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Chapter 98 – To Crash Through a Barrier

“Shi Yi has appeared, and the rumors were true! For such a glorious power to enter through those mountain gates, it’s simply too shocking!” Even some clan elders of larger tribes squinted their eyes as radiance burst out.

The wings of the enormous Archaic Descendant hammered the skies, and aroused waves after waves of terrifyingly strong winds. As they swept past, the people below began to feel a piercing pain on their faces. As it rapidly entered into the depths of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s gates, numerous young people were left dumbstruck

Shi Yi was reputed to be a God-like young man who was blessed by extraordinary gifts. He was enveloped in a halo of divinity and was born into the world like a blazing sun that illuminated the endless mountains and rivers as well as leaving behind many legends.

“Only the ancient Heaven Mending Pavilion holy institution could attract him here. There is destined to be a gargantuan wave that will engulf this place!” Everyone knew that this news with spread into all the lands and tremble the ancient countries.

Many young people clenched their fists while burning with passion. When they thought about the opportunity to challenge this young man who seemed like a God while cultivating within the pure land, they all became incredibly excited.

Ten years from now, when they thought back to this day, they might feel a sense of glory. To be able to challenge a young supreme being as well as attend the same school as him, this would certainly be an illustrious accomplishment.

“As long as you are powerful enough and meet the qualifications, then you all will have the opportunity to enter the holy institution as well.” The elder who sat in front of the gate spoke, and his entire body glowed as he spoke in a thunder-like voice.

Many youth were excited as their blood boiled. All of their fighting spirits were high, and their eyes blossomed with astonishing radiance.

A group of clan elders secretly sighed. They shook their head while looking at their own clan’s children. What kind of place was this holy institution? Having one out of ten enter every hundred years would already be quite excellent.

“Wu, fellow cultivators, what is going on? Arriving in front of my Heaven Mending Pavilion, do you need something?” In front of that mountain gate, that old man spoke out once again. Whenever he blinked his eyes, symbols would rumble like the oceans, deafening and shaking people until their vision even became blurred.

Too many people came today. Aside from this group of youngsters who want to enter through the mountain gate, there were many noble officials and great powers who had sent their spies here; they were all searching for a specific child.

“Fellow cultivator, forgive me. We are only here to attend a ritual,” someone said.

This was how it was in reality. Although everyone knew the truth, no one dared to blunty shout it out. That old man continued to sit on that large rock and did not say anything else. However, it was obvious that as soon as something happened, he would not continue to watch with folded arms.

All of the large clans knew about the matters within the Void God Realm, and the Heaven Mending Pavilion naturally knew as well. They understood perfectly well what was going on.


A multicolored light flashed by, and a five-colored luan appeared. A female wearing a set of golden battle clothes was currently sitting upright on top of it, and culls of mist and divine light enshrouded its body. Her facial appearance was picturesque, and her charming face was sparkling. The golden armor could not conceal her impressive womanly figure; with elegant curves and beautiful, she was like a gorgeous war God.

“Zhulu Academy’s Female War God!” Everyone gasped with surprise.

Her gaze was like lightning. It was extremely strict, and it swept over the numerous crowd, inspecting them one by one. Her goal was quite obvious.

“Zhulu Academy is truly straightforward. They came to the Heaven Mending Academy to steal people!” Many people were amazed. They didn’t even need to think in order to know what was going on.

“Little child, you are stepping over your boundaries.” The elder in front of the mountain gate spoke.

“Senior is thinking too much,” spoke the female War God. Her body was covered in golden armor and her breasts were plump. Her waist was as soft as a willow, and her legs were as straight as pencils. Her sparkling face was incredibly calm, and there was a unique beauty to her.

At this precise moment, groups of troops began to take action as well. With this Female War God leading the way, the other large powers no longer hesitated. They rapidly inspected the masses in order to find their target.

Since this was outside the mountain, they had not yet truly entered inside. Once the selection finished and that odd child entered inside, they would never have another chance.

“Trial begin!” The elder in front of the mountain gate did not say anymore. His best method was to immediately let the young people into the trials, because the outsiders had no way of setting their feet inside.

A group of people appeared, and it was precisely this group of experts who were going to lead everyone in. They were either standing in midair on symbol bones or sitting on flying rocks as they divided the eighty to ninety thousand people into eight groups.

“Let’s go and head for the ancient battlefield.”

They did not enter through the mountain gate but instead lead everyone westward. This entire path was filled with dense forests on both sides, and the surrounding scenery became increasingly desolate. The propitious air and colored fog disappeared as miasma appeared within this ancient and wretched forest.

West of the Heaven Mending Pavilion was once an ancient and boundless battlefield that took up a vast amount of land. Now, however, it was simply a great wasteland.

This endless mountainous region was taken control of by the Heaven Mending Pavilion a long time ago. They were quite clear what types of malicious beasts resided here, and it became a type of trial ground.

