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The answer to whether Lin Chujiu saving the eldest miss of Mo Family was a bad thing or not, was still unknown. But, one thing was for sure, that… …

The contact between Mo Family and Xiao Tianyao was absolutely a bad thing for the emperor. When the emperor received the news, that the Mo family was living in Zhuangzi with Lin Chujiu. He immediately wrote a letter to the Emperor of Northern Territory and condemned the behavior of the Mo Family.

Although this action will have no great effect, and the Emperor of Northern Territory might not get interested. But, he mustn’t let this secret meeting continue and come to fruition.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t know what the emperor was doing. But, he could hardly make a guess. That’s why he was very determined to borrow grains from the Mo Family of  Northern Territory. Anyway, why should he put the emperor’s discontent in his eyes, right?

With this incident about Mo family, Su Cha and Liu Bai now had no opinion, about Xiao Tianyao leaving for Zhuangzi.

“We worked so hard to get a bit source of grain, but Wangye just went outside the capital and met the Mo Family, who has a large business of grains. This is simply enviable.” After computing the possible statistic of food, Su Cha couldn’t help but burst into tears.

It was really hard for ordinary people. They stayed up all night.

“It’s not Wangye, but Wangfei.” Liu Bai felt that it was right to correct Su Cha’s words: “Mo Family went to Zhuangzi because of Wangfei. If they knew Wangye was there, they wouldn’t go in there.”

“Whether it’s Wangye or Wangfei, it’s still the same, they are a family. Now, because of Mo Family, we don’t have to worry about food. We only have to increase the number a bit to raise our 300,000 soldiers.” Su Cha stretched out his arms and added: “The problem about food has been solved. I will take a break first. As for the weapons, I’ll think of a way to ‘borrow a little’ from the army’s arsenal.”

This so-called 'borrowing' was naturally mean looting.

Liu Bai nodded his head and didn’t say anything about it. He only reminded him of sending Doctor Wu and his apprentices to the Zhuangzi.

Originally, Doctor Wu was coming to Zhuangzi with Xiao Tianyao. But because there was a soldier who suddenly had an inflamed wound. Doctor Wu has no choice but to stay and just follow the next day.

“Rest assured. Housekeeper Cao made an arrangement. They will arrive this evening.” Su Cha was really tired. So, he walked directly to the room next door and fall asleep on the bed.

Lin Chujiu who was very tired, slept for a long time and just woke up until the evening came.

When she woke up, she discovered that she was alone in the bed, so she couldn’t help but sigh in relief. She really didn’t want to wake up seeing Xiao Tianyao’s disgusting face. 

However, there were wrinkles in the middle of the bed and a long strand of hair in the pillow. Which means Xiao Tianyao had slept beside her.

It wasn’t the first time they had slept in the same bed, so even though Lin Chujiu felt uncomfortable. She didn’t have a hard time accepting it. If Xiao Tianyao will behave after this, she wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with him. After all, this bed was big enough for the two of them. 

After stretching, Lin Chujiu quietly jumped out from the bed in barefoot, just like a cat. She then poured herself a glass of water.

As soon as Chunxi and Qiuxi come in, Lin Chujiu asked: “Where are Xiumei and Xiuhui?” Don’t tell me, they are still busy and can’t come today?

“Wangfei, when they returned, they accidentally bumped to Wangye. Wangye… … scolded them and sent them away.” Chunxi bitterly replied.

Obviously, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want her to have her own emaidservants. And as a prince, he has plenty of ways to send away those little maidservants.

Wangye… … you are really shameless!

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