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Chapter 111 – Ancient Apparition

The little guy’s scalp became numb. What exactly was the motive behind this elder who lacked life by obstructing him? This made every hair on his body stand up.

Dark bloodstains seeped between his gray hair, and had already dried up a long, long time. The hilt of the ancient sword that was originally incomparably sharp now had thoroughly rusted. It was difficult to imagine just how many years it had experienced.

“Uncle, why are you blocking me? If something is wrong, just say it,” said the little guy.

Hairy Ball directly hid behind his back with its pair of large eyes swiveling about. It nervously grabbed his hair, and was scared that elder would suddenly attack.

Without a single word or breath, this elder stayed fixated his position without any type of response. His face was like a wooden idol, and his eyes were empty as he blocked the path.

When the little guy saw this, he ignored the elder, and walked towards the side with the intention of detouring around him.

With a shua sound, the elder formed directly appeared in front of him out of nowhere to blocked Shi Hao’s path once again.

“Uncle, are you going to be reasonable? If you have something to say, then just say it. Stop scaring me.” The little guy made a bitter expression, and began to take precautions.

This was simply too strange! Why did such a lifeless elder appear? Why did he continue to block him? It really was meeting a ghost while still alive!

One has to understand that this was the resting place of a Guardian Spirit. How could an existence like this who was neither a human nor a ghost that wore ancient clothing be here? It made people scared and upset.

Suddenly, the little guy turned around, and quickly returned to the courtyard. With a sou sound, he rushed into the rear courtyard.

The Guardian Spirit was here, could it be that the gray-haired elder could still go against the heavens? If even the ancient sacred land’s calabash vine could not make the elder yield, then he really would be at his wit’s end.

From start to finish, the little guy never made a single move, because he felt that this was simply too strange. This seemingly half man, half ghost existence could possibly be extremely dangerous, and it was still better to not provoke it.

In the rear courtyard, the calabash vine was still as dried up and yellow as before. After receiving the heavenly splendor and moonlight’s baptism, this area became hazy and gentle.

“Uncle Guardian Spirit, another Uncle came. You should chat a bit with him; otherwise, he’ll keep blocking me and prevent me from leaving.” The little guy arrived beneath the calabash vine.

He was hoping that the Guardian Spirit would give him some kind of response. This place was also a part of the sacred land, so it should care. However, he was disappointed because the dried up vine remained motionless, and its yellow leaves were drab; it did not show the slightest bit of reaction.

The gray-haired elder also closed in, and he still stood opposite of him like before. It blocked his path while staring at him with his empty pupils.

The little guy anxiously rushed on top of a pile of rubble, with the intention of disturbing that green gourd from on top of that vine’s frame in order to awaken that Guardian Spirit.

Just when he was about to draw near, that green-skinned gourd began to emit the aura of primal chaos. It created an ear-splitting noise, and prominently formed a symbol. Terrifying and extremely intimidating waves of aura were emitted, and an indescribable ripple forcefully made the little guy retreat.

Symbols interweaved and linked in countless ways, moreover, the aura of primordial chaos grew thicker. It enveloped the green-skinned gourd, and it was as if he arrived at a point in the time when the world was being created. The mist here was hazy, and lightning interweaved within this area!

At the same time, the gray-haired elder’s body shook, and emitted a sound from his mouth, “Give my sword back…”

In the depth of the night, the little guy felt a chill crawl down his spine. Give what sword back? There was indeed one here, but it was pierced through that elder’s skull, how does someone give that back?!

“Uncle, the sword is in your head.”

The elder seemed as if he didn’t hear what was said, and continued to stare at the little guy as before while speaking. “Give my sword back.”

The little guy was startled and doubtful at the same time. Could it be that it wanted his help to pull out the sword? He opened his mouth and asked, “How do I return it? How about you lower your head, and I’ll pull it out for you.”


The ancient sword unexpectedly emitted a shrill sound, and a black-colored bloodstain appeared at that location. The elder once again shook, and muttered, “Give my sword back.”

He blocked the little guy’s path, and repeated that sentence. Shi Hao did not know what to do, and in the end, the little guy was pressured into extreme anxiousness. “Okay, in the future, I’ll help you find it, and give your sword back.”

When this sentence was spoken, the heaven and earth lost its color, and the sound of winds abruptly stirred. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, and the elder instantly vanished, and disappeared without a trace.

The little guy felt cold air over his back. This was simply too shocking; such an event stirred up within the Guardian Spirit’s resting place, yet calabash vine did not show the slightest bit of a reaction, could it be that these two were related?

“Where did he come from, and how could he be so weird?!” The little guy was truly frightened, and ran away like a wisp of smoke. Without turning around a single time, he escaped from the Guardian Spirit’s resting place.

