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Chapter 111.1
Chapter 111: Care and Tolerance (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s ribs in her chest area were broken. Her arms were broken too. So, she really couldn’t bare to move. She almost ended up as a waste.


After the guardsmen carried her out from the prison. Lin Chujiu just lie in her bed and let the maidservants change her clothes. But, every time they will raise her hands, Lin Chujiu felt in pain, but… …

She endured it… … because she must endure!

In order to know why Lin Xiang came to see her. Lin Chujiu clenched her teeth to swallow the pain but didn’t dare to bite her lips because she was afraid to make lips bleed.

The maidservants don’t have any medical knowledge. So, even though they tried their best to be careful, they still ended up hurting her. Even her wounds that dried on its own, bleeds once again from moving.

“Ahh, dammit

it.” The maidservant misunderstands her and immediately kneel down to plead for mercy.

“Don’t mind me.” Lin Chujiu felt her consciousness is fading away. And her body felt like getting heavier. But, her mind is getting more and more sober.

Lin Chujiu know that she’s in critical condition and she may get into shock at any moment. But, she cannot do anything, she cannot seek treatment, not until Lin Xiang left.

“Then, this slave will continue changing Wangfei’s clothes.” After the maidservant gets up, she busily went to the closet to take clothes, but was stopped by Lin Chujiu: “Just cover me with a quilt.” With that, her blood on the clothes won’t be visible.

The maidservants still listen to her easily, so Lin Chujiu felt relieved. Now, she only needs to worry the next person.

After cleaning her up a bit, the maidservants went out and let Lin Xiang come inside.

Housekeeper Cao accompanied

accompanied Lin Xiang all the way to Lin Chujiu’s room. And while they’re still walking, Housekeeper Cao said that their Wangye and Wangfei had a fight. And Wangfei got injured, so her condition is not that good and she’s now recuperating in her room.

Lin Xiang came to investigate Xiao Tianyao’s situation. So, when he heard that Lin Chujiu got hurt, his eye’s flashed and then he rushes to her room, acting all worried:  “Chujiu, what happens? Are you alright? Father came late ah.”

Lin Xiang came all the way to Lin Chujiu’s bed. And when he saw her face flushing and her eyes were all red, he sits beside her and asks: “Chujiu, you were wronged. Don’t worry, father is here now. Father will help you.”

When Lin Xiang saw Lin Chujiu looking very sick, he knows that’s she’s not only acting. So, he felt like Xiao Wangfu had experienced an accident.

an accident. But, what he can’t understand is, why her cheap daughter get involve?

Lin Xiang’s eyes flashed with a sneer, he didn’t expect that his cheap daughter will be this useless.

“Daddy?” Lin Chujiu mumbled while opening her eyes. But, because she’s burning silly, she murmured: “Am I dreaming? Someone really came to help me? How could this be? I grew up this big living all alone.”

Well, this is Lin Chujiu’s honest opinion, she really didn’t intend to ridicule Lin Xiang. But when Lin Xiang heard her words, his face got stiff. Lin Xiang recovered himself immediately and ask as if he’s a very responsible father: “Chujiu, this child, what happened to you ah? Did you burn silly?”

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s hand on the side, Lin Xiang force himself to hold Lin Chujiu’s hand to express more his concern, even if he doesn’t want to… …

With this action, Lin Chujiu’s arm was pulled.

“Ah! arm was pulled.

“Ah! … …” Lin Chujiu swallowed the pain she felt, she wants to struggle but she couldn’t do so.

“Chujiu, what is wrong with you?” Lin Chujiu’s facial expression is not fake, so Lin Xiang got really worried.


“Father, I am fine.” Because of the intense pain, she felt, Lin Chujiu’s mind sober a bit, and she finally remembered her intention. Lin Chujiu ignored the pain and force herself to speak: “Father, why are you here?”

“This child, of course, father is worried about you. I’ve been waiting for news about your condition, but nothing came. So early this morning, father decided to come and see you. But, who would have thought that you’re seriously ill ah? Father didn’t know that you’re suffering.” Lin Xiang deliberately made his words dramatic to show more importance to Lin Chujiu. But, what he didn’t know is that he’s only making her condition worse.

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