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Chapter 99 – A Major Event

Within the eighth region, the little guy was carrying a huge beast skin bag. Inside of it were eighteen sparkling and translucent symbol bones, and they were flashing with multicolored light as dense symbols covered the interior.

Although they weren’t the precious bones of descendants, such a large bag was still invaluable.

There were some genuine bones that used to belong to Archaic Descendants, and they were used to suppress and protect the land. Unfortunately, he couldn’t dig any of those out. Had he truly dug deeper, he might have suffered some severe injuries and created an extremely large scene.

The little guy was behaving like a thief as he observed the surrounding scene. He did not see anyone come to arrest him, and began to calm down.

“Since I already got these, I need to leave quickly!” He slipped away like smoke, and disappeared as soon as he uttered those words.

He was preparing to enter the second stage of the battlefield since he truly could not stay here any longer. Otherwise, he feared that someone would deal with him out of of extreme anger.

Everyone was extremely happy inside the eighth region. The more they charged inside, the more confident they were. They felt as if they had unlimited strength inside of them as they broke through the formations extremely easily.

Over ten thousand people were rapidly advancing. They were scattered within different forests as they charged to the finish line from every direction with complete confidence in victory.

“By heaven and earth, I’ve failed four times already! Today, I’ll certainly succeed, and my bitter cultivation will not be in vain!” A young man roughly twenty years old had tears flowing from his eyes.

“This isn’t that hard, and it’s my first time taking the trial. Why does it feel like I can pretty much pass this? Looks like I’m truly a genius.” A nasally kid1 said with extreme happiness.

A patch of symbols flashed at the exit, but the little guy ignored it without thinking too much. He charged towards another side, and ahead of him, multicolored light dazzled and glittered before transforming into a barrier to block him.


The little guy extended his ten fingers to display his might. They lightly erupted as he utilized the Suan Ni’s precious technique to directly smash apart the barrier. Then, he quickly jumped over.

This was a battlefield that was even more ancient than the one before it, with ancient trees reaching the sky as apes cried and tigers whistled. As soon as he entered, he felt a bleak and ancient atmosphere assaulting his face.

With a wenglong sound, a mountain peak in the distance collapsed as a huge black tiger roared into the sky. With a single press of its claws, it immediately collapsed that mountain peak. It was so terrifying that it made people tremble.

“So scary. That figure is so big!” Even the little guy was a bit shocked. Although that pitch-black tiger wasn’t an Archaic Descendant, it absolutely was not a creature that should be provoked, and was a terrifying beast king.

“This is worthy of being the second stage of the battlefield. It is indeed a battle of life and death here, and it’s completely up to one’s own choice!” People from another direction entered the second level of the battlefield as well.

Anyone capable of entering this place was naturally a genius. They all immediately concealed and hid themselves; otherwise, they might be suddenly hunted down by a vicious beasts that scuttled out.

The second level of the battlefield was interconnected. People from all eight regions ended up meeting here, since there was no distinction in this stage.

The little guy was not nervous at all after entering. After all, he had already crashed through almost a million li of the great wasteland while sometimes protecting Qingfeng as well. He could not be any more familiar with ancient forests like these.

After observing for a while, he quickly traversed through the thick forest like a nimble ancient divine leopard, and startled a group of wild beasts. However, he did not provoke any of those terrifying creatures.

Finally, he understood the circumstances surrounding him, and he once again carefully thought for a while. Following that, like a thief, he began to sort out his stolen goods.

He was very cautious and prudent. He separated the eighteen precious bones into six piles of threes and buried them into different places. Some were buried in swamps, some in streams and some were even placed in abandoned bird nests.

After he thought for a bit, this so called second battlefield was a lot like the great wasteland since no one protected him. He thought that there should be a way for him to detour around here in the future to retrieve his hidden stuff.

Everything had been taken care of, and his heart was at peace again. He straightened his back and raised his head with a just and honorable look on his face. With a magnanimous appearance, he started to stroll through the forest.

According to the requirements, he had to find a tablet within the second battlefield, and upon it would be recorded the missions they had to carry out.

Obviously, they did not point out the exact direction to the tablet. They wanted these youth to get out of their comfort zones by challenging these fierce beasts and vicious birds, testing these geniuses.

The little guy was fully content with his own achievements, and he became calm and tranquil. However, he did not know that the people outside were about to suffer through torment.

The elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion brought a squadron towards each of the eight regions. They arrived quickly in order to wait for all the successful children that passed the trial.

“The first region is truly a bit pitiful. How come there’s only nine children who succeeded up until now? Looks like the hurdle this time is too large.”

As soon as they arrived, the faces of clan elders from all types of clans darkened. This test was simply too difficult. How could there be so few who made it out of over tens of thousands?

