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Chapter 112 – Destined to Die

Dang, dang…!

The little guy smashed downwards with all his  might, but his arms were hurting. For his 100,000 jin of divine strength contained within one hand, this was simply unimaginable.

On the ground, there were powdered rocks formed from the falling pieces of a smashed limestone.

He directly jumped down, and carried over a copper cauldron from within the courtyard. He once again sat on the elder, and used his strength to pound and smash downwards.

This area was just like forged iron, and with kengqiang sounds, sparks flew everywhere. Regardless of whether it was that skull or the ancient sword, they both did not move in the slightest. They were not damaged at all, and were extremely terrifying.

The little guy scratched his head in puzzlement; this was simply too sturdy. With a wave of both of his arms, it carried a powerful force, yet it unexpectedly did not make the slightest dent. It made dangdang sounds, and as sparks flew outwards; it didn’t even shake in the slightest.

Uncle, the sword on your head must be a precious artifact! It is too sturdy! If I pull it out, do I really have to return it to you?!” The little guy’s saliva flowed out.

In the distance, a group of youth saw his posture. Although they couldn’t see the elder, they still understood what he was trying to do, and all of them were dumbstruck.

This little thing was too brave right?!

Moreover, he actually wanted to keep this ancient sword for himself? What kind of person was this, to not even care about one’s own life and think about precious artifacts!

The little guy naturally still haven’t heard about the rumors, and he did not know about the strange phenomenon that continued until this day. He continuously used his strength smash downwards, and wasn’t scared of anything as he tried to pull out the sword.

“Aiya, the group of old men are all coming! It truly is unfortunate.” The little guy turned his head, and noticed an animal hide flickering with light. An ancient horn was also flickering and a wooden vine was suffused with multicolored lights as a group of elders flew over.

The elder at the very front had appeared in the past, and was known as Tao Ye. In his hand was a yellow gourd. It was filled with the aura of primal chaos, and it seemed as if it contained the heaven and earth as he rushed over.

The little guy did not want to draw attention to himself; otherwise, his identity would most likely be revealed, and be exposed. However, he had no way of getting rid of this elder with the sword pierced through his skull.

When the group of people arrived close, they were all stupefied. Who was this child? A God?

What was he doing? Smashing downwards while sitting on top of that existence’s neck? It shocked them until their eyes were going to pop out from their sockets. This simply made them too speechless, it actually dared to take action against an ancient deity!

“Is something wrong with my eyes, or did I arrive at the wrong place? Who is that child? He is too daring, right?”

Since ancient times, countless years have passed, yet they had never heard of this kind of disrespect. This was the first time they saw such a rotten and violent child!

A group of arrived nearby, and descended within the courtyard.

The little guy was incomparably alert, and said, “What are you guy trying to do?” While speaking, he was hugging that sword while sitting on that gray-haired elder’s back, and was not willing to come down.

The group of people were instantly stunned. We came here to save you, how did it end up looking like we were the bad guys? Moreover, what made them speechless was that this child was hugging the sword. No matter how they looked at it, it was as if he was protecting it. Could it be that he wanted the sword for himself?

“That sword you are hugging…” One of the elders spoke out.

“Mine, its mine! I got it first!” The little guy hugged the ancient sword, and seemed to be on his guard.

The group of people did not know whether to laugh or cry. This child was going against the heavens! You actually dare to try and take this item? It truly caused the people to be at a loss for words.

Ke! The elder with the a gourd in his hands coughed and said, “I think you are misunderstanding. We don’t want that sword, and came to rescue you.”

“Then you guys just have to say it.” The little guy stayed vigilant with one hand on the ancient sword and the other holding a cauldron. He continued to smash downwards, and it looked as if he was trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.

The Heaven Mending Pavilion’s group of people did not know whether to laugh or cry. This type of outrageous child really was rarely seen. Why did this style seem to be somehow familiar?

“Stop hitting it, no one is stealing from you!” Elder Xiong Fei’s expression was deathly white, and he quickly stopped him.

However, that rotten brat did not pay any attention to him, and used all of his strength to swing that copper cauldron. He kept smashing downwards until the entire sky rang with noise. He saw that all of the people there had their hearts alarmed and their bodies leaping. This little brat was too violent, and his strength was astonishing!

