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Chapter 2111 - For the sake of the main artifact, I have to kill you too

This was also the plot that Long Fei had seen in the movies.

Would it succeed?

Is there any effect?

He really didn't know.

However …

Since it was of no use, he wanted to give it a try.

After he sat Zi Yue down cross-legged, Long Fei hesitated for a moment. "In the movies, clothes are always taken off. Do you want to take them off?"

"I don't care!"

Long Fei took off Zi Yue's clothes, leaving only her undergarments.

Zi Yue's body was also revealed in front of Long Fei's eyes. It could be said that … It was much hotter than the Lady Boss's.

Long Fei was dumbstruck.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled slightly, his heart sank, and shouted, "Yuan Ba, Protector!"

Li Yuanba stepped on the ground, flew to the second floor, and stood in front of Long Fei's door.

Long Fei calmed himself down and then activated the idea. The idea transmitted into Zi Yue's sea of consciousness, "Don't move recklessly, I'll help you force out the poison."

And then …

Long Fei's aura of a Highgod moved.


A droning sound filled his body as he gathered power and channeled it into his right palm.

With a slight movement of his palm, he placed it against Zi Yue's chest. A thick energy began to frantically enter Zi Yue's body.

Zi Yue's body trembled slightly as she emitted a "wu" sound from her throat. Her entire body was very gentle.

… ….

After Long Fei carried Zi Yue into the room to circulate the power of the poison.

The atmosphere in the tavern was not as rowdy as before. Instead, it had turned quiet. Everyone was looking at the Skysoul and Dragon-Subduing Fist.

The atmosphere was a little tense.

There was a sense of tension in the air.

The Heavenly Spirit's gaze was locked onto him as he released his aura to cover the entire inn, not sparing even the slightest hint of his aura. If anyone were to make the first move, he would be the first to sense it.

"The hot steamed buns are here!"

The waiter appeared again.

He placed the steamed bun on the table and revealed a smile, "Dear guest, it will not taste so good if it gets cold while it's still warm."

Descending Dragon slightly raised his eyes.


"Be careful!"

He saw the waiter flip his right hand and stab at the top of his head.

A bright light flashed.

A blinding light burst out from the waiter's body, causing him to become extremely vicious.

The blade swept out, locking the Celestial Spirit in the throat.

The Sky Spirit glared and shouted, "You're courting death!"

Ye Zichen slapped the waiter with his right hand and kicked the table, causing the table to flip over and attack the waiter.


The table split.

A blade stabbed out.

However... The figure of the Heaven's Spirit disappeared. Just as the waiter was hesitating, a figure landed behind him without a sound. The figure said coldly, "Are you looking for me?"

It was incomparably cold!

A cold sweat broke out on the waiter's forehead.

The moment he turned around.

The figure of the Sky Spirit moved and pierced through the air.


The body of the waiter quickly stiffened and turned into dead wood before finally peeling off and turning into ashes.

The eyes of the Sky Spirit became sinister as it stared at the other chef who had rushed out of the kitchen. It said coldly, "Die!"

The spirit energy in his body moved.


Suddenly, two skeletal hands stretched out from the ground and grabbed the cook's feet. "Plop!"

It crashed to the ground.

The Holy Spirit descended once again, and both hands formed into claws as it reached down. The chef's body instantly turned into ashes and turned into a pile of dead wood.

Sinister and ruthless.


This was the Ghost Meridian Technique of the sky spirit.


In this situation, he had to use ruthless means.

The entire tavern was silent.

Everyone's eyes turned cold as they all listened to the Heavenly Spirit.


A man stood up and lightly said: "Yuling guardian warrior, you are neither human nor ghost, not demon nor demon, I would actually like to see if you are such a neither human nor ghost, not demon or demon …"

His voice sank.

The man disappeared.

An enormous pressure was like a raging tide that rolled towards the sea of consciousness of the sky spirit.

He was completely domineering in the Dao of the Sword.

The Heavenly Spirit was not particularly strong, and was only in the middle god Realm.

In terms of cultivation level, he was at a disadvantage.

However …

The heavenly spirit smiled and said, "Pressuring? "Humph!"

"Just a tiny bit?"

