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They are fast, but Zhou Si’s arrow is much faster than them.

"Princess Xiao?" Zhou Si took out the bow and arrow from his back while walking, then he pointed the arrow at Lin Chujiu.

“I am.” Lin Chujiu hadn’t seen Zhou Si, but as soon as she saw the arrow in his hand. She knew that this person and the person that attack them on the night of her wedding is the same. He was the one who shot her and Xiao Tianyao with cold arrows.

“Wangfei, be careful…” Feicui and the other’s facial expression change dramatically. Then, they quickly run in front of Lin Chujiu. They decided to use their own body to be the cushion of the arrow.

“Hmm…” Zhou Si stopped around ninety-two meters in front of Lin Chujiu. And said with disdain: “You will block my arrow?”

Zhou Yi’s famous attack is three-shot arrows. And at this time, there were three arrows on his bow. Not because he despises Lin Chujiu, but because he was being cautious.

“I can block it,” Feicui said with a white face, but she refused to move half a step.

Zhou Si's arrows are called chasing life arrows by the people on the road. In this world, aside from Martial Gods, there are not many people who can completely avoid his arrows. Of course, Xiao Tianyao is one of them.

Lin Chujiu was blocked by everyone, but her pair of beautiful eyes were still looking at Zhou Si. As Zhou Si approached, her face becomes more and more ugly. As the blood slides on her left arm. But, it seems she didn’t feel in pain.

Lin Chujiu now finally realized why she had a bad feeling earlier.

Zhou Si is an assassin that is impossible to appear out of nowhere. She was… … used by Xiao Tianyao as a bait.

Xiao Tianyao, you are so ruthless!

Under great pressure, Lin Chujiu tried to suppress her anger and asked with a trembling voice: “When did you receive the news that I will leave the capital?”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Si is not a fool. When he heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he immediately thought that this must be a trap!

What a coincidence!

“Ha ha ha … …” Lin Chujiu laughed with self-ridicule: “Don’t you still understand? This is a trap, and I am the bait to cite you. If I died today, you will also die!”

If she died in Zhou Si’s hands. Xiao Tianyao will not only take revenge on Zhou Si but also to his political opponents. He will say that those political opponents had planned to kill her.

“No, your death is inevitable. As for me? It’s not necessarily.” Zhou Si took a step back and hold the bow firmly. As if Lin Chujiu’s words didn’t influence him a bit.

God helps those who help themselves. Xiao Tianyao used her as a bait, but it doesn’t mean she must die according to his plan. Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and calmly said: “Human’s strength is limited. Although you have great power, the bow in your hand weight at least 100 stones. Once you release those three arrows, your arms and bones will be strained. You need at least two minutes before you could recover your strength and make another shot. Try it, try if you can kill me.”

God is fair, he can give a person with peerless talents, but he also gives other people a way to escape. If Zhou Si could take a shot continuously, then who could escape from his arrows?

Zhou Si admitted that Lin Chujiu’s words make sense, but he still makes a move… …

“I must kill you today.” If he missed this chance, completing this task will no longer be possible.

If he killed Lin Chujiu or Xiao Tianyao. His employer will consider helping him kill Jing Chi.

“Princess Xiao, goodbye!”

Zhou Si pulled the bowstring and aimed the arrows at Lin Chujiu!

The arrows are ready to fly… …

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