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Doctor Wu nodded his head lightly and walked over to Lin Chujiu’s side. And then he removed her quilt, so he was able to see her clothes soaked in blood.

“How did she get hurt this serious?” Doctor Wu no longer delay his treatment. He immediately cut off Lin Chujiu’s sleeves. With that, Lin Chujiu’s purple colored shoulder blades got exposed and as well as her protruding bones.

“Her dislocated bones are this serious too?” Doctor Wu’s specialization is in this kind of field, but he doesn’t know where to start, because… …

Aside from her shoulder blades, her chest ribs were broken too. And it seems she’s experiencing internal bleeding.

These injuries cannot be touched lightly. Because the patient may die from too much pain.

Housekeeper Cao came back after ordering someone to fetch hot water. When he saw Doctor Wu standing beside the bed in dazed, he busily approached him and ask: “Is Wangfei okay?”

“She was badly hurt and we didn’t give her treatment on time. So, how come she’s okay?” Doctor Wu turned around and fiercely said.

Lin Chujiu was badly injured and she loses too much blood. But, they will just give her treatment now. So, Doctor Wu doesn’t really know where to start.

Housekeeper Cao didn’t get angry, he asks: “So, it’s very serious?”

“Mmm.” Doctor Wu said while nodding his head: “Go and see Wangye. Tell him to prepare for Wangfei’s funeral.” Doctor Wu said what’s on his mind. Because with Lin Chujiu’s current condition, she may really die.

“You! You can still joke around?” Housekeeper Cao got started. He looks at Doctor Wu and then Lin Chujiu because he couldn’t believe it.

She just hurt her bones, so why she will die?

“You know, I may not be serious all the time, but how can I joke about this.” Doctor Wu said very seriously. Housekeeper Cao cry:  How many percents do you think she might live?”

“Less than 30%.” Lin Chujiu stayed all night in this poor condition, plus her wounds got soaked with blood in an unclean place. So, it’s very impossible if she didn’t get infection.

At first, Cao Lin almost died due to wound infection. Lin Chujiu is a normal person too, so she is not an exception.

“You said less than 30% percent? Wait, you wait, okay? I’ll go and tell Wangye immediately.” Houskeeper Cao rushed over to Xiao Tianyao’s place to ask if Divine Doctor Mo can treat Lin Chujiu. 

Divine Doctor Mo is hundred times better than Doctor Wu. So, if Lin Chujiu will survive less than 30% with Doctor Wu’s treatment, she might survive 60% more with Divine Doctor Mo. But… …

Expectations always not happen in reality.

Housekeeper Cao just open up, but Xiao Tianyao immediately interrupted him: “Let Doctor Wu tried his best to treat her.” He will not go and ask Divine Doctor Mo to treat her. Because Divine Doctor Mo will not save her. And why would Divine Doctor Mo save her anyway?

“Wangye, Doctor Wu is sure that Wangfei may survive less than 30%.” She will die!

“Let him try, whether he can save her or not.” This sentence is… …

Housekeeper Cao wanted to persuade him once more, but when he saw Xiao Tianyao’s cold eyes. He no longer dare to speak and just retreated with full of disappointment.

Their Wangye has always been this ruthless. Housekeeper Cao doesn’t know whether their Wangye will regret this later.

Housekeeper Cao came back and repeated all Xiao Tianyao’s words to Doctor Wu. Lin Chujiu is unconscious, so he no longer tried to lower his voice. He thought Lin Chujiu will not hear him, but what he doesn’t know is… …

When he finished, bloody tears dropped from Lin Chujiu’s eyes.

She never hopes for something, so she won’t be disappointed.

But those tears, revealed that she still had hoped… …

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