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Sure enough, Xiao Tianyao refused to see Lin Xiang. He just let Housekeeper Cao say that he doesn’t need to apologize on my behalf of Lin Chujiu. And whether he will really accept an imperial concubine or not, it’s a matter between a husband and wife. He will discuss it again to Lin Chujiu once she feels better.

With that, Lin Xiang didn’t get a chance to entangle himself with that matter. He didn’t dare to ask again to see Xiao Tianyao for fearing he might get dissatisfied. So, he had no other choice but to return with no good news.

Fortunately, he learned that Xiao Tianyao decided to accept Miss Mo as her imperial concubine. However, in order not to be suspicious, Lin Xiang didn’t go directly to the palace. He used his secret channel of communication to send a message to the emperor.

He believes that the emperor will understand the hidden meaning of his message.

But at this point in time, the emperor is so busy with the third prince’s condition. So, he has no energy to spare with Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Chujiu’s quick and practical action to save Xiao Wangfu in an unforeseen trouble made Xiao Tianyao felt good a lot, so he said: “Go and find Doctor Wu to see her. Benwang doesn’t know how badly she got injured after the collision yesterday. “

“Yes!” Housekeeper Cao said loudly, he sounded more energetic than before. He even forgot to kneel down and pay respect before he left to find Doctor Wu.

Early in the morning, Doctor Wu already prepared the medicines that he might need, so that when Xiao Tianyao finally agrees. He can treat Lin Chujiu right away. And not long after, Housekeeper Cao came and brought him a good news. 

“Go, go, go.” Doctor Wu said while running with his medicine box. But, when he just run halfway, Housekeeper Cao shouted at him: “No, no, not in there. We’re not going to the prison.”

“Not in there? Aren’t we going to see Wangfei?” Doctor Wu stop from running and turned to ask.

“Yes, we are going to see Wangfei. But, Wangfei is not in the prison. Wangfei returns to her room this morning.” When Housekeeper Cao said those words, there’s a bit trace of joy.

Lin Chujiu can be brought back to the prison, but she wasn’t. So, it means Wangye still values her.

“Last night, Wangye didn’t let me go see Wangfei. Wangye is really like a knife with a tofu heart.” Doctor Wu also feels happy for Lin Chujiu, but… …

When he walked into her room and saw the same image of her like a rag doll. Doctor Wu’s happiness vanishes.

Because he can’t see any trace of that strong-willed woman that treated and bandaged every injured soldier.

“What happened? How come Wangfei bleeds this much?” Housekeeper Cao shouts anxiously, but no one can answer him.

Originally, Lin Chujiu only has four maidservants. So, after they help her change her clothes earlier, they went back to her courtyard. Because Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to be taken care of.

Housekeeper Cao shouted for a long time, but no one came so he has no other choice but to fold his own sleeves.

“Wangfei is an imperial consort, but she’s even inferior to a servant ah.” When a servant is sick, a one or two people will look after her. But their Wangfei, who is badly hurt has no one. So, isn’t that sad?

“Don’t get angry ah, you know there’s something going on. If not because of that incident, who will neglect Wangfei.” Doctor Wu put down his medicine box and tried to comfort him.

“Oh … …” Housekeeper Cao sighed and said nothing.

Regarding with that matter, they cannot intervene and they cannot speak much about it.

“I’ll go find someone to bring us hot water.” He wanted to help a little in tidying up Lin Chujiu, so Housekeeper Cao turned around to go.

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