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Meng Laofuren sneered but didn’t look at his eldest son’s wife. Her eyes fell to her second and third son: “Er Ye, San Ye, do you think so too?”

These three are Meng Laofuren’s biological sons. They quarrel most of the time during the peaceful days, but they always unite if it’s about the honor of their family. So this time, these three sons will definitely unite to protect each other.

Seeing that their eldest brother was chosen by the emperor. The two of them was, of course, felt happy. They were so happy to the point that they wanted to rush over to the ancestral hall and report this to their father, but… …

After seeing Meng Laofuren’s stern face, they dispel that idea and carefully asked: “Mother, are you not happy for eldest brother?”

“Happy? What is there to be happy?” Meng Laofuren sometimes regretted why she didn’t teach her three sons about shrewd ideas to be smart enough and not be exploited by the emperor.

“Mother, are you saying that this mission won’t be good for eldest brother?” Meng Erye and Meng Sanye suddenly asked with full of worries. The other family members mind got awaken too when they heard her words. Meng Shi’s wife knitted her eyebrows and also helpless asked: “Mother, is there a hidden intention behind this mission?”

Meng Laofuren’s three sons formulated a different kind of bad ideas. Which is good, because it shows, that they are very obedient to this old lady and they always listen to her words.

Because if not, Meng Laofuren wouldn’t dare to say in front of Xiao Tianyao that entire Guo Gongfu will support Lin Chujiu.

Meng Laofuren knew that her three sons are not fools. It’s just, she raised them very simple. They can’t see things clearly, so she always needs to wake them up.

Meng Laofuren gently sighed, then said: “Eldest son, you have never led an army before. Never been on the battlefield. But, the emperor appoints you to be a general, appoint you to lead 500 000 soldiers to defeat the Northern Country’s army. Don’t you find it strange?”

Of course, it’s strange, because if not, the entire family won’t be shocked. The eldest son will set off to the war as the general. So, isn’t that too much of a promotion?

After listening to the old lady, Meng Shi’s little pride immediately subside. So, he quite depressingly said: “This son also find it strange. I also cannot believe that the imperial edict is true. I’m not as good as father. So, how can I afford to take such heavy responsibility.”

This is true. Meng Shi felt happy when the emperor chooses him, but he also feels pressured.

He will lead those 500,000 soldiers in the borders. Which means those 500 000 soldiers lives are in his hands. Just by thinking about it, he felt it was too heavy. So, he really cannot afford to do it!

“Mother felt relieved if you really think so.” Meng Laofuren truly felt relieved. Because she was so afraid earlier that her eldest son might get excited and insist to lead the army.

After all, not many people can’t stand the temptation of glory.

“So Mother, you mean to say, eldest brother won’t accept this mission?” Meng Erye asked when he gets the clue.

Meng Sanye was a little sad, so he muttered: “But, the imperial edict has already been given to us. We can’t change it.”

Meng Shi’s wife immediately opens her mouth, in fear of sudden change in this big opportunity. After all, it’s impossible for her husband to get such power, so he might as well take this opportunity: “Brother-in-law, the emperor sent us an imperial edict. So,there is no mistake. Laoye can take this mission. The emperor himself believe in Laoye, so what is there to worry? Like father like son, right? Laoye is the son of Old Master Gou Gong. How can he be worse?”

The more Meng Shi’s wife opens her mouth. The more she felt it was real. But, before she could feel happy, she heard Meng Laofuren’s angry voice: “Daughter-in-law, shut up!”

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