t this gentle and considerate actions of yours were for the front line soldiers?

If so, just tell me the truth. I beg you to stop torturing me with this tenderness.

Tears started accumulating in Lin Chujiu’s eyes. But, because she was afraid Xiao Tianyao would see her weak, she blinked and blinked her eyes, hoping for her tears to turn back.

But who is Xiao Tianyao? His strength was not inferior to a Martial God, so could it be possible for Lin Chujiu’s movement missed his eyes? Lin Chujiu’s hair dried up in the next second. But… … Lin Chujiu hasn’t found out.  

“Before we talk about that, let’s talk about Zhou Si.” Xiao Tianyao knew that Lin Chujiu cares about this matter more than anything else. He originally thought Lin Chujiu would ask him about it, but he was wrong.

She keeps it inside her heart, making herself all cranky and simply stayed… … angry at him!

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