"It's not even enough to fill the gaps in my teeth." The sky spirit laughed sinisterly. Not waiting for the man to rush out of thin air, the Sky Spirit transformed into a ball of ghostfire and charged into the air. It grabbed the man's collar and smashed him onto the ground!


The ground cracked and the entire inn shook.


Blood sprayed wildly.

The man's face was pale as he stared at the top of his head.

Without waiting for him to finish, the Heavenly Spirit stomped down, directly crushing the man's head. He coldly smiled and said: "Who else wants to come up and try?"

"You want to get the main temple's bounty?"

"Just you guys?"

"Are you worthy?"

The Sky Spirit disdained it.

The Eight King Kong had never been cowardly, it had always been them bullying others.

"Since you've already explained it, there's no need for us to hide."

Everyone in the tavern stood up in unison.

He left his seat and walked to the Skysoul.

"You are right, we are all here for the main temple's reward. Everyone wants to be part of the Divine Class and receive tens of thousands of years of lifespan."

If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourselves. It's not good to go against someone, but you have to go against the main temple.

"What nonsense are you talking about, let's attack together."

"is treating that woman anyway, so he definitely won't be able to drag her out for a while, and … Someone is handling it! "

"Our target is the three great King Kong!"

… ….

Everyone moved one step further.

The Heavenly Spirit Realm, Dragon Subduing Han Ba was surrounded in the middle.

These people were all at the Highgod level and were quite powerful.

Heaven Spirit and Descending Dragon smiled, and said: "You've been holding it in for a long time, right? "If you don't go, we'll all be bored to death."

"So many Highgod powerhouse s."


"It's enough for us to practice."

The Heavenly Spirit said to Li Yuanba on the second floor, "Great Vajra, you can be at ease and protect Boss. Leave them to me, hehe …"

If Li Yuanba wasn't there, they would have been able to play for a while.

Li Yuanba grinned and reminded them: "Be careful, these people aren't easy to mess with."

He did not move.

Even if the sky spirit was in danger, he would not move about so recklessly. Long Fei was treating Zi Yue's injuries, so before Long Fei came out, he would definitely not allow anyone to enter the room.


A large man shouted in a deep voice.


All the crowd charged forward.

The Sky Spirit sneered sinisterly, "Come!"

… ….

Inside the tavern, the beating was so quick that it couldn't be done.

In the room.

Long Fei tried a few times and realized that he was completely useless, "Damn, it's all lies in the movies, it's completely useless."

"Or was my method wrong?"

Long Fei was puzzled.

Although he didn't force the poison out of Zi Yue's body, it still protected Zi Yue's heart veins so that she would be fine for now.

His eyes opened slightly.

A golden light pierced his eyes.

Long Fei's mind shook, "Boss' radiance!"

Long Fei was very familiar with this kind of golden light, it was the golden light emitted by the Boss' body.


Long Fei's eyes moved as he looked at a man standing in the room. Beside the man stood a woman dressed in revealing clothes, exposing her bones.

This woman was the Lady Boss who had just broken his neck!

Long Fei frowned.

The Lady Boss laughed and said, "Little brat, we meet again."

The corner of Long Fei's mouth slightly hooked up, "He didn't die?"

The Lady Boss laughed. "Even if you die, I won't. Don't worry, today I will let you die happily."

Long Fei looked at the man and said: "Relying on him?"

Long Fei's current cultivation was divinity.

The person in front of him was definitely not a simple person. If he could become the System's BOSS, then he was definitely not a simple person.

At least.

Reaching the level of being able to control a Law God.


The room had become different as well. It was no longer the room Long Fei had just entered.

This was a special space!

The man laughed blandly: Long Fei, you should accept your fate. main temple wants your life, you can't escape!

Calm and collected.

The aura of the man was extraordinary.


How could the Lady Boss revive him?

Long Fei did not know what had happened, but … If someone wanted his life, he would kill them first. Moreover, this man had a very special aura around him.

Twenty of his Space Ring were moving.


He had what Long Fei wanted.

It was a good thing that could fuse twenty pieces of holy artifact into main artifact.

Long Fei smiled faintly: "I will only give you one chance … …"

"Forget it!"

"I won't give you the chance!"

"Because I have to kill you!"

"For the sake of the main artifact, I have to kill you too!"

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