Elder Zhuo Yun’s expression was ashen, and he quickly explained the ancient and strange phenomenon to him. He told him that this was an unsolved mystery, and that its shadow loomed around to this day.

“What?! Each time it appears, a large group of people would die, especially geniuses?” The little guy became stupefied, and the copper cauldron in his hand dropped to the ground with a dang sound. Afterwards, he directly jumped off, and ran over to their side.

With a sou sound, he directly clung onto elder Zhuo Yun’s body, and hugged him to the point where he wouldn’t let go even if he died.

“Child, what are you doing? Why are you clinging to me?” Elder Zhuo Yun’s face became pale. According to legends, upon making contact with the taboo, even an elder would die!

“I’ll give you that sword, elder save me ya!” The little guy swung from his body.

“I… Don’t want it!” Zhuo Fei’s face was pale. What was he supposed to do here? He couldn’t say that he was scared, right? This was in front of three thousand youth’s faces…

The little guy saw the color leaving his face, and he became doubtful. He then directly clung onto the back of elder Xiong Fei, and hugged his neck with no intention of letting go.

“Guardian Spirit, save me!” Elder Xiong Fei’s face became green. How could this rotten brat be so fast? It actually changed to his body, and he felt a wave of dread within his heart.

Moreover, he felt as if there was an ice cold corpse standing in front that was staring at him.

“Elder, don’t move. Your head is almost touching his face,” the little guy warned.

Heavens! Xiong Fei was shocked and scared. He continuously cursed within his heart. How could this damn brat be so unrestrained? Was the body of an elder something that you could randomly climb around on? He was inwardly screaming ‘someone save me please’! You have to understand that this strange existence was reputed as a death god. Once it fixed its attention on someone, then that person would most likely have no routes of life left. From ancient times until now, it would appear once every hundred years. If one could not satisfy his conditions, and instead came into contact with it, then it would inevitably lead to death.

“Disperse, there isn’t much to see here.” Elder Tao Ye with the golden gourd in his hands spoke, and ordered the three thousand new disciples to leave.

“Bring him to the ancient palace.” Another upper level character opened his mouth, and wanted to bring the little guy into an important area within the Heaven Mending Pavilion.

Elder Xiong Fei was grinding his teeth like a beggar. This rotten brat was hanging from his body without leaving. How were they supposed to carry him away? In front of him blocked the corpse of an ancient ancestor!

“Elder, if you walk this way, then you’ll be fine,” the little guy suggested.

Xiong Fei wanted to persuade him to get down in an amiable manner, but instead, he revealed an expression that was even uglier than a crying face as he said, “Can you get off?”

“Impossible, I am scared of death the most.” The little guy squeezed his neck even tighter. Those two arms together totaled to two to three hundred thousand jin of strength. Before he even used that much strength, he almost cut off elder Xiong Fei’s breath supply.

“Let go!”

“I won’t, I’m scared of dying!”

“Let go… Cough cough cough…” Elder Xiong Fei rolled his eyes. If not for the symbols rolling around his body, then he might have fallen unconscious, and that would not be a laughing matter at all.

“Quickly release your grip! Can’t you see that Xiong Fei is having difficult breathing?” shouted elder Zhuo Yun.

“Oh, okay.” The little guy loosened his grip somewhat, but he still stuck to his back like dogskin plaster without any intention of coming down.

Everyone was dizzy as they looked at this child. This really was a rarely seen child; others would revere an elder, and would be like a mouse meeting a cat. This one was truly great, and upon seeing the elder, he jumped onto his back, truly unique!

There were still others who revealed a surprised expression. The little guy almost choked Xiong Fei just now; what terrifying physical strength.

Finally, the group of people majestically set off. The large mass was mainly made up of old men and women, and they carried the little guy to the ancient palace.

Elder Xiong Fei repeatedly cursed within his heart again and again. During this entire trip, he was walking with half of his body crooked, and he could feel a cool air attacking his body. Why did this brat decide to stick to him? He was even more repulsive than that brat from the Void God Ream, because this regarded life and death!

