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After discovering that this matter was related to someone that has grudge to Divine Doctor Mo. Su Cha and Liu Bai felt relived that Divine Doctor Mo has now entered the palace. Because if he will continue to stay in the Xiao Wangfu, who knows what trouble Xiao Tianyao could encounter more.

After all, the enemy was kept in the dark. And there were also enemies to the other side of the palace. Four pairs of eyes are not enough to monitor them all.

So, when Divine Doctor Mo left, the other unforeseen danger that can cause trouble to Xiao Tianyao’s legs was lifted.

Su Cha’s line of sight fell on Xiao Tianyao’s legs and ask: “Wangye, how’re your legs?” It’s been a month but Xiao Tianyao’s legs didn’t show any trace of recovery. Doctor Wu made clear of this matter.

“There’s always a way.” Right now, Xiao Tianyao is not worried about his legs. Divine Doctor Mo said that he can still cure his legs. And that he can find a cure. So, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe that he won’t be able to find another person that can heal his legs.

Liu Bai luckily got successful in inviting Divine Doctor Mo before. So, he tried his best to say a few goods words on behalf of Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer. Liu Bai knows that this is his fault. So, this time, he won’t make the same mistake again.

“Wangye, I will go to the Central Empire and find you a doctor. Divine Doctor Mo‘s medical skill is known through out the four countries. But the Central Empire is known for being the number one in the whole continent. I believe that someone from there can cure your legs.” Liu Bai said out of concern. And also because he couldn’t think of another way.

“No.” Xiao Tianyao actually didn’t want to refuse, but: “The Central Empire doesn’t allow anyone from the other four countries to enter their land. Unless that person has reach the god level in the martial arts. So, if you go there, you’ll only face a great danger.”

Xiao Tianyao is originally qualified to enter to the Central Empire, but now he falls short.

“But, your legs? If you didn’t get into another accident, you’ll be able to join the battlefield in six months.” In the Eastern Country, aside from Xiao Tianyao, no one can withstand the Northern Country’s army.  So, this time, the Northern Country will definitely wipe out clean the Eastern Country’s army. Especially now that the emperor will not use Xiao Tianyao.

“Benwang has his own plan, you don’t need to do anything else.” After the issue with Divine Doctor Mo, Xiao Tianyao learn something new about Liu Bai. He learned that Liu Bai can’t handle this kind of things.

And if not only because of Liu Bai’s loyalty to him. He would no longer let him enter his study room.

Liu Bai knows that he wouldn’t go to the Central Empire, not because of his martial arts level, but because Xiao Tianyao wouldn’t let him do so. So, he only retreated dejectedly.

Su Cha couldn’t afford to see Liu Bai dejected, so he patted his shoulder to comfort him: “You stabbed such a big basket. So, Tianyao feeling unhappy is only normal. However, after some period of time, you two will get along again.” If not for Lin Chujiu’s alertness, Xiao Tianyao might have been dead by now. So, Liu Bai felt an extreme unspeakable guilt.

“I know, I just feel uncomfortable.” Is there really a possibility that the mind and the heart don’t feel the same?

“Just think about Wangfei, and you’ll no longer feel uncomfortable.” Su Cha said. In this incident, the person who felt wronged the most was Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything nor complain, so what qualification does he have to do so?

Liu Bai knows that what he said was wrong, so he busily said: “Regarding this matter, I really feel sorry about Wangfei. So, I’ll never repeat this mistake again.”

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