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Lin Chujiu’s good mood disappeared. She furiously said: “Forget it, send these things back to their home. It’s the dowry I prepared for them.” Xiao Tianyao had no mercy on her, so what more to those little maidservants.

Chunxi and Qixiu naturally know why Lin Chujiu was not feeling happy. However, they can’t do anything about it. Besides, if those two were gone, they will become Lin Chujiu’s main maidservant again. And that would be great.

Lin Chujiu spent the whole day sleeping. Miss Mo’s dangerous phase had also passed. So, when Lin Chujiu came, Miss Mo was already awake and holding her baby. This scene can make any person feel so happy.

Lin Chujiu didn’t regret saving the two of them.

“Xiao Wangfei, you came.” As soon as Mo Qingfeng saw Lin Chujiu, he stood up and greeted her.

“Is your eldest sister alright?” Lin Chujiu asked with a smile while putting her hands inside the pocket of her lab gown. Her actions don’t have the grace and elegance of a princess, but it’s very pleasing to the eyes.

“Mmm, my eldest sister is now awake, and can eat porridge.” Mo Qingfeng was very grateful to Lin Chujiu. And even if the Mo Family got involved in the dispute between the Eastern Emperor and Prince Xiao because of her, Mo Qingfeng will still be thankful.

Mo Qingfeng knew very well that Lin Chujiu didn’t know their identity from the start.  And even when he used his identity to repay her, she still refused him.

“Wang, Wangfei… …” Miss Mo’s face was pale and thin. Her face was only as big as a large size palm, which made her eyes look bigger.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head. And when she saw Miss Mo was trying to get up, she busily stopped her: “You are now physically weak, it’s best for you not to move too much.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Miss Mo’s voice sounds dry and weak. But, tears keep flowing down her eyes. She even kept holding Lin Chujiu’s hand and refused to let go.

“You’re welcome. I just did what a doctor should have to do. Your child is very healthy, but your body is very weak. You have to stay in bed for three to six month. During those time, you have to recuperate.” Lin Chujiu said while patting Miss Mo’s hand.

Lin Chujiu turned around and said to Mo Qingfeng: “Young Master Mo, although your eldest sister is recovering from her wounds, she still needs to stay in bed. You need to arrange people to take good care of her. With this, we can also avoid minor problems.”

“I understand.” Mo Qingfeng repeatedly nodded his head, and then he said with embarrassed face: “Xiao Wangfei, my eldest sister came to this place in a hurry. I don’t have maidservants around me. Can we find some people in Zhuangzi to take care of my eldest sister?”

“Yeah, sure. And if you find this place inconvenient, you can rent a house nearby. You can move your sister tomorrow. I’ll visit her once a day.” Once they move out, she has no other things to do.

Mo Qingfeng really wanted to move out, and stay away from Xiao Tianyao as far as possible. But if he moves out right now, can he still hide their identity?

Mo Qingfeng looked down to hide the unhappiness he felt in his eyes. Then, he said with a low voice: “Xiao Wangfei, can we stay with you here? You can rest assured, I will not let my men come inside. I will only take a few people that will take care of my eldest sister.”

Lin Chujiu had no reason to refuse, so she said: “Sure, as long as you feel comfortable.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t chase them away. He even met Mo Qingfeng in person, which mean Mo Qingfeng was a trustworthy person. If Mo Qingfeng loves to stay, he can stay. Besides, as long as Mo Family was around, she can get silvers.

“I would like to thank Xiao Wangfei.” Mo Qingfeng thanked Lin Chujiu once again. Deep inside, he couldn’t help but think: Xiao Wangfei was such a good person. How could she marry Xiao Wangye, the God of War, who could eat people up to their bones? 

It feels like a flower was inserted on a cow dung. But of course, the cow dung was Xiao Tianyao… …

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