One must know that the people who came here were already carefully selected by their clans, and were extremely outstanding. Why couldn’t they accomplish anything here at the Heaven Mending Pavilion?

Even though everyone was dissatisfied, they knew what was going on within their hearts. There were children from nobility, and there were even Archaic Descendants2 who wished to enter the Heaven Mending Pavilion. These geniuses occupied the majority of the slots available.

Therefore, the Heaven Mending Pavilion greatly raised the difficulty of selecting disciples this time. This caused many of the promising children to return back, defeated and in low spirits.

“There’s no other way. Too many experts showed up this time,” said Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elder Xiong Fei. Although he was regretful, there really was no way to satisfy everyone.

“There aren’t many people at the second region either. There’s only sixteen people. Ai!” Everyone sighed.

The third region was even more ridiculous, as only eight people came. Furthermore, they were all extremely exhausted and sweaty all over.

“This is too hard!” Everyone was complaining as their faces darkened.

“Don’t worry. There is still three days of time left. The people who pass the trial now are all outstanding people. There has to be more people behind them,” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elder Zhuo Yun said.

“It’s certain that there will be some, but there won’t be too many. The longer that time passes by, the more weary and exhausted people will be, so where will they get the strength to break the formation?” An elder from a huge clan retorted.

“That might not necessarily be so. There are still some geniuses who are in the second battlefield right now. I believe there will be quite a bit of people.” The few elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion consoled everyone.

Be that as it may, the following few regions were similarly bleak, and everyone’s hearts immediately sank as their faces became uglier.

Although the elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion were apologetic, their hearts were incredibly excited because all the disciples this time were extremely talented, and would inevitably surpass the past ones.

When they finally arrived at the eighth region, the situation changed. This made some of the elders of large clans hopeful, because there were actually almost a hundred people here.

“My god! The geniuses were all concentrated in the eighth region. It’s unprecedented that there are actually so many people here. The number here actually surpassed the seven previous regions combined.” Heaven Mending Pavilion’s elder Xiong Fei nodded his head with a full smile on his face.

“That’s right. The eighth region is pretty good.” Zhuo Yun approved.

All the clan elders of large clans began to ease up a bit since it was not as ugly as they thought.

“Yi, that’s my clan’s Da Meng. He was defeated four times in a row, so I did not believe that he would actually succeed this year, haha…” A clan elder carefreely laughed.

“Hey, My clan’s Qing Hu also succeeded. Look at his exuberant energy. It seems like he didn’t waste that much strength. He’s truly a heroic youngster and not so simple!”

All of these clan elders revealed their happiness one after the other with great excitement, because there was a steady flow of one young person after another walking out. Sometimes, they discovered that even their own clan’s children were within the group.

At first, elder Xiong Fei hung a smile on his face and repeatedly nodded his head. So many geniuses had walked out from the eighth region, and he felt that they were actually quite formidable. However, he slowly began to feel as if something was off. Why were there still people coming out? So many people had walked out, and it seemed as if this line was never ending.

“One, two…two hundred fourteen…”

After a simple count, he could not help but furrow his brows. Why did so many people come out all of a sudden? The barrier was supposedly incredibly difficult, yet it seemed as if it was completely ineffective.

“Four hundred, four hundred and one…”

He continued to count. Elder Xiong Fei was starting to fidget, and he muttered to himself, “There are so many geniuses… It truly is quite rare.”

“En, This was unexpected, and certainly surpassed the past. Anyway, this is a good thing.” Elder Zhuo Yun satisfyingly nodded his head.

When the number of people surpassed a thousand, elder Xiong Fei’s buttocks seemed to have been lit on fire and completely stood up.

Elder Zhuo Yun was a bit dumbstruck as well and said, “There are too much geniuses here. The eighth region is truly not so simple.”

The other elders frowned and quietly discussed among themselves. Someone opened their mouth and said, “There are too many people. This is not okay. Shouldn’t we retest these people again? Otherwise, the number of people entering would greatly surpass our estimation.

“I’m afraid that won’t be too good. Those elders of large tribes would have complaints and be discontent. After all, this year’s barrier has been set exceptionally high,” someone helplessly said.

When the number of people reached two thousand, elder Xiong Fei’s face turned green. Aren’t there too many geniuses here? Elder Zhuo Yun was at a loss for words as well, and he did not know what to say.

“This…” The other few elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion felt dizzy and they were completely stunned.

“This can’t be right!” When the number of people reached three thousand, the elders all became restless and almost pulled their own beards out. Their faces all turned green as they were unable to remain calm any longer.

On the contrary, all of the clan elders from large tribes and huge clans were beaming with joy in excitement. They all felt that their clan’s children were great, and quite of few of them actually passed the test.

“Child, you’re really not that bad. You passed the trial when you are still so young.”

“Er Hei, your twenty years of effort is not in vain. You finally succeeded.”

