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It’s impolite to refuse to lend a hand.

Xiao Tianyao would certainly not refuse this idea.

Lin Chujiu saw no signs of rejection, so she continues to speak and request more: ” Can we build a new house? If it is possible, the new house must be built with the best wood. It must be dust and insect proof. The windows shouldn’t be built with papers, but with the best glaze. And also the roof. Inside the house, there must be more candlestick. As you see, the process needs to be well lighted.”

“Mmm.” These requests are nothing to Xiao Tianyao, so he said: “In three days, benwang will give everything you asked.” He was more afraid that Lin Chujiu won’t taken into account the process.

“Then, I  also want to have another operating table. The height should be the same as this. As for the length and width, a person should be able to lie alone.” Lin Chujiu really wanted to ask for a real operating table. An operating table that has wheels, but… …

She should be contented in this. Because if she asks too much at once, Xiao Tianyao might riot.

“Anything else?” Xiao Tianyao admits that what Lin Chujiu were asking is too much. He even suspects that Lin Chujiu is deliberately causing him trouble.

“That’s all.” Lin Chujiu said because she can now see the coldness in Xiao Tianyao’s  face.

Well, this is not a major surgery. So, all she wanted is to meet the basic requirements. She has an ability to build her own operating room anyway.

But of course, she will not build it in Xiao Wangfu. Because she wanted to be far away from Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao turned his head and looked at Housekeeper Cao. “Did you hear it?”

“Yes, this servant heard it. This servant will now go and prepare.” Housekeeper Cao came forward and bowed down his head. Then, he turns around to leave. But, Lin Chujiu suddenly called out said: “Wait, take this rabbit with you.”

“Uh… Wangfei, do you want to eat this for dinner tonight?” Housekeeper Cao who was holding the rabbit innocently asked.

Lin Chujiu’s face becomes black: “It’s not dead. It will walk again in two days.” Housekeeper Cao thought she wanted to eat rabbit meat?

“… …”Housekeeper Cao also knows that he asked a silly question, so he holds the rabbit and then leaves.

After everything got cleared, Lin Chujiu hold the bloody bandages all together and took off her bloody gloves. Then, she took off her white surgical gown and remove the mask and hat.

And because she pulled down her hat, her hair that was in a bun falls down too. The two of them was separated by the operating table, but Xiao Tianyao unconsciously tried to seize her hair with his hand but failed.

He felt he missed something in his heart. But, he hasn’t adjusted his emotion, when Lin Chujiu open her mouth and said: “When do you plan to arrange things for my uncle?”

Xiao Tianyao’s face becomes black and felt empty when he heard Lin Chujiu’s remark: “Your heart only thinks of Guo Gongfu?” In the end, where is his place in this woman’s heart ah?

His bad mood is very obvious. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what she did wrong, so she looks at him with doubt and ask: “Did I say something wrong?”

This is their deal. She began fulfilling her part and duties. So, Xiao Tianyao should do his part too, right?

“You’re not wrong.” Xiao Tianyao realized what he said is not right. So, he secretly took a deep breath to suppress his irritation: “In two days, I will give you a reply.”

After he finished, he turned around and go. Leaving Lin Chujiu all confused and standing on the same spot:  Do men also have a monthly period?

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