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Chapter 3 The Brazen Neighbor

Chapter 3 The Brazen Neighbor Sakura City in the spring was so beautiful with the pink flowers flying everywhere, and on the campus, the scene looked even better. Walking in the deep sea of petals gave the students a special kind of feeling, like going back to their hometowns. Yue thought of the romantic past with the elder brother as they had walked together on this small road under the big Sakura trees. Though never mentioned, they knew each other’s heart. How she had wished that the road was endless and she could have walked with him her whole life. But the road had an end, and that was her home. At that time, she would not go back, and left him, but now she missed the iron fence of her yard so much. Her father was a writer who soaked himself in the study of literature all the time. Her mom was once an excellent dancer, but after the car accident, she lost her legs and could not stand up again, like a bird who had lost its wings. She had no chance to go back to her stage ever again. Coming to realize the truth, Yue wanted to cry again. She got up and walked to the window, opened it, and felt the chilling spring wind. She saw some students coming back to campus. She realized that she had been in the campus alone for the whole winter holiday. Sorry, Mom, she thought to herself, as memories of not going back to stay with her flooded her mind. Somebody outside knocked at the door. No doubt, it must be the brazen boy again. Since he had moved in next door, with no reason he enjoyed knocking on her door from time to time. Her peaceful days were disturbed by his sudden visits. The new semester was coming. If he continued to act like this, how would she explain to the others why he was always in her apartment? Though he was handsome, she did not need a boyfriend, especially at a time she was still missing the elder brother. If he knew things about this guy, how would he regard her? “Yue, open the door,” the barefaced one cried repeatedly. Exhausted, Yue went to the door. “I am coming!” she called. She knew he would keep on knocking. “Good girl!” He stood there with a smile. “Wow, just one minute to respond. Keep the record.” “Are you done with all this now?” Yue was irritated. “If you are satisfied, go back to your room, asap.” “How could . . . ?”he entered her room and looked around shamelessly. “How could I not worry about you? Look at you . . .  You are so emotional now. ” When he found the open window, he rushed to quickly close it. “See? I already am aware of your horrible plan. What if I was too late . . . ?” She stood wordless, almost infuriated to death. “Classmate Shao Xun, do you want me to die from lack of oxygen without opening the window?” “Oh, no. If I am here, you can have your window open. After I leave, you should close it.” What? Yue became angrier. What was in this guy’s brain? Since he had entered this building, he had regarded her room as his. Came in and out and ordered her to act in this way or that, as if he was a boss. Even her parents did not treat her so badly. “Get out!” Yue said with wrath. “Or I will plea to the president.” “Plea to the president?” His smile disappeared a little, and he said carefully, “I can also plea to him about your intention of committing suicide on the roof.” “. . .” “Did I make a mistake? If not for me, you would be a dead body in a coffin.” Yue closed her door heavily, but he peeked around it, stopping it from shutting. If someone found out that there was a boy in her room, how could she stay in this campus? Especially the boys; if they knew this, many of them might think that she was that kind of girl and come to tease her.   She saw many who tried ways to hit on her, like secretly giving her a love letter, or waiting downstairs after the self-study at night. But for sure, this one was the most brazen. She never thought she could encounter a worse situation than Lin, who had gotten the ex-boyfriend’s younger brother come visit her and requested being taken care of.   “Yue, let me know if you are unhappy with anything. Why do you always hide your bad moods and hurt yourself?” Shao Xun came near to her and looked at her. “I thought I have told you a thousand times, Mr. Shao Xun, I have never ever had the idea of killing myself by jumping from that building! You can go back to your room now!” “Really?” He smiled again, raising an eyebrow. “But I don’t think you are in a good situation.” God! Yue thought she was almost crazy. “I know myself very well. Don't think too much! If you have so much free time to kill, why not go serve the new students as a volunteer? They need more help than me.” “I cannot stop worrying about you.” So shameless!  “I don’t need you to care about me. I am fine. Fine.” “Oh?” He smiled again and his eyebrow rose again. “Look at you . . .  You have not had breakfast yet, and it’s already after noon. But you say you are fine. How can I believe that?”  “How the hell is that related to you? Get out. You don’t want me to say this again and again!” “How can you pass the exams at dance school?” He stepped inside, went to her sofa and sat down with the familiar smile. “And with such a weak body? Do you expect me to take you back if you fell on the stage from fatigue?” “You!” Yue was frustrated, but soon she became stunned. “How do you know that I am applying for a dance major?” He knew everything about her? “You want to get the answer?” Shao became complacent. “Then follow my words.” “Out!” Yue could not bear anymore, and suddenly opened the door. These kinds of rich boys had many ways to investigate into other people’s records, which made her more disgusted. But when she suddenly opened the door, a delivery boy was there. He did not have the chance to knock at her door before she opened it, and lost his balance, falling. “Wow, my take out!” He bounced up like a kid and rushed to the door. “I have been waiting for it for such a long time.” “He did not eat either?” Yue was surprised, but this was the right time for her. When he stepped out, she closed the door quickly, ignoring all the sounds of his knocking again and again. Only one day of the holiday left; why couldn’t he allow her to stay alone for the last day? If elder brother was still with her . . .  But poor her, he had forgotten who she was.  Looking at the closed door, Shao Xun smiled with bitterness. This girl was so stubborn. If only she could simply smile at him. Anyway, someone must have been hurt her. Losing a job could not crush a prevailing person like her. “Yue, open the door!” he cried out loudly with a voice that everyone in the building could hear him. “If you don’t open the door, I will let all the students know about our relationship.” The door was opened immediately. She was trembling. Never had she seen a person as rude as him before. She stared at him with an expression of rage. “Hey, you are so quick!” He smiled and took the food from the delivery boy and sent him away. He presented the food to her and said, “Yue, I did not eat yet, for I was waiting for you.” Crazy guy! Yue thought that she wanted to surrender to him. How could she describe this guy? A playboy? A nosy one with too much concern about others? Or, simply a good person? Why did she get such a strange and complicated feeling toward him?

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