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A forceful slap hit her face, Lin Chujiu found herself flying out … …

How weak is she?

Her left cheek is burning from pain, her whole body is aching, she couldn’t open her eyes, she tasted a blood in her mouth, all these made Lin Chujiu frown… …

Even if she is a surgeon, she doesn’t like the smell of blood, especially if it’s her own blood!

“Puh-“, she spits out the blood in her mouth. Lin Chujiu tried to open her eyes, she wants to see the M country’s National Bureau of Intelligence that bully her, She looks up and found… …

A pair of man and woman that was looking down on her. They were wearing a costume and was standing in front of her.

If she didn’t see that the man’s eyes were flashing with dislike, she would think that she went to a wax museum.

Lin Chujiu haven’t figure out the situation, but she heard the man’s angry voice: “You evil woman, the decree for your marriage has already been made. No one can change it, even if you died, we will carry your bones to the palace. In the coming days, you’d better be obedient or else you will have to bear a hardship.”

What does he mean?

Decree? Palace?

Lin Chujiu was completely dumbfounded.

She remembered that she didn’t leave her companion, so does that mean her identity was exposed and she was arrested by the M country’s NBI? What marriage?

Her eyes swept down and saw her abnormal white hand, this thing made her more confused.

Do I have a wheat color skin? how did……

At this moment, the man speaks to her once again, he waited for her for a long time but Lin Chujiu didn’t answer him. He angrily asked:”You evil woman, did you hear me?”

Lin Chujiu was still thinking and subconsciously said “Mmm”.

“Well, you’d better not make me upset, do not force your father to tie you up.” When the man said that he is Lin Chujiu’s  father, his voice finally got soft.

At this time, the woman next to him, gently said: “Master, you can rest assured. Miss Chujiu is a good child. She won’t make trouble.”

“That’s good then, I hope she can understand a little.” the man snorted and reveals his dissatisfaction with Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu got spaced out.

The slapped was too much for her, her face is still aching, her body feels weak and heavy. Lin Chujiu tried to gather her remaining strength to speak with the two people … …

When she looks clearly at the two people, a flashed of memories automatically entered Lin Chujiu’s mind. She learns that the man and woman were her father and stepmother, and she?

Turns out to be a daughter in East Country?

Huh? What is this identity?

Lin Chujiu got dumbfounded and completely lie on the ground … …

When the man and woman saw that Lin Chujiu doesn’t have a strength and just completely lie on the ground, they went out and directly shut the door…

“Watch closely the eldest Miss, if anything happens to her, I will punish you!”

Lin Chujiu heard her father’s warning, followed by her stepmother’s gentle tone “You must serve well the eldest Miss. If she needs something just go to my place and tell me.”

What a hypocrite woman!

Lin Chujiu’s mind gradually got clear, although she was still lying on the ground and can’t move, but this doesn’t prevent her to sort out her situation … …

Her name is Lin Chujiu. On the surface, she is the famous Chinese surgeon of M country. In actual truth, she is a staff from Z country. Her work is very simple, she doesn’t need to steal any information from them, she just needs to report the M country’s special activities to Z country.

Lin Chujiu was doing her best in this work to protect a large number of Z  country’s national bureau of intelligence personnel. But… …

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