“This battlefield is altogether divided into eight regions. We already laid down the symbol formations to ensure no evil beasts could enter within.”

The people from the Heaven Mending Pavilion explained the rules. They did not need anyone to battle any beasts, because it would inevitably end in their death, and that type of selection method would be too bloody. As long as these children managed to make their way into the symbol region, it would be enough.

“Resisting against the ancient symbol formation is incredibly challenging. I’ve already failed three times.” An 18 to 19 old youth agonizingly said.

He was considered outstanding within his clan and was sent here every single time. However, as soon as he got here, he could not pass through and failed.

“If anyone is strong enough to break into the symbol regions, he or she could enter the second round. There’s a nice surprise there, but there are quite a few vicious beasts as well. As a result, it is incredibly dangerous, so make your decisions carefully.

The people of Heaven Mending Pavilion spoke, but they did not explain any further. However, this was enough to make everyone understand that the symbol region was for the selection of ordinary disciples, and the second stage of the battlefield was a trial by fire for geniuses.

“That’s enough. Enter the battlefield!”

An order came down, and the eight groups people endlessly swarmed into their respective regions. There was absolutely no reason to fear whether the space was big enough or not, since this place was truly huge.

The war generals of many great powers became anxious. How would they find a single child within a group of this many people? It was truly too late to start searching now. Finally, they charged into all the entrances and unwillingly exercised their final search.

Unfortunately, their actions were destined to be fruitless.

The little guy’s face resembled a large apple right now. His face was chubby, and made it irresistible for people to want to pinch his cheeks. This appearance was completely different from when he was in the Void God Realm.

“Little fatty, what are you looking at? Don’t dawdle and stop walking for no reason!” A little girl smiled and came to pinch him.

The little guy was depressed. Wasn’t he just looking at the pretty female disciples of Heaven Mending Pavilion for a bit? He did not even look for a long time. How was that enough to warrant a pinch?

“Little fatty, shouldn’t you try and lose weight? Being so chubby is not good for cultivation.” As soon as he was going to entering the nearby ancient battlefield, another female disciple pinched his apple like face with a smile.

“I’m not fat!” He lightly muttered and instantly disappeared after he stepped into the flashing symbol gate.

Everything was stirring within the Void God Realm. News of what happened at Heaven Mending Pavilion quickly spread, and many people at the Heavenly Passage Paradise already knew what happened.

“Shi Yi went as expected, so Heaven Mending Pavilion’s prestige will greatly increase. Could another saint come out of there in the future?”

“Martial King’s family truly knows how to muster up a large force. They used an Archaic Descendant to send him over. They take care of him extremely well, and use all that they could in order to raise him.”

“Wu, it is unknown whether the Martial King family’s thirteenth elder is alive or not. The genius, Shi Ziling, had also disappeared for many years. Obviously, they were going to use all their power to raise that dual pupil person. As soon as he matures, he would inevitably become a great power.

Void God Realm was clamoring as the news was spread out at an astonishing rate. All of the great ancient countries trembled when they quickly obtained news of what happened at the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

The name Shi Yi created a large disturbance. It seemed as if everyone was currently discussing it.

Soon after, people began to bring up the little guy as well, as even now, no one had found a trace of him. No one had seen him yet.

“Did that naughty kid really go to the Heaven Mending Pavilion? Why haven’t they found him yet?”

“Something’s off here. With that child’s strange nature, I feel like he most likely shook all of us off and purposely tormented the large families.

“That’s actually highly likely!”

They’ve waited for such a long time, and yet there still hadn’t been any news about that naughty kid, making everyone’s faces darken.They began to felt that it was increasingly likely that they’d been swindled by that devilish brat.

“Something’s still off. Didn’t that coin elder make a poisonous oath? Does he dare to deceive a noble princess?”

“That also makes sense. Then why didn’t he show up? Whether it’s the Heaven Mending Pavilion or Zhulu Academy, there hasn’t been a single trace of him at either location.

Everyone wished that the little guy would show up at Heaven Mending Pavilion. After all, he broke one of Shi Yi’s  records, the two of them meeting up in the real world was something that people longed for even more.

Heaven Mending Pavilion, within the eighth region of the ancient battlefield, the little guy stepped into a forest and stared forward. Floating symbols began to shine before targeting him.

There weren’t any wild beasts or vicious birds here, and there were only endless symbols. For many people, this was like breaking through the heavens, and it was extremely hard.

Clearly, the little guy was not like these people. He stamped on the ground, cracking the ground beneath him. As a result, huge rocks soared through the air, and immediately smashed into the symbols, extinguishing them.

He did not think too much over it, nor did he waste much time or effort. He easily and directly broke through the symbols while charging forward; everything in front of him was violently destroyed.

