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Lin Chujiu knew very well that her courage is not small. But, after seeing a “ghost” in the middle of the night, she was really frightened to death.

“Ahh… …” Lin Chujiu instinctively scream. Fortunately, she responded quickly and covered her mouth in a timely manner. She didn’t cry out loud but fell back due to instability.

“Be careful.” Sitting on the bed, a ghost looking face with bloody red garments, jumped up at a lightning speed and grabbed Lin Chujiu.

“You, you … …” Lying on the arm of Demon Lord, Lin Chujiu was so scared and couldn’t speak.

“What’s wrong with this lord?” In a split of second, Demon Lord carry up Lin Chujiu and carefully placed her on the bed. His movement was so gentle and serious. As if Ln Chujiu was a newborn baby that needed to be carefully held and put down.

Lin Chujiu had goosebumps all over her body. She stiffly asked: "Did you come here for something?” Being treated kindly by a stranger with a ghost face is really not worth to feel happy about.

“This lord has saved you.” Demon Lord didn’t answer her question, instead asked: “If this lord has no business with you, he can’t come?”

“Can.” But, Young Lord, are you sure you really have no business with me?

"Eh, why there is a smell of blood inside this room?” A bit earlier, she didn’t smell it because of the fragrant of the incense. But, it doesn’t mean she would completely not recognize it.

She is a doctor. She was assigned to the emergency room department for a long time. That’s why she is very sensitive to the smell of blood.

Without waiting for an answer, Lin Chujiu open up Demon Lord’s collar and looked down to find his injury: There is no oozing blood. Lin Chujiu looked up at Demon Lord but didn’t speak. However, the meaning of the look in her eyes is clear: Are you injured?

Demon Lord didn’t dodge and nodded his head: “Yes, this lord is injured.”

“Where are you injured?” The location of the injury is unknown, she couldn’t just make a move in an instant.

“Left shoulder, do you want to see?” Without any trace of shyness, Demon Lord directly sat on the bed and removed his bloody red outer cloth. Exposing his bloody red middle cloth.

This man is so obsessed with the color of blood, does he need to look so scary?

But, the main problem is, his middle cloth is red. She can’t see the blood at all.

Lin Chujiu reach out her hand and touch his shoulder. When thick sticky blood gets on her fingers, she asked: “Your injury was on your left shoulder blade?”

“Mmm.” Demon Lord continues pulling down his middle cloth and inner cloth until his bruised shoulder was exposed. Then, he proudly asked: “Is this enough?”

“There should be no problem.” Under the dim candlelight, a beautiful creature was half naked. This picture is simply not ordinary, but rather electrifying. Lin Chujiu thought that this man is seems trying to molest her.

However, after looking at the ghostly face of Demon Lord. Lin Chujiu’s suspicion instantly dissipated.

This ghostly face of Demon Lord is the best instrument to calm down a person’s heart.

Lin Chujiu silently wiped her sweat and reached out her hand to check his injuries. At the same time, she activated the medical system to check his condition.

Fortunately, the medical system didn’t force her to perform surgery on Demon Lord. She was so hurt, so she wouldn’t be able to fulfill the task.

"Your fracture is treatable but very troublesome. It requires a lot of medical intervention.” Lin Chujiu has nothing on her hands. She only has traumatic medicines. In front of Demon Lord, she couldn’t just take away things from the medical system.

“Today, just bandage this lord’s wound.” Demon Lord knows that Lin Chujiu has multiple injuries. He doesn’t want to bother her so much.

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