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Chapter 172.2
Chapter 172: Bad luck and slap oneself (Part 2)

In regard to this case, Princess Fu An doesn’t really need to offend Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. However, because of Princess Fushou Zhang, she disregards the Cui Family’s face. She causes trouble to Lin Chujiu multiple times. She completely turns a blind eye to the Cui Family’s reputation.

With Princess Fu An’s disregard for the situation, Cui Furen felt a bad premonition inside her heart. She wanted to retort, but she can’t open her mouth because she doesn’t know what to say.

“Princess Xiao, I’m really sorry. It is our Cui Family’s fault for not receiving you well.” Cui Furen doesn’t know where to put her face. Obviously, it was Princess Fu An who cause troubles, but she was the one who apologized for multiple times.

Although she is not an imperial princess, she also came from a

prestigious family. She is married to the Cui Family’s eldest son, so her position is not worst than Princess Fu An.

Lin Chujiu accepted Cui Furen’s apology. She also said enough. So, she nodded her head and smiled: “Furen, I don’t feel well. I’ll go back first.”

These words are enough to give Cui Furen’s face. Cui Furen now has a good mood: “Princess Xiao, I will visit you some other day.”

“Good.” Lin Chujiu smile and then turned away.

Feicui and the others coldly hum and contemptuously swept their eyes to all the people. And then, they quickly catch up to Lin Chujiu.

“This… …” What about the birthday banquet?

A birthday banquet is a good event. But after a series of incident and Lin Chujiu’s early departure. Who will still have the heart to enjoy the scenery? However, Princess Fu An refused to accept defeat, she keeps smiling while looking

looking at the scenery.

Due to Princess Fu An’s identity, the other young misses didn’t dare to say anything, but the smile on their face didn’t return. It was only those aware young misses that helplessly go along.

These young misses don’t deserve to see the scenery of the Water Pavilion, for a very long time. But, because Princess Fu An doesn’t want her birthday banquet to be destroyed by Lin Chujiu’s departure. She let her guests enjoy the scenery.

The aware young misses didn’t hesitate to sit down and let the birthday banquet continue. Each one of them busily pushes the incident on the back of their mind and lighten Princess Fu An’s spirit. Hoping she won’t hate them because of the previous event.

A determined person will make things interesting. After the cooperation of both side, the cold atmosphere once again becomes bustling. Seeing all the young misses

young misses around Princess Fu An, Cui Furen couldn’t help but shook her head. 

“I’m tired. I’ll go back first to rest.” Cui Furen decided to check out what exactly happened to the Xiaoxang Hall.

Cui Furen didn’t bid farewell to anyone and just left quietly… …

Inside the Xiao Wangfu’s study room, Xiao Tianyao, Su Cha, and Liu Bai occupied each corner of the room. They are very busy with their own affairs, but Su Cha couldn’t calm down himself.

From time to time, he looked up to see Xiao Tianyao. Su Cha wanted to say something, but he doesn’t know how to start.

If it’s only once or twice, Xiao Tianyao could endure it. However, he couldn’t count how many times Su Cha had looked at him in this whole afternoon. Xiao Tianyao slammed the ink brush he is holding on the table: “Su Cha, if you have something to have something to say, then speak.”

“Yes, Su Cha, what is wrong with you?” Liu Bai said, because he also think that Su Cha’s behavior is weird.

“I … …” Su Cha opens his mouth, but then stopped. Xiao Tianyao couldn’t stand him. So, he picked up his ink brush and no longer paid him attention. However, he heard Su Cha said: “I’m worried about Wangfei. I felt bad because we used her as a bait. It’s too dangerous. If Jing Chi won’t arrive in time, what will we do? I don’t think Zhou Si will be merciful just because Wangfei is a woman.”

Uh… …

Because of Su Cha’s words, the study room had a deafening quietness… …


* Jing Chi – XTY’s hired assassin, to kill ZS.

* Zhou Si – he was hired to kill XTY and LCJ.

* Both of them was introduced in the first arc of novel

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