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Chapter 135 – The Aura of a Supreme Being

Auspicious vapors surged around the spirit mountain, and rays of multicolored light overflowed in all directions. It was as if a meteor showering was falling, splendid and beautiful. It was bright, resplendent, and astonishing.

The little guy sat with his legs crossed on top of a large rock. His entire body was radiating light, and despite the fact that he closed off his pores and covered his mouth and nose, the True Supreme Water still transformed into radiance. It bubbled forth, causing this mountain summit to become dazzling.

“Too extravagant! These actions should be punished by heavenly lightning!” The big red bird extended its neck and widened its eyes. Feathers exploded, and it had a dumbstruck expression.

This was not the dew on top of grass leaves, even more so not water rained down from the skies. This was the True Supreme Water; if even a single drop of it appeared in the outside world, it would immediately cause a huge commotion.

This type of divine existence was currently being squandered by this small rotten child. It felt as if this wasn’t really happening right now. The big red bird cried out with ao ao sounds, and was similar to a wolf rather than a fierce bird.

“You can’t refine it! Give it to me ah, stop wasting!” The big red bird spoke with big red eyes, doing exactly what he said. He spat out a black pot, and as symbols flickered, it began to collect this divine liquid.

“Let me lend you a helping hand!” Xiao Tian also felt that losing so much was unfortunate, and so he took action to help the big red bird.

“Thank you, thank you. Kindhearted youth, you are a promising and brilliant youth1! In the future, you will definitely ascend into the heavens!” The big red bird expressed his gratitude.

With a swing of his sleeve, Xiao Tian almost left in that instant.

The black pot in mid-air was extremely terrifying, and the symbols on it were dense. Strands of lightning and flames interweaved, sealing off this area.

After looking carefully, this was not a genuine black iron pot, but was rather polished out of a bird egg. Dark light flickered, and there was a sparkling and translucent gloss similar ink jade.

The True Supreme water left its parent body, so even though it was trying to escape, it didn’t actually have that powerful of a consciousness.

“Haha… Good stuff!” The big red bird opened its mouth wide, and its beak was about to snap apart. With a gulu sound, its saliva almost leaked out; it hurriedly used its fiery red wings to wipe its mouth.

When Xiao Tian saw this, he was speechless. This bird was just like the intimate friend he had just met! After seeing something good, he would immediately salivate; what was your problem?

On top of the rock, the little guy opened one of his eyes. As a result, multicolored light flew out, leaving him with no choice but to immediately close it. Following that, he plugged up his mouth, and with a muffled murmur, he said, “That’s my divine liquid…”

“Haha, now it’s mine! Continue speaking, and spill out more multicolored light!” Shouted the big red bird.

The silver-robed youth tried to calm them down. “Brother, I feel that it is still better to spit it out. Don’t make yourself go through so much. This is True Supreme Water, not some spirit pill. If you continue to eat it like this, then some big problem will happen.”

“Not an issue… I already refined a part of it, it’s possible.” The little guy covered his mouth as he spoke. It was muddled with gu gu nong nong sounds, making the words difficult to be differentiated.

“What? You really can refine it?” The big red bird’s eyes widened upon hearing those words. Following that, it followed suit and sat down with its two long bird legs crossed. It sat with its legs crossed on the grass and its two wings hugging the black pot. With gudong sounds, the divine liquid completely entered its mouth. Without saying anything else, it began to refine it.

“Brother, even if you can refine it, it still won’t work. You drank too much! Even if there isn’t ten jin in there, there should be at least eight right? Spit out a bit! Otherwise, I feel that this True Supreme Water will most likely ultimately lead to your downfall.” Xiao Tian was worried.

The little guy tightened his mouth, and did not dare say any more. His eyes were rolling and moving about. As he sat there, he used all of the energy that he would have used on drinking milk, exhausting all of the circulating symbols and carrying out the refinement.

