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Inside the study room of Xiao Wangfu, because of Su Cha’s words, nobody has opened their mouth to speak.

After Su Cha finished, he watched Xiao Tianyao in silence, hoping that he could give him a guarantee, but… …

What can Xiao Tianyao say?

Even if his plan is perfect, he cannot guarantee that no accident will occur.

Xiao Tianyao remains silent.

Seeing a strange atmosphere, Liu Bai felt uneasy and carefully said: “Things won’t be so clever, right?”

"Who can guarantee …" Su Cha hasn’t finished his words when a *flapping* sound interrupted him… …

“Carrier Pigeon?” Su Cha got up and opened the window. A gray pigeon flew in and landed in front of Xiao Tianyao.

“Nothing bad happens, right?” Liu Bai stupidly said because he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Xiao Tianyao tightly knitted his eyebrows and immediately remove the letter from the pigeon’s leg. But, when he opens it, his facial expression changed tremendously. He suddenly stood up and walk away. He completely forgets that he should still act crippled.

“What happened?” Su Cha and Liu Bai noticed something was wrong, so they busily keep up with him.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t turn his head, he only said: “Lin Chujiu left the Wanfu Garden in advance.”

“What?” Su Cha’s face becomes white and his body got stiff.

If Lin Chujiu left early, then… … Jing Chi is still not there, right?

Lin Chujiu will die!

Su Cha’s eyes flashed with sadness, but he soon calmed down himself. Seeing Xiao Tianyao didn’t stop walking. He quickly ran after him and shouted: “Wangye, you can’t go.”

“Liu Bai stop Wangye!” Su Cha shouted.

“Okay.” At this time, Liu Bai also reacted and leap in the air lightly, then he stretches out his arms: “Wangye, don’t worry about Wangfei. Jing Chi will be there. Don’t be so impulsive!”  

“Move.” Xiao Tianyao kept refusing. He stretches out his arm and attacks Liu Bai. Liu Bai retreated and avoided his attack. He wanted to block Xiao Tianyao again, but Xiao Tianyao was nowhere to be seen.

Liu Bai angrily shouted towards an empty place: “You should stop Wangye. He still can’t  go outside.”

In the eyes of the outsiders, Xiao Tianyao’s legs were still crippled. If he appeared walking this time, no doubt, that their enemies will bring Xiao Wangfu great troubles.

“Wangye, we are also worried about Wangfei, but… …you can’t be impulsive. Think about your 300,000 soldiers in the frontline. Think about their family and children. Wangye, I beg you, don’t go!” Su Cha doesn’t know if Xiao Tianyao was still around or not, but he believes that Xiao Tianyao could hear his words. 

“Wangye, I beg you, don’t go!”

This is a premeditated murder!

People always keep an eye on Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu, just like Zhou Si!

Assassins only have one morality. They will never give up achieving their task unless they died.

Zhou Si knew that Jing Chi, the first rank assassin has been chasing after him. In order to avoid his pursuit, he’s been hiding in the deep forest.

If it weren't for this news, that Princess Xiao will go out of the town to attend Princess Fu An’s birthday banquet. And that Jing Chi has been called by his younger brother. Zhou Si will not dare to come out.

Zhou Si's mission was to kill Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. However, since killing Xiao Tianyao is an impossible task. Zhou Si had no choice but to focus on Lin Chujiu.

Killing Lin Chujiu can be also regarded as a semi-complete task to the employer.

Zhou Si didn’t keep hiding. As he fell, a man dressed in black with a huge bow and arrow appeared on the other side of the road.

Seeing the figure of the man dressed in black, the guardsmen immediately rushed in front of Lin Chujiu and lined up in defense position. But, they didn’t rush forward to attack.

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