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Zhuang Feifei was shocked by the sudden change in the atmosphere. She subconsciously withdrew her hand, like a frightened little white rabbit.

After An Zaiyue finished yelling, he felt guilty and turned around to look at another direction.

""What's wrong with you?""

Zhuang Feifei asked cautiously, her voice so soft that it made one's heart ache.

An Zhan shook his head. ""It's nothing. Perhaps it's because there have been too many things to worry about recently, so I'm a little dazed … Why are you looking for me? What exactly is it?""

Zhuang Fei Fei Fei saw that the expression on An Zaiyue's face didn't seem right, so she couldn't ask any more questions. She looked at the hand that she reached out to retract and was stunned for quite a while. Then, she resumed her businesslike tone.

Perhaps, after enduring for so many years, the only thing she had left was her self-respect.

""General Fang Daozhong of the Infantry Division and General Wang Kai-tai led their troops and raided the Gao Family. The Gao Family fled in a hurry, not taking many things with them.

The king asked the soldiers to sort out the items, but there was no manpower at all from the soldiers.

You should know that this time, the military officials had all died, and those who survived were all wounded as well. It was already difficult for them to guarantee the operation of the military.

Furthermore, there are not many people in the War Department who possess the ability to appraise treasures. ""

""So Mr. Chen, the Minister of the Book, presented the Prince with the petition and handed this matter over to the Council.""

A few days ago, the Gathering Department was closed down, and many of its employees were dismissed. It wouldn't take a day or two for them to gather people from all over the country.

""That's why I asked Lord Chen for his help.""

An Xin nodded and said, ""Since it's arranged by the military, I'll go over and take a look.""

Zhuang Feifei made an ""oh"" sound and then asked, ""When can we leave?""


Zhuang Feifei saw An Zhe's expression soften, and he said softly, ""You may really be too tired recently. You can leave the daily affairs of the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect to others, rest well.""

An Zou nodded, ""Thank you.""

Zhuang Feifei always felt that An Zaiyue wanted to distance himself from him, so she didn't understand what was going on.

She guessed that it was probably because the people from the Gathering Shang Academy did not take action when the military suffered a blow, so An Zhe felt that the people from the Gathering Shang Academy were a little ungrateful.

She knew that there was a sort of chivalry in her character.

Therefore, she explained as she walked, ""After the military officials were imprisoned a few days ago, the Gathering Merchant House was also sealed up.""

""Mr. Zhang and I were taken care of by the people from the Palace of Embroidery. The majority of the people from the Gathering Merchant House were dismissed, so …""

An Zhan shook his head and said, ""I knew it. I had planned to save you guys, but then I realized that Lord Chen of the Infantry Division is the most important one.""

As long as Lord Chen and the others are spared, you will be released as well. ""

Zhuang Feifei also did not know what to say. She only felt that even though An Zaiyue was walking side by side with her, the two of them were getting farther and farther away.

She carefully recalled when this change in the conflict had started. Then, she suddenly thought of something, and her expression became especially unsightly.

She had actually forgotten that her husband was also involved in the matter of the Azure Barbarian Mountain.

She knew that An Zaiyue was investigating, but how could she have been so negligent as to forget such an important matter?

She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

An Zeng had gathered a hundred people from the Heavenly Enlightenment Sect and reorganized the academy's field officer.

However, there was nothing that could be done in the Martial Arts Academy right now. Even if the Martial Academy began recruiting students, no one would register at this crucial moment.

Everyone knew that the Palace of Embroidery was targeting the Martial Arts Academy. Even the Autumn Ceremony's Martial Arts Academy had almost failed to attend.

To send his own child to the Martial Arts Academy at this time was undoubtedly a self-destruction.

Especially those from the Humble Class, their future generations had the luck to obtain the talent to cultivate. This was the best chance to change their fates, how could they send their children to the Martial Arts Academy?

Qu Liuxi, Gu Qianye, and Du Shougao didn't have anything to do, so they went with An Zaixin to the Gathering Merchant House.

When they arrived at the headquarters of the Star Condensation Department, the few of them were all startled by the chaos occurring in the courtyard.

The backyard of the Gathering Shang Manor was packed with large chests, one after another.

A few of the guys in the yard were trying to sort it out, but there was so much stuff they couldn't keep up.

The head storekeeper, Zhang Yifu, was sweating profusely; he could only rely on his own abilities.

Seeing An Zaiyue's arrival, Zhang Yifu's complexion immediately improved, ""Sect Master An, I've finally invited you here.""

An Zhan hurriedly went over to support Zhang Yifu. ""Head storekeeper, it's been hard on you. Please don't be polite with this junior.""

Zhang Yifu shook his head. ""In the industry of treasure appraising, although I value seniority, my seniority in this industry is also considered high.""

But in reality, it all depended on one's ability.

Although you are young, I know very well that your insight is above mine. I am completely convinced of you.

""If I wasn't so old that I couldn't bring myself to do it, I would really want to take you as my teacher.""

An Xuan said, ""Don't say that, head storekeeper. Your experience is incomparable to mine.""

Zhang Yifu said, ""Experience is one thing, but talent is more important.""

I've never seen a young man with a talent like yours. ""

He pulled An He into the room. ""You take a look, what is this thing?""

He took something out of a box and handed it to Anjou. It looked like a square piece of iron, but it was thick and heavy.

There were words on it that looked like Sanskrit, but they weren't Sanskrit.

The words on it were twisted in a strange way, like a tangled snake.

""Pill book iron coupons!""

