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The condition of both mother and child were very bad. Not only the mother shows faint signs of life, but also the baby. They were only barely hanging on.

But, the most important issue right now is, the pregnant woman, who was in a bad shape need to give birth prematurely.

“Doctor, doctor, how is our eldest miss?” Seeing Lin Chujiu checking their Eldest Miss’s condition, but not saying anything, the old woman couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Chujiu ignored the old woman. After checking the pregnant woman’s stomach, Lin Chujiu examined the lower part body. But her eyebrows knitted even more: The cervix didn’t dilate at all, but the amniotic fluid leaks this much?

She needs an immediate surgery!

"Doctor, save my child, I beg you." The pregnant woman’s voice was very weak, her body was sweaty, and her eyes revealed a sign of defeat, which means she barely hopes for survival.

This will not work. If the patient gives up, she can’t do anything.

"Doctor, can you save her?” When the old woman saw Lin Chujiu keep being silent, she becomes more anxious.

Lin Chujiu ignored the old woman and held the pregnant woman’s hand. She calmed down herself and firmly said: “Listen to me, your situation is really terrible. Your child is only seven months old, but you already show a sign of childbirth delivery. This situation is bad, but… … as long as you hold on, I can save you both. So, don’t give up your life and your child before I say your condition is hopeless.”

“Doctor, is what you said is true? You can save our eldest miss?” The old woman looks very surprised, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.

The pregnant woman’s eyes also lit up: “Young Miss, you can save my child?”

“No, the only person who can save your child is yourself. If you die, your child will also die.” Lin Chujiu stretch out her hand and took a silver needle from the medicine box. “I’ll help you keep the baby first, you’ll give birth after two-quarters of an hour later.”

From here to Zhuangzi, she took a little longer than a quarter of an hour. The carriage needs to move slowly, so they will take more time.

The silver needle in Lin Chujiu’s hand was stolen from Divine Doctor Mo. She hasn’t reached his needle level skill, but stopping the blood is a no problem.

Lin Chujiu used the silver needles to pierce several acupuncture points of the pregnant woman. With this, she was able to stop the bleeding temporarily. Also, the amniotic fluid didn’t continue to flow down like before.

“The blood, the blood stopped.” The old woman excitedly exclaimed. Seeing this, she believed in Lin Chujiu’s medical skill.

It turned out that there are still good doctors, taking initiative to treat patients along the road.

If Lin Chujiu knows what the old woman was thinking, she will definitely hit the wall.

“I, I also feel a bit more energetic.” The pregnant women’s eyes lit up, but Lin Chujiu knows that this was only a psychological effect. The silver needle could only stop the bleeding.

However, for this weak woman to have a strong sense of motherhood. The child will surely survive.

“Two-quarters of an hour is enough for us to help you find a place in childbirth delivery. You should take a rest first and keep your energy.”

When the man riding a horse beside the carriage, heard all the conversation inside, he sighed with relief. But, he becomes worried again: “Young Miss, we are still half an hour away from the capital. We are not familiar with this place. I don’t know if Young Miss could help us find a place nearby. Do you know where we can temporarily stay?”

There was a pregnant woman in the carriage. So, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to open the carriage door. She stayed sitting and said: “There is a town nearby called Zhuangzi, it is my place. You only have to follow the road I traveled to.”

The Zhuangzi in the suburbs of  Eastern Country is generally owned by rich families. When the man riding a horse hears Lin Chujiu’s words, he can’t help but ask, “Young Miss, you are… …?”

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