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This is absolutely a threat. And Xiao Tianyao’s threat always happens in reality, but unfortunately …

Lin Chujiu wanted to fight back and go all out. She has done so much before, so this time, she will no longer retreat back.

Lin Chujiu hum proudly and said: “Wangye, why don’t you try? Let’s see if you can kill me first or I can kill myself first.” Lin Chujiu particularly slowly said her last sentence while staring at Xiao Tianyao. Showing that she’s really serious about it. 

“Benwang didn’t expect you to be this fierce.” On the night of their wedding, he said to Lin Chujiu that he can kill her as soon as he wanted to, but right now… …

He couldn’t bear to utter those words.

Lin Chujiu’s eyes become red, and sobbingly said: “You forced me to be like this.” If she can, she really wouldn’t do this.

After all, bargaining one’s life is really a sad thing to do.

“Then, it seems you have to thank benwang.” He said seriously, so Lin Chujiu also seriously said: “I should really thank you. If it weren’t for you,  I wouldn’t learn how weak my personality really was.” She once thought that her spine was already hardened by her previous life, but it turns it didn’t.

Seeing how resentful Lin Chujiu is, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Obviously, she was still immature, she was still a child. But, she’s trying so hard to act mature. This kind of behavior is really cute. It’s very cute, so a person couldn’t help but want to squeeze her cheeks. But, the two of them were very far from each other. And even if he stretches out his arm, he’s still wouldn’t be able to reach her.

However, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to give up this idea. Seeing that Lin Chujiu is staying alert, Xiao Tianyao decided to tease her.

He cannot pinch her cheeks, but he can still tease her from afar, right?

Xiao Tianyao thinks so, so he would do so.

And so, without any warning, Xiao Tianyao suddenly leaned forward towards Lin Chujiu. Proving half of his body to the table… …

As what Xiao Tianyao’s expected, Lin Chujiu got shocked and instinctively move backward. And because of too much strength, her chair almost fell over.

“Ha ha ha …” The gloomy atmosphere inside the room was swept away. Xiao Tianyao keeps laughing while saying: “Sure thing, your still a child.” And because she’s still a child, he will tolerate her more.

“You!… … How boring.” Lin Chujiu said while gritting her teeth in anger. But, she cannot understand why she can’t rebuke him.

This man is simply … boring and shameless.

A big man who’s always so serious, but play prank like this, again and again, is really shameless!

“Mmm, it’s really boring.” Xiao Tianyao agreed with her evaluation. But kidding aside, when he hadn’t met Lin Chujiu, someone said to him that he needs to forget his identity if he wanted to amuse a woman. But, he still doesn’t agree to that.

So, after laughing, Xiao Tianyao returned to being serious: “Chujiu, benwang knows that you are a smart woman.”

Lin Chujiu was angry, so she replied with: “So what?”

“So, benwang is giving you a month to consider and three months to treat. After those four months, benwang should be able to walk normally.” This sounds like an order, rather than a request.

Things have returned to normal. So, Lin Chujiu once again put up her guard and said: “I said, I can’t.”

This time, Xiao Tianyao no longer exchange words with her, he only said: “You have a month to think about it. Benwang will wait for your answer until then.” But, he won’t accept rejection.

“Do as you like.” Lin Chujiu also doesn’t want to continue fighting with Xiao Tianyao. She only wanted him to leave as soon as possible, but… …

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