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Several aware young misses were already feeling guilty. They look at each other’s face and then looked down. They were afraid to be confronted by Lin Chujiu.

As soon as they made such gestures, some witted people had already guessed something.

Princess Fu An doesn’t want to be treated like a fool, but she had to say: “Wanfu Garden covers a large area. Even I, the master of this place is not yet familiar. Princess Xiao getting lost is only normal. If Princess Xiao wants to visit this place again, it’s better if you will let the Wanfu Garden’s people lead you. So that, you won’t be in a place you shouldn’t be.”

Princess Fu An said with a very firm heart as if she didn’t get affected by Lin Chujiu’s words. She also said those words with full of dignity, but she uses her people to show that Lin Chujiu shouldn’t go around the place of someone else’s home.

Lin Chujiu immediately changed her facial expression and said: “Imperial sister-in-law, although I was not born from the royal family, I was disciplined since I was a child. My teacher taught me about etiquette. I know a person shouldn’t wander around someone else’s home. Which I didn’t perform.” 

“Really? If you didn’t wander around, then why are you here?” Princess Fu An said in irony and full of disdain.

Lin Chujiu frown her eyebrows and said: “Imperial sister-in-law, I know watching the scenery in the Water Pavilion is something not allowed to anyone. But, if your servants didn’t allow me, do you think I will be here? With Imperial sister-in-law‘s tone, it seems I am not welcome here. And since Imperial sister-in-law doesn’t welcome me, then I will go home now.”

Finally, Lin Chujiu found a reason to go away first. So, without a second thought, Lin Chujiu took a step and walk away… … 

“This, Princess Xiao … …” The young misses were dumbfounded. After all, they didn’t think that Lin Chujiu will say she’ll go away right in front Princess Fu An’s face. And at this moment, they were still shocked. Only Cui Furen responded and rushed forward to grab Lin Chujiu’s arm: “Princess Xiao, please don’t get angry. Princess Fu An doesn’t mean it that way. Please don’t take it to heart.”

If Lin Chujiu left around this time. Then, wouldn’t the other people think that they don’t know the word hospitality?

“Really? Is that true Imperial sister… …” Lin Chujiu turn around and look at Princess Fu An. The meaning of her attitude is very clear.

She wants Princess Fu An to personally admit it!

Princess Fu An wanted to vomit blood!

This Lin Chujiu is really something. She actually wanted her to take back her words in public? Isn’t this simply… … I don’t know!

Princess Fu An really wanted to say to Lin Chujiu: You get out now! But, she can’t open her mouth after receiving a warning from her husband’s family.

Princess Fu An wants to die. It was impossible for her to admit her mistake in public.

Princess Fu An waved her sleeve and turned around to face her guests, then said: “Don’t you all want to see the scenery? Let’s go closer, this imperial princess will let all of you take a look.”

Several young misses looked at each other’s face. For some reason, they don’t know what exactly to do.

Cui Furen suddenly felt embarrassed and was stunned… …

“Furen, let go of my hand now. I’ll go back to Xiao Wangfu.” Lin Chujiu gently pushed Cui Furen’s hand, then added: “Furen, since I am married to Xiao Wangfu, I am now Princess Xiao. I always remember my identity, every word or action I make represents Xiao Wangfu. I can be wronged, but I won’t let anyone stepped on Prince Xiao’s face. I must leave now!”

After hearing those words, a person couldn’t help but compare Princess Fu An to Lin Chujiu. Obviously, Princess Fu An is now married to Cui Family. But, she acted like she is not part of it. She didn’t give them a face, nor importance.

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