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Feicui has always been careful. Lin Chujiu’s outer clothe were stained with alcohol. In fear for their Wangfei to be taken advantages, Feicui took it and cleaned it in another room. Hoping to lessen the distinct scent.

Feicui’s martial art skills are nothing compared to the two men in black, but she can easily avoid the eyes and ears of the ordinary guards. Feicui quickly enters the room and took Lin Chujiu’s spare clothes.

On the roof, the two men in black saw Feicui’s every action. They didn’t move until Feicui went outside the house. But, the man in black said: “Brother, why are you stopping me?”

"Why do you need to attack her? Are we going to repeat the plan? If you attack this time, Princess Fu An will definitely lose her face.” Just because no one speaks, doesn’t mean no one understands. What they did is too much, Princess Fu An might not be able to bear it. 

After successfully getting the spare clothes, the four maidservants busily served Lin Chujiu to change her dress.

Lin Chujiu’s mental quality is quite good. They didn’t see her panic or felt uneasy after the incident.

“Wangfei, ready… …” After hearing Princess Fu An’s words, Feicui’ voice slightly becomes higher than before.

This girl is estimated to be furious.

"Let's go and see if Princess Fu An still has some other tricks.” Lin Chujiu sneer and waved her sleeve. Then, she walked out from the small kitchen.

Princess Fu An thought Lin Chujiu will be finished. But instead, she lost four people and saw blood on her birthday. Even though she was able to save her face, she still couldn’t help but gritted her teeth.

Princess Fu An originally didn’t hate Lin Chujiu, but she also didn’t like her. The reason why she took a shot this time, is because of Princess Fushou Zhang. She wanted to ruined Lin Chujiu so that Xiao Tianyao will be embarrassed. But, right now… …

Princess Fu An was so anxious to break Lin Chujiu’s bone into pieces, to appease her anger.

When Princess Fu An came back to the venue, an opera team was performing a play. But, when the actor saw her, he immediately greeted her happy birthday. Princess Fu An was still angry, but this time, she could only laugh, give rewards and sit with everyone to watch the show.

As for the other young misses that was with Princess Fu An earlier, while on the road, Princess Fu An says that they will give them a special reward. So, when asked, they should only say that Princess Xiao was resting in the Fragrant Garden. And that, they didn’t dare to come forward, in fear of disturbing her.

With this remark, even if they knew that Lin Chujiu was not in the Fragrant Garden. The few young misses acted like nothing happened. They only sat down and watch the play with a smile. They didn’t mention the bloody incident that happened in the Xiaoxang Hall.

Naturally, Princess Fu An also sat down with everyone. Her eyes were looking at the play, but her mind was flying.

Princess Fu An’s mind only returns when a little eunuch came out of nowhere.

Not long after, the little eunuch went close to Princess Fu An and whispered: “Imperial Princess, the aphrodisiac didn’t work that’s why Princess Xiao got away from the trouble.”

Princess Fu An’s face got slightly distorted, she took a deep breath to calm down herself and then said: “I got it, leave!” Even if her heart was unwilling, she can’t make another move.

“Yes,” The little eunuch said and then leave quietly without attracting anyone’s attention.

After half an hour, the play has ended. Seeing the sky was still bright, Princess Fu An ask the young misses opinion, whether they want to continue watching or stroll in the Wanfu Garden.

The Wanfu Garden is extremely large. The scenery is also excellent. While strolling, the other young misses find some scenery very unique. A scenery that could only be seen in the Wanfu Garden. But, of course, this time, everyone went with them.

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