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"No, no one knows." The Great Elder shook his head. "Therefore, it's not reliable that we can use the elixir to complete the final fusion."

"Not really!" Master Wang laughed heartily: "Medicinal pills are useful, but this kind of medicinal pill is hard to find and is not easy to refine! When I accidentally obtained a pill formula that I thought was left behind by my ancestor during the Primal Era, it would be beneficial for me to enter the Tai Zun realm. "

"It will help you enter the Tai Zun realm, but I can't guarantee that you will definitely be able to do so!" The Great Elder shook his head. "There are many of these in the market, but I think they are all lies. For example, the Six Shenprofound Dan that was previously refined by Chen Xiang, it was a pill that guaranteed the peak of the Late period of Three profound realm to step into the Six Gods Stage.

"That's right! The pill recipe that I obtained, I am not sure if I can guarantee entering the Tai Zun realm, but it is rather interesting, and the difficulty of refining it is extremely high. Although it is only a middle ranked Taizun Dan, the difficulty of refining it is much higher than a high ranked Taizun Dan, in my opinion, this is just a high ranked Taizun Dan, or even a high ranked Taizun Dan.

Master Wang's words also made Great Elder curious. Great Elder was also a Supreme Pill God.

"Master Wang, this pill recipe of yours." The Great Elder asked curiously.

This kind of pill is called the Huazun Dan, and it requires a lot of ingredients to grow. The maturation cycle is the same as the middle grade Supreme Medicinal Herbs, so it is classified as a middle grade Taizun Dan. Master Wang said.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, and asked urgently: "Then Master Wang do you have medicinal ingredients?"

"Of course there is. I have searched for this medicinal ingredient for many years and finally found it!" Master Wang took out two jade boxes and gave them to Chen Xiang and the Great Clan Elder respectively, saying, "There aren't many ingredients required, only three of them!"

Chen Xiang received the jade box, and when he opened it, he saw three fruits inside. All three fruits were very special, each fruit had two different colors, which meant that the three fruits had six different colors. Chen Xiang picked up a fruit that was a mixture of white and black color. After looking at it carefully, he could feel that there were two types of energy inside it, and these two types of energy were mutually exclusive.

In addition to the black and white fruits, there were also the purple gold and red and blue fruits. There were two types of energy that repelled each other, but they both grew together to form the same fruit.

This was indeed very strange!

"When refining pills, one needs to refine these medicinal ingredients, and then fuse all of the medicinal ingredients into one." The Master Wang said, "And once the six fruits in your hands are refined, the energy that rejects each other will come out. At that time, it would be extremely difficult to fuse the six fruits again, because the six energies are mutually exclusive."

Chen Xiang had previously refined a type of medicinal pill in the same situation, and that was the 'Yin Yang Nine Inverse Divine Pill'. At that time, there were only two types of repulsive powers, but now, they were all mutually exclusive.

From the sound of it, it was obvious that it would be difficult to refine.

"Is there really no way at all?" Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look through the inner workings of the medicinal ingredients, but he could not find anything special about them.

"I've tried many times and never succeeded." The Master Wang shook his head.

"Alright, I'm ready to give it a try. If it's useful, it's fine!" Chen Xiang put away these fruits and gave them to the Mei Jing Sisters so they could grow them. He also warned them not to improve these fruits.

At this time, all of Mei Jing Sisters s were at the peak of the late stage of Six Gods Stage. If they could all become Overlords, Chen Xiang wouldn't need to be afraid even if he met with any late stage Overlord experts.

Before Mei Jing Sisters was fully grown, Chen Xiang did not start refining. Instead, he left for the Original Tao.

The Lin Clan's position in the Original Tao was not low, he had already regained his strength, his cultivation was Late period of Tai Zun realm, and he even possessed the powerful six divine weapons.

Chen Xiang found Lin Jia, who was drinking wine and chatting with Lin Jia.

"You're so worried, I thought you'd never come back." Lin Jia laughed: "If you die inside, I really feel bad."

"How could I possibly die? I'm really lucky! " Chen Xiang laughed: "Uncle Lin, what good stuff did you and the bat get from inside?"

"Good stuff... This time, there are not many good stuff, they are all Law beads s, I have exchanged them for Dao crystal s, the bats are about the same, but this guy is very powerful, after returning from Myriad Tao Mausoleum, he actually went into closed door training to breakthrough to the Honored Ancestor Realm. " Lin Jia was impressed. "I also know if he can succeed. If he succeeds, then I can be considered to have a friend with the cultivation of the ancestor."

"Bats are so powerful!" Chen Xiang never thought that Bat Super Venerable, who looked just like a child, would become a revered ancestor upon entering, which made him extremely shocked.

"I still haven't confirmed whether it will succeed or not. I wish him success. Cheers!" After that, he scooped a few bowls with Chen Xiang in quick succession.

"Uncle Lin, do you have any way to return to the world?" Back then you came here from Myriad Gods Abyss, and I heard that he was able to return to the Dao World. "

Chen Xiang really wanted to return to the dao world to take a look. Although it was not the first time he had parted ways with his old friends for so long, it was different this time.

"Since the Myriad Gods Abyss is within the Divine Wasteland, you must first leave the Flying Dragon Pagoda, and then walk a long way to reach there. After arriving at the Myriad Gods Abyss, there is no guarantee that you will be able to go to the Dao Realm, at the very most, only to the Primitive Land. "If you're going back, I'll go with you. I'm quite familiar with this road."

Chen Xiang felt that since he had the power of space, returning shouldn't be too troublesome.

"Alright, wait until I step into the Tai Zun realm. I'll check on the situation then." Chen Xiang planned to return and investigate the situation of the current world.

Chen Xiang was about to step into the Tai Zun realm, and yet he was so fast. Lin Jia remembered that when he first saw Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's cultivation was still very low.

"Okay, just call me when the time comes." Lin Qi nodded.

Chen Xiang and Lin Qi chatted for more than two hours before they finally left the Original Tao.

Many people already knew about his return. At that time, everyone thought that he had already died and felt that it was quite a pity, especially those who had purchased the Herbal Tea Pill from him.

When some people heard the news, they were very disappointed. The Zhao Clan s who were trained in the art of refining Divine Sects were one of them, they already knew that Chen Xiang had killed Zhao Kunxin, but they did not tell the other party about this matter.

Especially when they found out that Chen Xiang was brought back by the Leader!

Chen Xiang would not kill Zhao Kunxin for no reason, it must be Zhao Kunxin's fault first! But Zhao Clan would definitely not swallow his anger like this. Chen Xiang was a thorn in their side, they had to get rid of him no matter what. The fact that Chen Xiang had stayed in the Divine Sects s in particular had a huge impact on their business.


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