Noise continuously rang out, and symbols flickered continuously. Not much time had passed, yet the area around the little guy became covered in mist. Multicolored light was everywhere, completely submerging this area. The entire mountain summit was illuminated.

Now, the True Supreme Water no longer escaped. Instead, it began to congregate and circulate around the little guy’s body. It confronted him, wanting to refine him instead.

This was a divine existence, and had a spiritual nature that was difficult to imagine. Once it made this type of resolution, it became extremely terrifying.

Xiao Tian sucked in a breath of cold air and hugged the jade container. Fortunately, the jar had the Sealing Light Bead; otherwise, the divine liquid inside wouldn’t be so tranquil.


Finally, the big red bird couldn’t bear it any longer and cried out. He spat out a mouthful of the divine fluid, and it transformed into an expanse of multicolored light. However, this fellow was extremely fast, once again opening his big mouth and inhaling fiercely; it once again completely swallowed it all.

“That savage child can endure it, so I can too!” It shouted.

On top of the large rock, the little guy’s entire body was transparent and brilliant. Symbols covered this area, interweaving within his body. It could clearly be seen that the True Supreme Water was fiercely resisting.

Part of the divine fluid had already merged with his flesh, making his body appear even more dazzling. A portion of it really was successfully refined by him, fortifying his body.

This was a wave of unimaginable spiritual essence. It was inconceivably vigorous and boundless. If the little guy wanted to completely refine it, then the difficulty was too great; he would most likely damage his body.

This was also because his body was equivalent to that of a heavenly ranked Archaic vicious beast young. If it was anyone else, they would have exploded a long time ago.

“Wuwuwu… Not willing!” The little guy widened his large eyes and puffed his cheeks. He covered his mouth, not wanting to give up like this. He made his last ditch efforts.


The True Supreme Water displayed its might. It feared being refined by him, attacking even more fiercely. His entire body seemed to have combusted.

“Shit, he’s not really going to explode, right? I think it’s better if I watch for now.” The big red bird was always observing. Upon seeing this, he spat out the divine liquid in response. Collecting it within the black bot, he struggled to suppress and seal it.

When Xiao Tian saw this, he felt an urge to vomit. That divine fluid was definitely no longer usable by others. That bird truly was not a good bird.


The True Supreme Water attacked, and the little guy violently shook. It was like a single duckweed within a large sea, overturned at a moment’s notice as it was smashed to pieces within the billows.

His mouth swelled, speaking with a mumble, “If it really won’t work, then whatever. I’ll just use it to nourish two precious artifacts.”

The little guy naturally would not play around with his life. No matter how great the divine fluid was, it still couldn’t be forcibly absorbed like this. If it did not work, then he had to somewhat abandon it.


Another great wave swept over. His entire body trembled, and his flesh was brushed by the divine liquid. His bones rang with kengqiang sounds, on the even of collapsing.

However, right at this moment, the pit of his stomach suddenly rose in temperature. It radiated with brilliant light, erupting with waves of terrifying fluctuations. Currently, the entire sky was flooded with color.

Within the sky, the clouds rumbled. They violently surged, seeming as if they were rising and falling along with his stomach. The great mountains rumbled from all directions, as if it was about to explode.

The silver-robed youth was shocked, and quickly used precious artifacts to protect himself. He couldn’t believe what was shown in front of him. Meanwhile, the big red bird was even more flabbergasted. His mouth was opened wide, and his wings unconsciously and continuously making palapala sounds.

The little guy’s chest endlessly rose and fell, as if a vertical bone was growing. He was radiating light, shaking everyone to their hearts. Fortunately, it was only a wave of fluctuations, and was not actually an unrivalled divine might that was diffusing.

The true supreme water around the little guy’s body was completely subdued, and then it became agitated again before calming down. Finally, it transformed into countless rays of multicolored light, flooding towards his stomach.

It was as if there was a sun located there, absolutely dazzling. Within that divine sun, it seemed as if there was a sparkling and translucent baby sitting within.

Strands of blood essence seemed to be like stars as it shone brightly, condensing towards that direction.