After taking a glance, he made his judgment: ""The ancestor of the Gao Family once obtained two Death Resisting Gold Medals. This should be one of them.""

""But it's very strange, why is the Alchemy Book evidence in the language of the Liu-Li Kingdom, one of the three thousand buddhist kingdoms in the Western Regions?""

Zhang Yifu was simply admiring An Zaihai's safety. He could roughly guess what it was, but he was not sure.

Of course, he also knew that the Gao Clan had two Alchemy Books and Iron Bonds, but they were completely different from the Alchemy Books and Iron Bonds that Great Yan Empire had issued after their time.

""I see.""

An Zhe suddenly thought of a possibility, ""The people of the Gao Clan are not from the Yan Clan.""

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Yifu said, ""No wonder. There are indeed rumors stating that the ancestor of the Gao Clan, who fought with the King of Swallow Mountain, looked different from the Yan Clan. His hair was red and his eyebrows were thick, and his eyes were as big as copper bells.

After more than a hundred years, the Gao Clan and the Yan Clan were getting married again and again. Their appearances gradually became similar to those of the Yan Clan.

An Zaihai argued, ""If the ancestors of the Gao Family really were people of the State of Liu Li, then it's no wonder he chose to withdraw from the imperial court.""

He knew that he himself was an outsider. The Yan Clan often said that those who weren't of our race had to have a different heart. What the Gao Clan's ancestors were worried about was that their descendants would be envied because of their high level of power.

""But he should never have thought that his descendants would end up in this state.""

Just as he was about to hand it back, his expression suddenly changed. ""That's not right … This thing is not only a death-free gold medallion, it's also a magic item!""

Zhang Yifu was stunned. ""But there's no trace of a magical equipment here.""

An Zaiyue looked at it over and over again. Following the special words written on the certificate, there was suddenly a burst of light coming from the voucher. Then, everyone felt their vision turning dark. When they looked again, they were no longer in the backyard of the Trade Gathering Academy.

""This is a secret room.""

An Ying looked at it and said, ""So it was a very special spatial magic item. It seems that the Gao Family members left in a hurry. They didn't even take such a good item with them.""

Zhang Yifu sighed, ""Normally, cultivators would have their own spatial magical equipment, but there weren't many things that they could take in.""

Even if it was a red grade spatial artifact, it could at most cover a three meter radius.

I've never seen a gold spatial artifact. It's said to be as big as a room.

""It seems that this Alchemy Book voucher has been forcefully converted by the Gao Family into a gold-rank magic item.""

Gu Qianye muttered to himself, ""You've never seen the Heaven Defying Seal before, why didn't you get a fright when you went in?""

Fortunately, no one cared about her. Everyone was attracted by the surroundings.

The space within the Book of Alchemy was as big as two rooms. Although there weren't many items inside, each and every one was valuable enough.


Qu Liuxi couldn't help but run over excitedly and open a transparent treasure box. Inside were three gold rank medicinal pellets. Moreover, they were old. After opening the box, they shot out radiance in all directions.

Seeing the light in Qu Liuxi's eyes, he knew the value of these three golden cores.

Qu Liuxi turned to look at An Zeng, her eyes flickering.

An Xuan said, ""Buying and buying … I'll have to trouble you, sir, to assess the price later. Leave this for us first. If we don't have enough money for the time being, I will pay a part of the deposit first.""

Buy, buy.

It was that simple and direct.

Zhuang Feifei looked at Qu Liuxi and smiled, ""He's really nice to you … The price of these three golden cores is really hard to estimate.""

But this thing is hidden in the Dan book iron coupon, you know I do not know the heaven and the earth do not know, therefore want what money?

Sister Qu likes it, I'll make the decision to give it to you.

""I don't want all the good connections to be stolen.""

He wanted to say that he should still buy it, but when he saw Zhuang Fei Fei Fei's smiling eyes, he couldn't say it out loud.

""Thank you, sister Zhuang!""

Qu Liuxi jumped over, hugging Zhuang Feifei's arms and swinging them around.

Gu Qianye pouted, ""I want a present too.""

Zhuang Feifei waved her hand, saying magnanimously, ""You picked out the items in this house, I'll send them to you.""

Gu Qianye let out a cheer and pulled Qu Liuxi to pick one.

An Zaiyue turned his head around, and suddenly felt that there was some kind of force, or rather a faintly discernible sound, guiding him to look towards the corner of the room.

An Zhan felt that it was a little strange. After walking to the corner, he discovered that there were a few things piled up there. However, it was also difficult for the Gao Family to define it, so he put it in the corner for the time being.

At the very top was a shield, and as soon as An Zhe's tentacles touched it, he could feel that it was a magic artifact.

He opened the shield and his heart skipped a beat.

Beneath the shield were three scales of holy fish.

""You really are fated to be with this thing.""

Zhuang Feifei also saw the scales of the holy fish, ""Since the time of the Cang Man Mountain, these scales of unknown origin have always appeared.

""Since the Heavens are destined to take this with you, you can just take it with you.""

An Zhe did not refuse, and expressed his gratitude.

He just didn't know how to continue interacting with Zhuang Feifei.

Obviously not.

Gradually cooling down?

But could he really do it?

So far, the Andes have acquired eight scales of the sacred fish.

However, according to what Gu Qianye said, there were a total of 108 scales. This meant that An Zhe had just obtained a bit of a cut.

However, there seemed to be a hidden power that was guiding the competition. It could be said that by chance, the competition would also find them.

Gu Qianye ran over and saw the scales of the holy fish. He looked at An Zhe with a bright light in his eyes. ""I knew you were a saint chosen by heaven!"""

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