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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Exposure and the sad fate’s reminder


Last week, she sneaks out.

Six  Z country’s National Bureau of Intelligence officers wants to obtain a copy of the M country’s confidential medical research information. She was there to cover up the party. When they were leaving she was discovered by the M country’s National Bureau of intelligence, as a result… …

Her identity was exposed!

But that is not important, the most important thing is …

She doesn’t know why did she actually sacrifice herself to cover up the six Z country’s NBI officers, and because of this … …

She was caught!

Thinking about that she will face the cruel M country’s NBI, she actually didn’t expect to wake up again. But, when she woke up she actually became a daughter in East Country or the one they called the Eldest Miss.

So, does that mean that she died?

Well, no one will answer her.

Fortunately, she was an orphan, her real parents are already dead

so she doesn’t need to get worried. But unfortunately, she had just repaid her loan for her small villa.

As for her present identity?

Lin Chujiu felt very helpless because the information she got in the memory of the previous owner of the body is very limited. She and the original daughter have the same name.

In fact, the biological mother of this original owner has a good background. She is the eldest daughter of the town’s government officer.

Unfortunately, she died early when the original owner was only a three-year-old child. So, she almost has no impression of her biological mother.

After that, her father married her mother’s sister. She is the second daughter of the town government officer.

The dignified second daughter of the town government officer is willing to marry her brother-in-law because of love. However, the actual reason is for her to take care her eldest sister’s daughter and that was the original owner of this body.

So, there is an aunt that

that will take care of her. In the eyes of the others, it is such a blessing. But, the problem is … …

This stepmother had taken good care of the original owner, but she doesn’t care how arrogant the eldest Miss had become. She also didn’t find a way to take care of her marriage when it was canceled.

When the original owner’s biological mother was still alive, she arranged a good marriage for her daughter.

How good is it? She will marry the crown prince of this county. The owner of this body only needs to wait for their marriage to commence. But now… …

This marriage was transferred to her half-sister because everyone thinks that the original owner is too vulgar and arrogant, so she is not suitable to marry the crown prince.

“Poor motherless child, she really doesn’t know anything. Did she really believe that her stepmother is good to her?” When Lin Chujiu digested all of the memories of the

of the original owner, she couldn’t help but shake her head and sigh… …

Lin Chujiu really had to admit that her so-called stepmother is pretty good. The original owner is not that smart, so her stepmother just deliberately cleaned up her mess all the time and rub her bottom, making her think that she is the best aunt and best stepmother in the world.

“What a silly girl, she doesn’t even understand such a simple logic. Since I will live on behalf of you, then … … Those people that owe you, I will make them pay. So, just rest in peace and I will live well.”

Lin Chujiu climb up from the ground with difficulty. She wipes the blood in her mouth when she spits out the blood before. She staggered a bit when she walked toward the table … …

At the moment, her memory is not that chaotic and intermittent. A lot of things is not yet clear and yet clear and some are just a fragment.

But that is not important, Lin Chujiu pour some water to wash away the taste of the blood in her mouth. She also patted some water on her cheek. It wouldn’t be good if her face got swollen like a pig tomorrow.

“Shhh … …” Lin Chujiu touched the swollen left side of her face. How depressing! 

Her Slag daddy really slapped her face hard, does he want to kill her soon? The original owner is her biological daughter, right?

Lin Chujiu poured herself a glass of water again and forcefully put down the teapot to vent her dissatisfaction … …

Anyone who woke up by a slap, won’t feel happy … …


Lin Chujiu seems to remember that her slag dad said, “marriage” stuff.

The Crown Prince and her half-sister will get married. So, who will she have to marry?

She didn’t seem to hear it clearly and it seems that the original owner doesn’t have this memory … …

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