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“Okay.” With Demon Lord’s words, Lin Chujiu added: “I can’t use my left shoulder yet. Can you give me a hand?”


“You lie down first.” Lin Chujiu began to get up slowly. Intending to give up the bed to Demon Lord.

Demon Lord didn’t see Lin Chujiu’s small movements. So, he directly stretched out his hands and picked her up. Then, he put her down on the ground across his place: “This way is much faster.”

“Huh … …” Lin Chujiu couldn’t react on time, then she said unhappily: “Young Lord, next time, you can’t hold me, okay?”

“Because?” Demon Lord who was a bit unhappy asked.

This woman doesn’t know how to appreciate favors.

“I am a married woman.” Therefore, we mustn’t get too close. More importantly, we are not familiar with each other.

"You are a married woman, what about it? This lord just puts you down beside the bed. After that, did you lose something?” Demon Lord said while seriously looking at Lin Chujiu. Demon Lord’s face was covered with a mask. But, his pair of bloody red eyes is enough to make a person feel terrified.

Lin Chujiu shook her head, then said: “Young Lord, if you want to hold, then hold.” Lin Chujiu no longer want to argue regarding in this matter. She doesn’t want to die for such a small thing.

“Demon Lord!”


“This lord is called Demon Lord. This lord allows you to call his name.” Listening to his words, a person couldn’t help but feel awkward. After all, he was, as if trying to lessen the distance between them.

“I understand, Young Master Demon Lord.” Lin Chujiu said his name correctly, but Demon Lord seems still dissatisfied: “Without young master.” He is a free man, he is not a member of officialdom.

“Oh, Demon Lord.” To force her to call out his name directly, Lin Chujiu felt he was odd. And she couldn’t help but get puzzled.

“Start.” Demon Lord quickly urges Lin Chujiu to bandage his wound. He was afraid that he could no longer hold his temper and strangle this unappreciative woman.

“Lie down on the spot, where the light is good.” Lin Chujiu said while washing her hands. Then, she took out her medicine box in a very slow manner. As if she was an old woman. Seeing this, a person couldn’t help but wanted to help her.

Demon Lord seems to have a rare long patience. He didn’t utter another word, he only patiently lie on the bed. After smelling Lin Chujiu’s scent on the pillow and quilt. His body somewhat relax. Looking at sideways, he couldn’t help but reveal a smile when he saw Lin Chujiu’s firm and serious eyes.

A person with such firm eyes are not easy to be tamed… …

Some things seem are not as easy as he thought.

Lin Chujiu’s movements are slow, but each step she made is very cautious, so she didn’t make a mistake: “Your injury doesn’t necessarily need to undergo surgery. I can help you align them now, but I don’t have a splint to fixed it. So, you have to be careful in your actions. If you had a chance, use a splint. With that, your bones will naturally attach after 35 days at most.”

His left shoulder blade is dislocated. She can foresee that his wound will get stretch, but… …

She had to do it!

The medical system is constantly reminding her of Demon Lord’s needed medical assistance.

Lin Chujiu first touched Demon Lord’s shoulder to determine the exact location, then said: “There will be a little pain, you have to endure it.”

“Mmm.” Demon Lord answered without hesitation. Obviously, he is not afraid of pain.

Well, earlier, he picked her up just fine, as if he was not injured. This person who is not afraid of pain is definitely a ghost.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath, then put her left hand on his shoulder, while her right hand pressed his wound. After putting a force, with a *click* sound… …


Lin Chujiu screamed!

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