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Lin Chujiu was not an ignorant person. When she heard the man’s question, she could guess a thing or two. Lin Chujiu said without shame: “Are you thinking that I’m a high-paid class doctor? Don’t worry, I’m not short in money. I didn’t help you to rob all your money. I just can’t bear to leave the mother and child in this situation.” What Lin Chujiu said is true, but she didn’t tell him her real identity.

But of course, if it weren’t for Xiao Tianyao, going in Zhuangzi. Lin Chujiu will not run away and encounter them. She will not deliberately look for the patient.

She was also afraid to bring a pack of wolves into her own house. But because the medical system asks her to save this patient, she couldn’t let her die.

“It was only a sudden outburst. Mo Qingfeng of Northern Territory thanks miss… …”

“The young miss surname is Lin.” The housekeeper remembered Lin Chujiu’s words and inform him.

“I would like to thank Miss Lin.”

“Don’t call me miss. I’m a married woman. You can call me furen.” Because she came out in a hurry, Lin Chujiu wasn’t able to comb her hair in a bun. Which made these people misunderstand her.

"I would like to thank furen for helping us.” Hearing Lin Chujiu said that she was married, Mo Qingfeng felt a bit regretful, but he soon relaxed.

After all, relying on a married woman about childbirth, is better than a single woman.

But before leaving, Lin Chujiu said: "My horse is in the middle of the road. Help me find someone to ride it over to the capital’s gate and send in a report.”

Lin Chujiu admitted that she was lying, but what about it?

Whether or not Xiao Tianyao sent someone to find her, she wanted to do what she wants.

Although Mo Qingfeng is puzzled, he wanted Lin Chujiu to save her sister. So naturally, he will perform what Lin Chujiu had requested.

Mo Qingfeng sent someone to ride on Lin Chujiu’s horse and headed towards the capital. On the other hand, they lined up and followed the horse footsteps, leading to Zhuangzi.

Along the way, An Wei, who had picked up a sicked horse lost Lin Chujiu for a half column of incense. As he chased after her, he passed by Mo Qingfeng’s party.

An Wei didn’t show up himself. But, Mo Qingfeng had sensed him. However, seeing that the other person was not malicious and was about to go towards the capital, he didn’t pay much attention. An Wei, who saw the horse footsteps all the way to the direction of the capital, didn’t raise any doubts. So, he chased after it all the way.

The speed of Mo Qingfeng’s party was not too slow. So, when they get close to Zhuangzi, he happened to meet Xiao Tianyao, who had set off to chase after his wife. There was no intersection between the two sides of the road. So, when Mo Qingfeng saw the other party was not an average person, he ordered his men to give way in advance.

When Lin Chujiu heard the rough footsteps of horses, she had guessed what is happening. But, is she going to say something?

The answer is, of course, she won ‘t!

After separating from Xiao Tianyao's party, Mo Qingfeng’s party took exactly two-quarter of an hour, before they arrive in Lin Chujiu’s place. Mo Qingfeng saw the horse footsteps and wheels signs on the ground, so he couldn’t help but ask: “Furen, that person just now?”

“It’s my husband.” Lin Chujiu didn’t try to conceal it.

“Oh, then why didn’t furen stop the other person?” If his guess is not wrong, the man dressed in black, he saw before was looking for her.

“Why should I stop him?” After she finished, Lin Chujiu came down from the carriage and simply ignored Mo Qingfeng.

When the people on Zhuangzi saw a large number of people coming over, they keep staring at them. So, when they saw Lin Chujiu was with them, they were all dumbfounded. The Chief of Zhuangzi hurriedly come over and stupidly ask: “Wang, Wangfei, your back? Wangye, Wangye just left to look for you… …” 

What the heck, they missed each other!

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