Hairy Ball was extremely nervous, grabbed his collar, and hung from his body like a koala. The wind made huhu sounds, and its body even began to float up and down. It followed behind him as he quickly escape.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion was extremely large. It was vast and boundless, and the little guy instantly ran out over ten li, and finally broke away from the Guardian Spirit’s resting ground. He turned his head around, and saw the bright moon shining cleanly. The sky full of stars flickered, and this entire large area of land was silent. That elder had finally disappeared.

“Go!” He once again began to run away.

Along the way, the spiritual mountains were towering and majestic. Under the silver moonlight, they all seemed to be enshrouded in a thin natural layer of hazy smoke. Palace halls sat on them one after another, and rain was scattering above the mountain tops. They were spotlessly white like whips, and mists were rising about. Under the water moonlight, this entire land appeared unreal and illusory, as if they arrived at a fairyland.

They had crossed a hundred li until the little guy finally returned to his residence. It was extremely late into the night, and the other disciples had long fallen asleep. He stealthily sneaked into his own thatched hut, and lied down to sleep.

After experiencing such tormenting, he did not want to recall what just happened. He wanted to forget it as quickly as possible, and enter his land of dreams.

Hairy Ball was of the same opinion. He glanced out the window, and nervously trembled. He immediately covered his eyes, and hid behind the little guy before falling asleep.

A few days passed in succession, and everything was very normal. The little guy began to relax, because there weren’t any more issues in the end. However, he did not returned to the Guardian Spirit’s area, since he was scared of seeing a ghost.

During these next few days, he was extremely obedient and honest. During the night in particular, he did not leave his home. He only sat on top of his roof in order to absorb heavenly essence. He refined the heavenly splendor, and slept when he became tired.

On the sixth night, the little guy suddenly felt the hairs on his body stand up. He immediately sat up, and shouted, “Ghost!”

He did not know when that grey haired elder arrived, but he was standing in front of his bed. The empty pupils stared at him in a daze, and black blood dripped from his head. That ancient sword was emitting an murderous aura.

In this dead of the night, this yelling sound transmitted far into the distance. The nearby disciples were all alarmed, and a group of people all woke up and rapidly sat up.

The sleeping Hairy Ball naturally also jumped to his feet after hearing this shout. All of the hair on his body stood explosively stood up, and it muddle-headedly jumped up from the little guy’s pillow.


It instantly jumped on top of that elder’s head, and grabbed onto that gray-haired elder’s hair. It happened to stare directly into those two empty eyes, and immediately shrieked miserably. It was immediately became frightened, and scuttled away. It climbed onto the top of his head, and then dropped down to his shoulders. In the end, it rolled its eyes and almost fainted.

The little guy’s entire body was crawling with cold air, and instantly leapt up as well. He grabbed Hairy Ball’s tail, and smashed through the window as he charged out while carrying hairy ball.

The activity here was rather great, and alarmed many people. Many lights within the houses lit up. “What is it, who is yelling ghost? What happened?!”

“Who was it? Why make so much noise in the middle of the night and disturb our rest?!”

Many people rushed out in search of the noise’s origin.

“Over here, everyone hurry over. Let me introduce a new friend to you guys.” The little guy shouted loudly. His voice was powerful and calm, and wanted to give everyone a ‘nice surprise.’

That gray-haired elder was like an apparition, and was wordless and uncommunicative. He had already arrived in front, and stared blankly at him.

If it really was a ghost, then with three thousand youth grouped together and a positive energy that overflowed the heavens, would it still not be able to scare you away? This was what the little guy was thinking, and of course, he wanted to gather everyone with the intention of letting them ‘get to know’ this strange uncle.

“Wei, what are you shouting about?” A group of youth charged over, and looked at him strangely while completely ignoring the gray-haired elder.

The little guy was dumbstruck and said, “You guys are all so brave. You aren’t scared at all?”

“So weird… What are you talking about?” A few of the youth were dissatisfied.

That pretty girl in particular whose skirt the little guy messed with was scowling. She bent her small waist and said, “What are you playing at? Are you just messing with everyone right?”

The little guy became stupid. Could it be that this group of people couldn’t see the gray-haired elder? This was too terrifying, and a layer of cold goosebumps appeared over his body as he said, “Can you guys not see? He’s right in front of me. An old man with a pair of empty eye socket. His head has a sword stabbed into it, and it’s dripping with black blood…”

“You lack moral sense! To scare us so late into the night!” That pretty girl scowled at him, and the others were all discontent.

“I’m not, aiya, it’s a ghost!” The little guy miserably screamed, this uncle was getting closer and closer, almost as if he was going to stick to him.