After hearing the voices of these clan elders, the few elders of the Heaven Mending Pavilion were extremely furious. They were anxious to death in the face of this scene that was completely opposite from their initial established circumstances.

“I… What did I want to say? Oh that’s right! That kid’s still nasally and dripping with snot, how did he pass?!” Elder Xiong Fei was jumping in madness and became worried to the point that his head was spinning.

“Thank you elder for your compliment.” A six to seven year of nasally kid walked out and bowed towards elder Xiong Fei. He then wiped the snot from his nose and nearly rubbed it onto elder Xiong Fei’s body.

“To hell with it! There has to be something wrong here!” At this moment, the elders of Heaven Mending Pavilion wished that could darken their eyes and pass out.

Because the scene in front of their eyes was too terrifying. The number of people surpassed four thousand people, and what was even more unforgivable was that these children walked shoulder to shoulder in large groups as they walked out.

Let alone the present, there weren’t even this many geniuses in the ancient era when saints were struggling for power.

How did this look anything like passing a trial. These children were all smiles as they formed groups and walked forward. This was so shocking that many chins dropped to the floor.

The few elder’s faces were green until the point that they could not become any more green. In the end, they could not help but shout, “Investigate! Get to the bottom of this!”

These voices were incredibly miserable, and it disturbed the higher powers of Heaven Mending Pavilion. Many people became startled after hearing these voices, because they thought an Archaic Descendant was attacking or something.

After four hours, there were finally no more children walking out. Everyone carefully counted, and discovered that a total of eight thousand nine-hundred and twenty seven people that cleared the trial.

This number astonished the higher powers of Heaven Mending Pavilion so much that their faces turned green, since this was too scary. This was a unique experience that surpassed all previous records from the start of time.

Ten thousand people entered, and only a thousand or so did not come out. Everyone else had succeeded.

After an a hour, several elders were flustered and exasperated at the eighth region. Elder Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“God dammit! Who did this!?”

After hearing those wretched and angry shouts, the clan elders of large clans all looked at each other in dismay. None of them knew what kind of provocation those few people received.

After a short while, the higher powers of Heaven Mending Pavilion received the news. All of their heads faced the sky, and were speechless for a long time.

“What happened?” The clan elders of large clans all carefully and prudently inquired.

Finally, those higher powers all turned around and left. Looking at their backs, the people could not guess their mood or state of mind.

“There’s a little thief that stole the precious bones of the eighth region and sabotaged the trial grounds!”

In the end, the news still leaked, and all the elders of large clans were dumbstruck and petrified; they began to look silly. In the end, all of their mouths twitched as they resisted the urge to take action and remained silent.

“After all is said and done, who did this?” an elder roared.

“Who else could it be? It has to be that devilish brat. Who said he didn’t come? This is now confirmed, and this was all done by him!” Elder Xiong Fei’s tears were streaming down his cheeks since that kid truly knew how to toy with people.

“Don’t let me see him. If he enters Heaving Mending Pavilion, the first thing I’ll do is spank his bottom eighty times!” elder Zhuo Yun fiercely said.

However, someone else immediately continued and said, “Little brother, where are you? The doors to Zhulu Academy is always open for you!”

The one talking was precisely Zhulu Academy’s female War God. Her entire elegant body that was beautiful in everyway emitted a golden shine. Her charmingly pure white face was like jade, and it was much different from before. An extremely gentle smile hung over her face.

Elder Zhuo Yun immediately began to sweat as he looked into every direction.

At the same time, the Void God Realm boiled with madness as soon as this information was received.

“Is it really that baby who apparently appeared?”

“Who could it be apart from him? Unfortunately for the Heaven Mending Pavilion, this is the same behavior he showed at the Starting Ground.”

“Haha, this odd child is truly lacking in morals!”

“Heaven Mending Pavilion is too pitiful. This naughty kid truly makes people speechless. As expected, he once again did some huge thing that would anger the heavens!”

“That’s right, whoever comes into contact with him would certainly suffer from his heaven angering actions. Even the Void God Realm could not bear him any longer. It’s unknown whether or not the Heaven Mending Pavilion will banish him, hahaha…”

At this very moment, the entire Void God Realm was in clamors as everyone laughed and discussed this situation.

“This child truly knows how to torment people. He’s a bit too disastrous right? Wherever he goes, there’s no peace. Fortunately, he’s pretty far from us now.” Hammer uncle wiped off some of his cold sweat.

Coin elder did not say anything. His moves were very nimble and skilled. He erected a table at a place where many people gathered with the following words on the surface: If you wish to know the milk baby’s secret, please donate one spirit coin.

Bird grandpa’s movements were not slow either. He immediately tore off a rag and laid it at the side with these words on top: One spirit coin, one exclusive secret.

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