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Hey guys, I made a mistake with MQF’s identity. He is the third son of Mo Family. He was the only one who knows martial arts though. It will be explained in the future chapter. I’m sorry. >.<

After taking into account the things he should do, Xiao Tianyao didn’t sleep for a long time. After an hour, he woke up, but Lin Chujiu was still sleeping. 

“Have a nice sleep.” After he said gently, a kiss fell on Lin Chujiu’s hair. Xiao Tianyao got up and left afterward.

Xiao Tianyao seemed to be moving a lot but didn’t seem moving at all… …

Once Xiao Tianyao learned Mo Qingfeng's identity. He made a guessed that the emperor will think of this as a conspiracy. So, he let the emperor find out what happened in Zhuangzi for one night.

And now was the right time to see the result.

“Tell Mo Qingfeng to come and see benwang.” Xiao Tianyao directly went and used Lin Chujiu’s study room.

Mo Qingfeng didn’t know why Xiao Tianyao was looking for him. However, he was no longer worried about his eldest sister, so he went to see him.

"Xiao Wangye," Mo Qingfeng was very respectful towards Xiao Tianyao, not only because he was an imperial prince, but also because of his strength. And even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, he can feel Xiao Tianyao’s power.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t want to have a leisure time with Mo Qingfeng, so he said directly: “Third Young Master Mo, you should know very clear about the meaning of Northern Territory’s people in the East. This news will soon be known by the emperor.”

After he finished saying those words, Xiao Tianyao paused. But after seeing Mo Qingfeng was not in a panic, he continued to say: “You only have two paths to choose. One is to let Mo Family cooperate with benwang, and the other one is… …”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t finish his words and only looked at Mo Qingfeng. Sure enough, Mo Qingfeng didn’t want to choose the first path, and so he asked: “What is the other one?”

“The other one is very simple… …” Xiao Tianyao said as he sneered. There was no trace of emotion in his deep black eyes: “Leave this place with your sister. The farther away the better.”

“Do we really have to do that? We don’t want to get involved in any power struggles. My sister was simply seeking medical help.” Mo Qingfeng was struggling. His heart seemed to be being torn apart.

With her eldest sister’s condition right now, only death will be the result.

"It’s too late for that. You should have left immediately when you learned benwang’s identity. The emperor will now brand you as benwang’s people. Of course, benwang will not force you. Mo Family can avoid cooperating. But… … When the emperor took a shot at you, don’t expect benwang to save you.” He didn’t get any benefits to the Northern Territory Mo Family, so why he should help them and bear the consequences, right?

There are no easy things under the heaven.

“I really can’t agree to this matter.” This matter has great influence. Mo Qingfeng didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Benwang said that he’s not forcing you.” Xiao Tianyao said in a relaxed manner. But even though he was only sitting there, it feels like he can see right through the world.

Mo Qingfeng just released a sigh of relief, when he heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice again in the next moment: “But once the Mo Family become useless, you will never see benwang cooperate with you.”

In other words, once the Mo Family was suppressed by the emperor, even if he sold out his whole Mo Family to him, Xiao Tianyao will not cooperate.

This sentence was cruel, but the actual truth.

You don’t care about the others, so don’t expect the others to save you out in trouble. Do you think all the people were like Lin Chujiu? Saving the seriously ill people on the road?

Mo Qingfeng understood very well the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s words, but he still couldn’t help but get intimidated. He took a deep breath and said: “I understand. Please give me three days more.”

“For the sake of Xiao Wangfei, benwang can give you that three days.” Xiao Tianyao said and give a sign for Mo Qingfeng to leave.

Mo Qingfeng stood outside the study room. Then, he looked at the study room and looked at the direction of maternity room, and heavily sighed. Right now, he doesn’t know, whether Princess Xiao saving his eldest sister was a good or bad thing for their family. 

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