He was full of energy. After shouting that loud; naturally, he startled everyone. In that brief period of time, another hundred people arrived here. They looked at him with strange expressions.

“There really is an Uncle here! Black blood is even dripping down onto his face, you guys can’t see it?!” The little guy was getting anxious.

In the end, more than a hundred people were gathered here, and they were all pointing their fingers in blame. They were extremely resentful towards him, because he disturbed them from their rest.


The little guy became nervous, and suddenly jumped up. His finger softly tapped on top of that sword, and created a vibrato sound. That originally clamoring courtyard immediately became silent.

All of them became stupid, and they all couldn’t help but become terrified.

However, a large portion of them quickly came back to reality, and someone shouted, “Who are you trying to scare? Do you think that you can use a trick to scare all of us?”

With a sou sound, the little guy rushed over, and the gray-haired elder naturally followed to once again blocking his way.

“If you guys don’t believe me, then you guys come and touch it,” shouted the little guy.

“I don’t believe in demons!” That girl who was always scowling walked over, and several others followed as well.

In that instant, they felt as if they touched a cold and bone-chilling ice sculpture. It completely terrified them, and they immediately retracted their hands before shouting out loudly, “Ghost!”

It was obvious that they couldn’t see anything, yet they were able to feel it. It made the group of youth horrified, and several of them began to trip over one another while retreating.

“Ah…” That pretty girl was screeching even more, and frantically scrammed. She stepped over many youths who had fell, and completely vanished like a wisp of smoke.

The little guy squeezed into the group of people, and immediately made the youth wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. Many of the people personally touched it and became extremely terrified. They all madly ran away in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred people vanished. The entire area became empty, and the little guy stared blankly. This was too fast right?

This area of the mountains were in a state of complete disorder. All of the houses began to light up, and the three thousand or so new disciples were all alerted. One spread to ten, and ten spread to a hundred; soon after, everyone became aware of the situation.

In that instant, the little guy’s surroundings became quiet. The people near the areas that he passed all scampered away and vanished.

“Quickly report it to an elder!”

Recently, Xiong Fei, Zhuo Yun were extremely exhausted. After so many things happened, these two were in both in terrible shapes. Even their sleeps had been unpeaceful.

After a rare few days of peace, they were thinking that there shouldn’t be any more problems. However during the middle of this night, a group of children were loudly shouting under their spiritual mountains.

“What happened now?!” The two felt a sense of powerlessness.

“Elders, there’s a ghost! His forehead that has been pierced by an ancient sword, and black blood flowed out, and elder with long dishevelled hair appeared…” A youth was loudly shouting.

“What?!” Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun’s expressions immediately changed, and rushed down their spiritual mountain. They grabbed a child’s arm, and began to question him with an incomparably loud and strict voice.

These youth quickly explained what they had encountered.

Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun’s faces were pale, and even their lips were trembling. They seemed as if they were going to run away.

“Elders, what happened? You should go and take a look.”

“Since the ancient past, it would appear once every few hundred years. As long as it appeared, many people would die!” elder Zhuo Yun said in a trembling voice.

When the group of children heard this, they immediately became extremely scared. They all retreated step by step, and were all incomparably nervous. Their entire bodies were trembling, and even their scalps were turning numb.

Additionally, something completely unexpected happened. Elders Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun did not pay attention to them and quickly ran. In the blink of an eye, they left without a trace.

Were there really irresponsible elders like this who ran for their lives first?!

“You guys wait here, we’ll go find our seniors!” Fortunately, the wind carried over voices of these two individuals.

The mountain area exploded. This was a supernatural existence that had existed since ancient times, and there was still explanation for it now? What was going on, for them to actually encounter it now?!

All of them were fearful and afraid, and they all sympathized with that unfortunate child. It was obvious that the existence was fixated onto him.

Many of them gathered their courage, and walked into the distance. They headed towards that courtyard, and they couldn’t help but be flabbergasted. What was this fellow doing? He was so brave!

After being woken up, the little guy slowly snapped back to reality. He no longer feared, and directly jumped towards the gray-haired elder’s body, and rode on his neck.

In his hands were held a limestone, and he continuously used force to smash downwards. It wasn’t clear whether he was trying to smash apart the brain, or to break apart that ancient sword. He noisily shouted, “Return your sword, I’ll dig it out for you. Stop following me, you really are annoying me to death!”

At the same time, a second echoed out of nowhere, and an elder appeared in the distance with a glistening yellow gourd filled with the aura of primal chaos in hand.

Furthermore, the long cries rose and fell in succession in the distance, as all of the experts who were cultivating on the grand and imposing mountains were alarmed. The upper levels of the Heaven Mending Pavilion were shaken, and all left their positions to head towards this location.

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