This was due to the fact that although these symbols were complex, they did not hold any significance before him. He had already researched them a long time ago, and had long exceeded this realm. He did not want to break them one by one and make unnecessary delays, and that was why he was currently charging like a madman.

“This place is pretty big, no wonder they gave us three days,” he muttered to himself while breaking through everything like hot knife through butter. Soon after, he entered into the depths of the eighth region.

After he arrived there, he found the difficulty of the symbols beginning to grow stronger. Some formations became a little more interesting, so he began to stop from time to time, and increased the time he began to pause for.

“Breaking through formations is too dull. It’s really boring,” the little guy muttered.

People who are skilled really do not know the suffering of others. Just how exhausted were those people behind him? From seven to eight year-olds to those in their twenties, they were all completely drained. Their sweat rained down like rain, and they were all about to collapse.

“Is there a mistake? Does Heaven Mending Pavilion not want to recruit anyone today? How come the setup of the symbols is so complex? How many people will pass?

“Ai, it’s all trouble caused by geniuses. First it’s Shi Yi, then it’s the emperor’s daughter, and even an odd child was going to come. With the arrival of these geniuses, they acted correspondingly; therefore, Heaven Mending Pavilion naturally set up their gates a little harder.

This group of people complained. They were all incomparably angry.

The little guy was strolling across the depths of the eighth region. After pondering for a bit, his eyes suddenly shined as he excitedly clenched his fists and began to laugh.

“Since there are symbols here, there must be precious bones underneath the ground!”

His eyes emitted a thieving light as his figure turned into a shadow. He rapidly bore through the ground, and searched everywhere in hopes of finding the primitive precious bones.

“I found it! There definitely has to be one here!” He stopped while facing a short mountain that was only ten meters tall. He carefully studied for a bit, then with a whistle, he rapidly charged forward with all of the strength of the  symbols within his body in order to take violent and tyrannical actions.

Hong, Hong…

Finally, smoke and dust rose into the air as this short mountain was smashed by the little guy. A sparkling precious bone fell out from within.

He quickly ran over as he picked it up with a smile on his face. Afterwards like a thief, he gazed into every direction and quickly put it into his bosoms before disappearing again like smoke.

“In such a large ancient battlefield, there has to be more than one piece,” the little guy muttered. He completely treated this place like his vegetable garden as he prepared to pull out all the ‘radishes.’


He found the second target and he was even more direct this time. He smashed this rocky dam apart with a kick, and the radiance of the symbols flourished greatly as a precious bone appeared.

“Although it’s not the rarest bone, it’s still not bad.” The little guy was all smiles. His apple-like face overflowed with smiles and exposed his pretty little canine teeth.

He advanced just like this like, constantly breaking the formations in order to excavate the precious bones within. He quickly obtained ten of them, and wrapped them all completely in beast skin before carrying them on his back.

“Yi, why is it becoming easier. Could it be my strength restored?”

At this precise moment, then tens of thousands of youngsters within the eighth region were all amazed as they felt the difficulty decreasing. All of them were incredibly excited as they dauntlessly charged forward with great efforts.

“Why do I feel like I will succeed in passing this time!”

At this moment in the eighth region, not only one person, but all the people began to have self-confidence again. They were all incredibly excited as they all started to charge forward with all their strength.

Time slowly elapsed and the people outside were all anxious as they waited, especially all the clan elders of large clans. They came in order to protect their own clan’s disciples and they don’t know how many people would be left over in the end.

“Wu, the hurdle is too difficult this year. I reckon that many clans will be dispirited and disappointed since not many children can remain.” An elder of Heaven Mending Pavilion lightly spoke.

Beside him were several people who clearly held rather high statuses. All of them nodded, and one person said, “After all, many geniuses wanted to come, and they took up quite a few places. We can only do this.”

“I don’t know which region is the strongest, and will have the most people come out.”

“Quite a bit of time has passed already. If they are outstanding enough, then there should be children who have charged out already. We should go to the exits and wait there in order to lead anyone that comes out through Heaven Mending Pavilion’s mountain gate.

An elder furrowed his brows with some worry and said, “I truly fear that some region will have no one come out. After all, that last trial is a bit hard, since it was prepared for the geniuses.

Even so, they left for the exit in order to greet the children who successfully passed the trial.

When all the elders of large clans and tribes saw this, they immediately followed with a bit of nervousness within their hearts. They all wished that their clans would have more children who could remain.

At the same time, discussion and comments were everywhere within the Void God Realm. Everyone was awaiting the appearance of the naughty child. In the end, they were disappointed that there wasn’t any commotion.

“That baby shouldn’t have tricked us too right?” At the Starting ground, hammer uncle furrowed his brows.

“He shouldn’t have.” Bird grandpa was as calm as ever.

Coin elder said, “I have a feeling that this devilish brat will most likely create an even bigger commotion this time. Just wait and see.”

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