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“We also gain something in this matter. We now know what kind of person Wangfei is truly is. So not unless Wangfei has a knife in her hands and stabbed Wangye, we will believe in her no matter what.” Su Cha doesn’t know if his words are a self-comfort or still a comfort for Liu Bai.

Trust is not something to be spoken by mouth, but rather it is something that should be proven by actions. With Divine Doctor Mo’s choice, he lost Xiao Tianyao’s trust. But, Xiao Tianyao’s last trace of doubt to Lin Chujiu has finally dissipated. He now trusts Lin Chujiu, just like Su Cha and Liu Bai. 

And because of this trust, Xiao Tianyao was able to tolerate Lin Chujiu’s temper tantrum. He wanted her to come and see him, but out of consideration, he personally went to see her.

Unconsciously, Lin Chujiu has entered Xiao Tianyao’s heart. But, he’s still not aware of it.

The last time Xiao Tianyao went to see her, he heard Lin Chujiu and her maidservants conversations. So this time, he doesn’t intend to just sneak in. Because he doesn’t want to hear words that can make him unhappy.

With that, Xiao Tianyao sent a notice in advance to inform Lin Chujiu with his visit.

After hearing the report, Lin Chujiu got a bit shock. She had already foreseen this matter, but she didn’t expect that he will personally come to see her. She only thought that he will summon her just like before.

“When did he became a human ah?” Lin Chujiu said with full ridicule. Fortunately, aside from her, no one else heard.

And so, after a quarter of an hour, Xiao Tianyao appeared in front of Lin Chujiu. The maidservant winks to others, and close the door before she left.

Inside the room, the two of them was sitting quietly, there was no sound. Lin Chujiu waited for a while, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t open his mouth.

Lin Chujiu pour a glass of water and put it in front of Xiao Tianyao while saying: “Wangye, did you need something?”

With this kind of remark, they’re nothing like a husband and wife. Rather, they look like an acquaintance. Just like in the past… …

But at that time, Xiao Tianyao didn’t feel anything. But now, when he listens to it, he felt very bad.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer Lin Chujiu’s question. Instead, he said: “You said, you don’t resent benwang.”

His words sound like a confirmation, rather than a question. So, Lin Chujiu’s eyes turn blank in confusion. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu has no plan to think about his intention, so she nodded her head and said: “Yes, no resentment.”

And in order to prove her words were true, Lin Chujiu look at Xiao Tianyao sincerely. Lin Chujiu’s eyes have no lively spark, but there was also no indescribable indifference. However, even though she was only sitting to the opposite side, Xiao Tianyao felt like she was very far, very far from… …

Why? Are you close with her?

These words suddenly emerge from Xiao Tianyao’s mind. But, he got very upset from it.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t really like this strange feeling. Because he doesn’t know what to do.

When Lin Chujiu saw an inexplicable disappointment in Xiao Tianyao’s face, she got puzzled. But in the end, she didn’t ask anything about it, she only looks at the cup in her hands and remains silent.

Xiao Tianyao quickly calms down his mood. He wanted to wait for Lin Chujiu to open up her heart, but he’s starting to become restless. He doesn’t want this feeling to start acting up again, so he strongly suppresses himself.

After all, he doesn’t want this inexplicable mood affects his judgment.

* Ahem, ahem*.. … Xiao Tianyao clears his throat, hoping to pull back Lin Chujiu’s attention. And when Lin Chujiu looks at him, he felt some comfort, so he said: “After six months, benwang will go to the battlefield.”

“Oh.. …” Lin Chujiu simply said. But deep inside her heart, she was curious. Xiao Tianyao personally come to see her just to say these words? What does he going to the battlefield has to do with her?

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