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Chapter 572: This is what you're playing at!

His overflowing fatherly love shot out like an arrow, Feng Xinglang anxiously rushed towards the chest in the hallway.

The moment the chest was opened,'s eyes lit up: His son was curled up with his small body, and sure enough, was peacefully sleeping inside.

"Nuonuo, Nuonuo..."

Feng Xinglang tenderly called out twice, immediately going to caress his son Nuonuo's face and body.

The little guy did not respond to Feng Xinglang's call, and continued to sleep soundly. And there was a sickly flush on her small face.

Feng Xinglang calmly checked his son's breath: The little guy's breathing was even, and his little body felt warm.

It was probably just a brief, drug-induced lethargy.

Just as Feng Xinglang was about to hug his son and kiss him, Xing San's voice came out from the phone.

"Feng Xinglang, let me remind you that old Xing has already arrived at You Shan and Meimei. He is currently searching for his beloved little brother Fifteen."

In other words, it would not be so easy for Feng Xinglang to take his son Linnuo away from here safely.

Feng Xinglang took off the cashmere coat on his body, and wrapped it around Nuonuo to keep him warm.

Looking down from behind the curtains in the corridor: It was just as Xing San had said, Xing Ba was walking into the main hall of You Shan and Mei De with two others.

Xing San, this bastard, actually started playing with me!

Xing San was treacherous!

Of course, he would prevent this ruthless person, Feng Xinglang, from stumbling into his business of 'hugging a beauty and returning them to their home' after obtaining his son Linnuo.

As a result, with the participation of Xing Family Eight, this game was immediately upgraded!

Feng Xinglang did not have the time to consider whether or not Xing Ba's group had called to notify them. What he needed to do now was to bring his son Linnuo out of this place safely.

The entire floor had been cleared, which was not safe for Feng Xinglang and his son.

Feng Xinglang carried his son who was deep asleep with one hand, while carrying the box with the other, he walked to the end of the corridor.

"Ahh …"

A sharp and terrified scream came out from the Ocean View Room where he had dined with Lan Youyou just now.

That was Lan Youyou's voice.

Feng Xinglang only stopped for a short while, then tightened his grip, and left with his son Linnuo and the box.

Logically speaking, Lan Youyou should also be considered half a sister-in-law of Feng Xinglang! He had given his sister-in-law to another man … It didn't seem like it was something a brother-in-law of his should be able to do!

But even so!

The grudges and love grudges between them were not something that could be explained in a few words.

To some extent, the deep hatred between the Feng Family and himself should not be vented out of Lan Youyou; she could be innocent even if he said she was innocent, but she could also be considered as someone who had committed a heinous crime!

Or the last thing Lan Youyou should do was to act in the name of love and hurt the innocent Xueluo and her son!

In an empty room on the next floor, Feng Xinglang called Wei Kang for help.

Obviously, without any tricks, it would be unbearable for Feng Xinglang to bring his own son away from here safely.

Wei Kang was in the off-road car park. He had followed Xing San here.

Sitting in the SUV was his boss, Cong Gang.

His mouth spoke forcefully: From today onwards, I will no longer help Feng Xinglang, and will no longer bow down to him; but Cong Gang will silently help me!


Perhaps only he, Cong Gang, knew this clearly in his heart.

This subject's heart was like a flower that had fallen, while his monarch's heart was like flowing water. Falling flower intent with the flowing water, flowing water without the heart to drop flowers!

"Kang, come to You Shan and Meimei. I'll wait for you in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. You have to be fast, and avoid Xing Ba and the others. "

Feng Xinglang gave Wei Kang a concise mission.

"Alright, I'll be right there."

Wei Kang responded as he turned to look at Cong Gang.

"It's Feng Xinglang. He wants me to meet him at the Xuanyuan Hall. "

Wei Kang waited for Cong Gang to finish. After all, Cong Gang was his true BOSS.

"Go! "Be careful."

Compared to the cold and detached attitude that the Hetun had towards his own foster son, Cong Gang seemed to be more approachable.

No one seemed to truly know how strange Cong Gang's movements were. He only knew that he could single-handedly cut off one of Old Nine Xing's arms, and then escape from the combined attacks of Xing Si, Xing Wu, and Xing Ba.

"Boss, you be careful too." Feng Xinglang said that Xing Ba is also nearby. "

"Mm, got it."

Watching Wei Kang leave, Cong Gang stayed in the pitch black off-road vehicle silently for a moment, then quietly got off, without any sound, and then disappeared into the night.

Maybe Cong Gang was born to be part of this dark night!


In the Xuanyuan Hall, Feng Xinglang was assigning Ye Xiaonian a task that involved two management systems.

When he saw Wei Kang, who had appeared in front of him in less than five minutes, Feng Xinglang was startled.

"So fast?" Feng Xinglang subconsciously asked.

"Oh, I just happened to pass by." Wei Kang casually replied.

After all, she couldn't possibly tell Feng Xinglang the truth: I came here together with Boss in pursuit of him, right?

"Xing Ba is looking for Nuonuo downstairs. Take this box with you and we will split up!"

The box was not transparent, so Xing Ba could not tell if there was any Small Fifteen in the box.

Seeing Feng Xinglang using his outer robes to wrap his son up properly, Wei Kang frowned slightly.

"Brother Lang, put Nuonuo in the chest, let me bring him away!"

After a slight pause, Wei Kang added, "You are not Xing Ba's match! If you bring another child, you won't be able to guarantee the safety of the little guy! "

The truth might be harsh, but it was the truth.

Feng Xinglang was a tycoon that was proficient at playing financial games. Although he had some skills, it was only used to protect his own body.

But Xing Ba was a professional executioner. Furthermore, his IQ wasn't low.

Feng Xinglang lifted his head and glared at Wei Kang in annoyance, "No need! Sometimes, a good brain is better than developed limbs! "

Wei Kang did not continue to go against Feng Xinglang.

Even though he was filled with the love of a father, right now, it did not allow him to snatch his own son from Feng Xinglang's arms either!

Thus, Wei Kang complied to Feng Xinglang's orders, and only brought the box with him to leave.

Although he had already wrapped his son in a trench coat, it was still very conspicuous when he was carried out.

With Xing Ba's IQ, normal "Ambushing the West" wouldn't work; he would at least need to play a series of levelled up "Underpass Chen Cang"!

In the corridor, a girl with a furry bear in her arms walked past. It should be a present she was about to give out.

The furry bear was about a metre tall and looked quite adorable.

Five minutes later, there was a pile of stuffing that had been dug out of the furry bear.

Feng Xinglang's windbreaker wrapped around the furry bear's body, and only revealed the leg of the furry bear at the bottom, whether intentionally or not …

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