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Lin Chujiu wanted to avoid Xiao Tianyao, but…

Xiao Tianyao wanted to stare at her. Unless she died, she won’t be able to escape him.

Lin Chujiu stayed with Miss Mo for the whole night. Xiao Tianyao also stayed with her the whole night. He didn’t leave the room just like Lin Chujiu did.

Inside her heart, Lin Chujiu was feeling angry, but she couldn’t complain. Why? Because Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak and just sat quietly. He made it impossible for her to complain.

Lin Chujiu would like to endure Xiao Tianyao’s company, but… …

After a night without sleep, she could no longer hold it. Additionally, she was so busy the whole afternoon. And she took care of the patient for the whole night. She was too sleepy. Not to mention, she needs to follow up the patient’s condition. So, she didn’t dare to go on like this.

In the morning, Mo Qingfeng came to replace Lin Chujiu in taking care of his eldest sister. However, when he saw Xiao Tianyao inside the room, he didn’t show a  surprised look. After all, when he came out last night, Xiao Tianyao was already outside the room. He even offered to open the door for him.

After Mo Qingfeng greeted the two of them. He read Lin Chujiu’s note in a hurry and urge them to have an early rest.

This issue was not a joke. Prince Xiao, the God of War and Princess Xiao continue taking care of his eldest sister. Even if he sells his whole family, he couldn’t afford this grace.

“You win.” Lin Chujiu went close to Xiao Tianyao and said.

Xiao Tianyao stayed with her the whole night, but his face looks very clear. He doesn’t look tired at all: “You didn’t lose.”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s take some rest. I’m tired.” Lin Chujiu yawned, as she pushed Xiao Tianyao to the flower hall.

She wanted to eat, take a bath and sleep.

After eating breakfast, regardless of Xiao Tianyao’s existence. Lin Chujiu went out for a walk to digest her food and went straight to the bath.

Lin Chujiu succeeded last night. But right now, it seems she can no longer escape sleeping in the same bed with him.

Seeing all the red stuff inside the room, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but get irritated. Lin Chujiu no longer wait for Xiao Tianyao to came back, she directly took off her outer clothes and climbed up into the bed. Then, she curled up herself to the innermost corner. If a person wouldn’t look closely, no one will find her.

Lin Chujiu was really tired. However, before going to sleep, she was still thinking about how Xiao Tianyao came unnoticeable. But, as a result, she fell asleep before she could think of an answer. So, when Xiao Tianyao came in, Lin Chujiu was already sleeping like a dead pig.

“And here benwang thought you couldn’t sleep.” Inside the bedroom, Xiao Tianyao no longer acted like a crippled man. He walked straight to the bed and sat down on the side.

But… …

After measuring the distance between his stretched out arm and Lin Chujiu. Xiao Tianyao felt the bed was too big. He was sitting in the bed, but he couldn’t reach her!

When did his arm become short?

This bed in this room has to be changed.

But of course, his bed in Xiao Wangfu also need to be changed. Having large sized bed was too inconvenient.

And then… …

Xiao Tianyao, who wasn’t planning to sleep and who failed to touch the sleeping princess. Indecisively took off his shoes and went up to bed. Then, he lies in the middle.

Xiao Tianyao wanted Lin Chujiu to sleep in his arm. But, after considering her sleeping habit, the possibility of waking her up, and that she might choose to sleep on the floor than in the same bed as him. Xiao Tianyao had no choice but to sleep.  However, his intention to touch her didn’t subside. And so, he put his hand on top of Lin Chujiu’s waist very… … gently.

They have a lot of time, they can do this slowly.

So, Xiao Tianyao told to himself not to worry!

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