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Lin Chujiu use the rabbit as a sample, not because she wanted to explain the surgical procedure to Xiao Tianyao, but to dispel his doubt and to show him that he won’t die even if his legs started bleeding from the cuts.

Lin Chujiu didn’t take into account if Xiao Tianyao will see clearly or understand what she will be doing. She directly picked up the scalpel and make a five inches incision on the rabbit’s leg. And then, she inserted a tube into the wound and started pushing it in.

However, in order to let Xiao Tianyao know that he and the rabbit are in different condition. She specifically said: “The rabbit’s legs have no blood clots, so I don’t need to spend much time in doing this. But, in your case, it will take more time.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao replied with a light voice while looking at Lin Chujiu thoughtfully.

He had heard that Lin Chujiu’s medical skills are not even comparable to the Central Empires imperial doctors. So, in the end, what kind of person her master is?

Is her master a spy?

After having that kind thought, Xiao Tianyao’s heart skips a beat, but he soon rejected his own idea.

After all, if Lin Chujiu’s master is really a spy, he won’t pick an idiot like Lin Chujiu as an apprentice. He must be like Divine Doctor Mo who travels from different countries but stays in low key.

And perhaps, Lin Chujiu got lucky to meet him.

The person involved is the only one that can explain this event clearly. Formulating conclusions won’t help to reveal the truth. With this, Xiao Tianyao stops thinking and just carefully watch Lin Chujiu clean the wound and suture it.

Lin Chujiu was very careful and attentive to what she’s doing. And at this very moment, nothing exist in her eyes except the rabbit on the table.

This situation is only a demonstration and not the real process, so in less than an hour, Lin Chujiu finished the surgery. And the dressing on the rabbit’s legs only shows a little blood.

Looking at the wound of the little plump rabbit, Xiao Tianyao got more confident on Lin Chujiu’s medical skills.

“Very Good.” These two words show that Xiao Tianyao agreed to undergo this surgery, but… …

“Benwang  doesn’t want to be boiled.” He would never allow himself to lie like a dead man in that table.

Lin Chujiu knew that he would refuse if he learned the real process. So, she simply said: “You don’t need to be boiled to get numb.” She will use anesthesia. By then, Xiao Tianyao won’t be able to refuse, right?

But, will Xiao Tianyao kill her after the surgery?

To tell the truth, Lin Chujiu doesn’t worry about anything.

If you think you don’t need a doctor after the surgery.

Then, you’re absolutely wrong!

Without follow up check up and monitoring, Xiao Tianyao won’t be able to move after the surgery. Besides, she will not go against his wish. She will not boil him. So, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any right to find her trouble, right?

Additionally, people shouldn’t mess with a doctor. Especially, if that doctor is named Lin Chujiu. Because her heart is only bigger than a needle.

Don’t say that she doesn’t hold a grudge. Because her hatred was written in her heart. And the pen that written on it is no other than Xiao Tianyao himself.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know what was Lin Chujiu is thinking. Right now, all he was thinking is how to persuade Lin Chujiu to let Doctor Wu join in the surgery. But, he hasn’t opened up his mouth, when Lin Chujiu said: “Can you ask Doctor Wu to give me a hand? I won’t be able to do it alone.”

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