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“It’s already late, benwang will have his meal here. Let someone bring benwang’s lunch in here.” The master of the house gives an order once again. Blocking Lin Chujiu’s chance to refuse.

However, Lin Chujiu just look at Xiao Tianyao and didn’t say anything. Then, she got up and left. 

Xiao Tianyao didn’t stop Lin Chujiu from leaving, he only looks at her drifting figure thoughtfully… …

Xiao Tianyao is the master and the decision-maker in Xiao Wangfu. So, no matter when or where, his order was always being implemented in the most outstanding standard and manner.

With that, Xiao Tianyao’s lunch was quickly delivered to the small floral hall, in which Lin Chujiu is usually taking her meals. However, Lin Chujiu is not here today.

Seeing the table was full of foods, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but softly sighed.

He is now sure that Lin Chujiu doesn’t resent him. Rather, she hates him.

So in the end, he will eat alone like always. The only difference now is that he has a few more dishes even though he doesn’t like eating.

After eating a few spoon full of meals, Xiao Tianyao no longer stayed and immediately left the room. But, before completely leaving, he said to the servant next to him to prepare a meal for Lin Chujiu. Because she must be starving. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t receive it, because she directly went to the kitchen to eat.

These actions are really like a child that having a temper tantrum, so Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything.

The next day, Xiao Tianyao also appeared in the small floral hall to have lunch with Lin Chujiu. But unfortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t appear and just directly eat to her room.

Xiao Tianyao can certainly break into her room, but … …

His pride doesn’t allow him!

Xiao Tianyao patiently tried to have a meal with Lin Chujiu for a few more days. But, he always failed to do so. Waiting is originally not Xiao Tianyao’s style, so this time, he decided to make a move. 

“Tell Meng Laofuren that Wangfei wanted to see her.”

The Meng Laofuren that comes out from Xiao Tianyao’s mouth is the old town’s governor’s wife, Lin Chujiu’s grandmother. Before, Meng laofuren had sent a letter a few times to visit Lin Chujiu. But, Xiao Tianyao didn’t allow it.

Meng laofuren roughly guessed that her visit will be inconvenient to Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao. So, she no longer insisted, but after 10 days, Xiao Wangfu sent her a letter that Lin Chujiu wanted to see her.

But truthfully, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know anything about these. She didn’t receive any letter from her grandmother. That’s why she felt strange why her grandmother haven’t visited her? Or why she didn’t receive any news about her?

Sometimes, the woman who got trapped in the inner courtyard is really pitiful. As soon as her husband didn’t get satisfied or happy with her, that said husband can cut off all the connection she has to the outside world. So even though she was being called as Wangfei, it is still useless.

After receiving the letter that Lin Chujiu wanted to see her. Meng laofuren who’s been waiting for months to see her granddaughter packed up immediately to go to the Xiao Wangfu.

So early in the morning, Lin Chujiu who haven’t had her breakfast received a sudden news: “Wangfei, Meng Laofuren had come and waiting for you outside.”

Meng Laofuren?

Lin Chujiu felt surprised, so she couldn’t react at once.

“Grandmother came?” Lin Chujiu haven’t eaten, but she immediately put down her chopsticks and stood up: “Why she’s suddenly here? Why I didn’t receive any news?”

Lin Chujiu complained, but the servant only got scared and stayed speechless. Seeing his reaction, Lin Chujiu vaguely understood what’s happening. But, this is not the right time to pursue this matter. So, Lin Chujiu hurriedly change her clothes to meet her grandmother.

If everything went smoothly, she knows that Guo Gongfu or Meng Laofuren will be her biggest aid… …

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