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“Ah! … …” Lin Chujiu could not help but cry out loud because of the pain. Lin Xiang busily asked her: “Chujiu, what is really going on? Did you get badly hurt? Where do you feel pain? Father will go and bring a doctor.”

Although Lin Xiang wanted to know badly what happened to Lin Chujiu. He still didn’t dare to lift up her quilt. Because even though they were in conflict, he still needs to pay attention to propriety.

“This is only because of my old disease. Father doesn’t need to worry.” Lin Chujiu tried hard to withdraw her hand, but Lin Xiang hold it tightly. So, in the end, she cannot force her way, she can only endure.

“Father, don’t worry about me. Divine Doctor Mo is in Xiao Wangfu, so nothing bad will happen to me.” Now that she’s outside the prison, she can find a way to save herself.

“How can I not worry about you? You’re inside the Xiao Wangfu, but you’re looking like this? You’re badly sick, but no doctor came? Where is Xiao Wangye ah? I will go and see him. I didn’t send my daughter here to end up like this.” Lin Xiang let go Lin Chujiu’s hand and got up to go.

Lin Chujiu know that if she let Lin Xiang go to Xiao Tianyao, Xiao Tianyao will doubt her more. She doesn’t care if he will doubt her more, but she was worried that he might stop his people to help her.

Lin Chujiu didn’t think about her injured arm and just grabbed Lin Xiang’s clothes: “Father, don’t go! This daughter got injured because of her own fault. It was my fault. Wangye has nothing to do with it.”

“What happen?” Lin Xiang stop and turned to look at her.

To end up like this, it must really be Lin Chujiu’s own fault. After all, Xiao Tianyao is a prince.

“Wangye accepted an imperial concubine, I’m not happy… …” Lin Chujiu deliberately stop her words, so that Lin Xiang imagine the situation on his own.

“Imperial Concubine? Who is it?” Lin Xiang sit down again but didn’t ask what was Xiao Tianyao’s planning.

Accepting concubine is not a crime. So, even if he said it to the emperor, they wouldn’t be able to find a fault.

“Mo, Miss Mo.” Lin  Chujiu slowly said, as if she’s really distracted.

Lin Xiang frowned, then said: “Accepting concubine is a very common thing. You are the first wife, and as an imperial consort, you know very well that you have to tolerate this. Fighting with Wangye over this is not worth it.”

“Father … …” Lin Chujiu called out as if she was wronged, but Lin Xiang didn’t hear her and just continue to say: “You are my daughter, I must clean up your wrongdoing. Father will go to Wangye and apologize on behalf of you.”

After saying those words, Lin Xiang stood up and walked away. He no longer asked about Lin Chujiu’s condition.

With her current condition, Lin Chujiu wasn’t able to completely stopped Lin Xiang. Anyway, she had done everything that she could. If Xiao Tianyao is still not satisfied with it, then she cannot do anything about it.

Lin Chujiu slowly close her eyes and just let her hand that was held by Lin Xiang lying low. Because of that, her blood started flowing down on her wrist… …
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