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Sure enough, when the emperor heard the name of the candidate he preferred, which is Meng Shi of Guo Gongfu, from the mouth of Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You. He immediately nodded his head and said: “Meng Shi is quite good.”

But, as for what he specifically meant for good, only the benevolent person can see what benevolence truly is.

And with this, the general has been decided. But, when the imperial decree was received by the Guo Gongfu. The whole family got dumbfounded. Because they can’t believe what they just heard.

Do they want to participate in war? Do they want to take over an army?

Uh… …

It seems they are not interested to go on the battlefield. After all, their family is famous for being scholars. They don’t know how to manage soldiers. They don’t know how to win a war.

It will be their first time to participate in the war, but their family was chosen to lead? Will things be alright?

But, as for why Guo Gongfu has military influence, despite the eldest son take the scholar route. The answer is very simple.

That year, Old Guo Gong take over an army and brought those soldiers in the highest prestige. But, those achievements of him only made the previous emperor fear him. So, in order to keep his whole family safe, Old Guo Gongfu who is Lin Chujiu’s grandfather, resigned from his military position as a bargaining chip.

But, that’s not all, because in order to completely dispel the previous emperor’s doubt. Old Guo Gong didn’t teach his three sons about war. He only educate them to be scholars. Old Guo Gong didn’t ask for any reward in his achievements aside from his family’s safety.

In addition to that, Old Guo Gong didn’t let his two daughters married into the imperial family. However, his eldest daughter who is Lin Chujiu’s mother, unexpectedly married a man who came from a very poor family. But that man later on become the West Prime Minister.

As for his second daughter, Old Guo Gong also didn’t let this daughter of him married into the imperial family. However, this second daughter become a big joke because she also married Prime Minister Lin Xiang after her older sister died. So, it can be said that Old Guo Gong still didn’t married off his daughter from a prestige family.

In the past, the power and influence of  Guo Gongfu in the country was overthrown. However, although they lost their power and influence, they still had wealth that can provide their family for hundred years, so they survived.

In the same year, a few families with the same power as Guo Gongfu in the country later on committed mistake, but none of them survived.

So, in order to win the current emperor’s trust, Old Guo Gong teach his three sons an absolute scholastic skills. Guo Gongfu might have a history of good fighting skills in the war, but those talents have already been wasted.

Therefore, Guo Gongfu couldn’t help but get dumbfounded when the emperor pick the eldest son to lead an army. So, they think that the emperor just made a mistake.

Don’t say that only other members of Guo Gongfu couldn’t understand it. Because even Meng Laofuren who was holding the imperial edict couldn’t understand. She didn’t understand the eunuch’s report. As if her brain completely turn blank.

After the eunuch has declared his purpose and left. Meng Shi walked back with the crowd to the hall. But this time, he felt like he was dreaming. He felt like he was floating in the sky. Everything in front of him was blurry… …

Meng Shi haven’t recover his mind, but his wife said with full of joy: “The heavens have eyes. He let the emperor to see Laoye’s talent. This is really great. Mother, Laoye, let’s go to the ancestral hall and report this good news to our ancestors. I’m sure they will be very happy for Laoye.”

They just felt it was strange earlier, so they don’t know why the eldest son’s wife had said that. But of course, Meng Laofuren will not agree.

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