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Besides, after the incident earlier, no one has seen Lin Chujiu up until now. The aware young misses felt very uneasy, so now, they don’t have the guts to continue watching the play.

A few lively and outgoing young misses already discussed something: “I want to go to the Water Pavilion. I’ve heard from my sister that the Water Pavilion was built in the middle of the river. Only a few people could go there. I wanted to see the path that moves up and down… … like a curtain of water. I don’t know yet how beautiful it really is.”

The voice of the little girl was not small. So, when Princess Fu An heard it, she immediately said: “It looks like you are interested in my Water Pavilion. Right now, the sun is still bright, we can go there.”

Just as Lin Chujiu listened, she also decided to show herself in there. Otherwise, these people will think that she died.

The aware young misses didn’t have any objection, but deep inside their heart: Princess Fu An, why don’t you let us see Princess Xiao ah! Can’t you see that we felt very uneasy?!

“Hey, someone else came to the Water Pavilion?” They haven’t arrived yet, but a sharp-eyed young miss saw a figure in the Water Pavilion.

Princess Fu An raises her hand and said. “Go and see who is in the Water Pavilion.”

The servant immediately went forward and pulled up the path that sank to the bottom of the river.

“It really rises from the bottom of the water ah.” The young miss who don’t know much about the world naively smile.

The aware young misses already had a guess who was the person in the Water Pavilion and gently laughing.

With Lin Chujiu’s appearance, they no longer felt worried about facing Prince Xiao’s wrath. But, as for what Princess Fu An did to  Princess Xiao?

These young misses will still act like nothing happened.

After the path emerges, the people went close and saw Lin Chujiu watching the view with her four maidservants.

“Princess Xiao?” Princess Fu An said with a bit trace of surprised. “Aren’t you resting in the Fragrant Garden? Why are you here in the Water Pavilion?”

Princess Fu An’s facial expression remained unchanged. As if there was no tension or incident that happened earlier.

“Oh, what a coincidence, imperial sister-in-law and the young misses also came?” Lin Chujiu didn’t expose Princess Fu An’s lies, she only smiles and said: “When I woke up, I wanted to look for imperial sister-in-law as soon as possible. But, when I passed here and saw the scenery, I had an urge to stay for a moment. After asking the servant if it’s okay, we ended up sitting and forget the time.”

The smile on Lin Chujiu’s face was faint. At first glance, it was a subtle smile. But, Princess Fu An’s face was stiff. When Cui Furen saw it, she busily played along: “The Water Pavilion is really beautiful. Princess Fu An made the scenery in Wanfu Garden like wonders of the world. So, It’s only normal to forget the time.”

Cui Furen was previously sent away by Princess Fu An. She didn’t know what happened to the Xiaoxang Hall. If it weren’t for Lin Chujiu and Princess Fu An’s facial expression. She wouldn’t find out something was wrong.

Lin Chujiu nodded and smile: “Indeed, imperial sister-in-law should treat Wanfu Garden like a treasure. If she won’t treat it with care, I’m sure even imperial sister-in-law could get lost and meet strange events. I wonder if the other young misses think the same?”

Uh… The atmosphere quiets down for a moment.

Everyone heard Lin Chujiu’s words, but only Princess Fu An and the other young misses that went to the Xiaoxang Hall could really understand it.

Princess Fu An didn’t speak, the aware young misses also didn’t dare to answer… …

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