The True Supreme Water was merely a nutrient, and was being rapidly absorbed by the blood essence. They assimilated into that little sun, as if a sovereign was producing offspring while sitting in the center.

The little guy was mind-blown. He could clearly feel a special type of force awaken. It was as if it wanted to restore the damaged body. This aura was extremely familiar, because he experienced this before when he was young.

“Supreme Being Bone…”

Water vapors began to bring back all the things that happened after he was born in front of his eyes. It played scene after scene of the cruel and bloody tragedy. His precious bone was gouged out; originally, he was supposed to be a later generation of the martial imperial family, but instead he was forced into exile. His close ones were all separated from him, and no one knew if his parents were dead or alive; all of this was because of this bone.

Originally, his supreme being bone and blood essence was completely snatched away by those people. It was planted into that deity-like Shi Yi’s body, and was thought to have never been seen again.

Now, however, his chest unexpectedly was heating up. It was as if a vertical bone was being grown. It emitted a dazzling light, forming a small sun that was difficult for others to look straight at.

The little guy could clearly feel that the blood essence within his body was being resurrected and reborn. It was accumulating energy, wanting to give birth to another Supreme Being Bone!

“The willow deity’s guesses came true…” he muttered.

Along this entire journey, there were laughs, jeers and insults, yet along the way, his heart never changed. It was still perfectly pure, and was always aiming to become more powerful without being swayed for a moment.

Currently, he felt extremely good. His body was immersed in a type of mysterious radiance. His chest was terrifyingly red-hot, as if there really was a Supreme Being Bone lying dormant there, waiting for him to awaken.

“Sooner or later, there will be a day when I will once again grow a Supreme Being Bone!” The little guy tightened his fists. He did not lose reasoning after being attacked by this happiness, and was clearly aware that he could not regenerate that bone purely by depending on the True Supreme Water.

However, he also knew that it would definitely happen in the future. It could definitely be done, because he already saw hope today. The Supreme Being Bone will inevitably be reborn from nothing, and he himself will also change similarly. There will be a day when he will be immersed in divine flames and transcend worldliness, becoming even more powerful.

The True Supreme Water was extremely powerful, and contained an inexhaustible amount of divine might. Even the various ancient saints needed to use it, yet the little guy drank so much this time, and it was ultimately completely absorbed by that that lump of light in the pit of his stomach.

His body was no longer gushing multicolored light, and all of the divine liquid was refined. It assimilated into his chest region, burning like a divine stove before ultimately slowly concealing itself.

“So powerful!”

In the distance, the big red bird released a big breath. Just now, he was absolutely terrified. When the little guy’s chest shone, it was as if this world was resonating with his breath, simply too frightening.

Now, everything finally settled. The area was extremely quiet, and multicolored colored no longer flickered about the little guy’s body.


Suddenly, a ray of flaming divine radiance rushed out, once again enveloping the mountain summit. It scared the silver-gowned youth and big red bird into jumping, because the terrifying scene just now was going to reappear.

However, this time, they over thought it. The little guy’s body emitted light, and an eighth ‘volcano’ appeared beside his body. It surged with ‘magma,’ and its boundless power was astonishing.

“Breaking through just like this?”

Regardless of whether it was Xiao Tian or that big red bird, they were all shocked. This was because the little guy directly successfully established his eighth heavenly passage without a single warning.

An individual with eight heavenly passages open; this was rare within the human race, and could be considered a heaven warping talent. Now, the little guy broke through so easily. This made Xiao Tian and the big red bird develop suspicions that this was most likely not the extent of his potential. It was likely that he could establish his ninth heavenly passage!

You have to understand that the ninth heavenly passage in reality was rarely seen. It has only been recorded in ancient books, and made people doubt its existence.

The little guy got up. Before he could even feel the difference from the eighth heavenly passage, he already noticed that his physical body was different. His physique unexpectedly improved by a large amount, far surpassing the past!

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