The palace was grand and imposing. Propitious vapors were rising, and it was established on top of a tall mountain. It overlooked all four directions, overshadowing large and small mountains alike. This was the main hall of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, and only the most important matters were discussed here.

The interior was glorious, and all types of strange stones were embedded within. Multicolored rays of light were emitted, and even if it was late into the night, no lights needed to be lit. Moreover, the grand palace’s interior also had primitive precious bones. They circulated with symbols, and rays of divine light were being emitted.

The brilliant colors and multicolored lights within the palace caused the little guy to stare blankly. He really wanted to find a hammer somewhere and throw this entire place into disorder in order to take care of those precious bones.

“Everyone, please sit.” An elder spoke out.

These Pavilion Lords usually stayed within this palace, and these elders within this palace hall did not differ much in status. Of course, elders Xiong Fei and Zhuo Yun was a bit lower in the hierarchy here.

When the little guy calmed his heart, the bright splendor within the palace actually gradually weakened. It became incomparably simple and unadorned, and he sighed within his heart. It really dropped from flourishing to nothing, and became extremely ordinary in an instant.

Beautiful sounds were transmitted through the Heaven Mending Pavilion. It alerted all of the disciples, making everyone revere them.

“It’s about time for those Hundred Shattered Mountains to open up again. Otherwise, our Heaven Mending Pavilion members would not have revealed ourselves.” Tao Ye’s identity was quite high, and he carried the yellow gourd within his hands. He sat down within the palace, and overlooked everyone.

This time, ‘he’ didn’t go to the Ancient Sacred Institution, and had not visited the genius camp. He chose an ordinary disciple, and it is truly odd.” A person from the side opened his mouth.

“What are you guys talking about?” The little guy was in doubt.

“Child, do you want to live?” Tao Ye smiled as he asked.

“Why would I want to die?!” The little guy hugged Xiong Fei’s neck, and asked extremely angrily.

“Gently!” Xiong Fei was depressed. This little brat’s strength was simply too great.

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. In that instant, his entire body went rigid, and then he began to tremble. He wanted to turn his body around, and carefully inspect this child’s face.

“Child, if you want to live, then you need to replace ‘him’ and find the sword. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly die. From the ancient past until now, all of those who were chosen all died, and not a single one of them are still living in this world.” Tao Ye spoke, and the gourd in his hand was emitting light. It formed into a layer of precious splendor that protected him, and it seemed as if he was unwilling to provoke ‘him.’

“Isn’t the sword stabbed into his head?” The little guy was puzzled.

Tao Ye shook his head, and said, “That is not his sword, but rather that of his former enemy’s.”

“His sword was left behind within the Hundred Shattered Mountains, and he needs someone to find it for him.”

“What kind of place is the Hundred Shattered Mountains?” The little guy was suspicious, and never heard of such a place before.

“As for the precise information, we aren’t even clear ourselves. We only know that it opens once every hundred years. The time is not set in stone, and it is incredibly mysterious.” An elder was shaking his head.

“There has to be some rumors right?” The little guy was astonished.

“En, there are some rumors. That place is an area that made ancient saints shed tears, and it is a place of carnage,” said Tao Ye.

“What?!” The little stared with his eyes opened, and shook his head with all of his strength. “Even if you killed me I wouldn’t go!”

“If you don’t go, then you will definitely die. From ancient times until now, none of the ones who promised ‘him,’ yet couldn’t fulfill his condition, have lived,” said Tao Ye.

The little guy immediately widened his eyes. Exactly what type of strange existence did he provoke?

“The Hundred Shattered Mountain’s amount of terror could cause even saints to shed tears, and bloodbaths to occur. What would I be doing over there? I would rather give away my life!”

Tao Ye shook his head and said, “Wrong. Compared to back then, it is quite different now. Now, there is a great opportunity. Originally, our Heaven Mending Pavilion was going to send out a few disciples. They are the Ancient Sacred Institution’s Shi Yi, the emperor’s daughter, an Archaic Descendant’s heir, and a few others. We never would have thought that it would choose a person from the ordinary disciples. Now, since ‘he’ chose you, we are only adding one to the quota.

“I’m not going!” The little guy was scared of being duped.

“You really aren’t going? Even if others cracked their heads open trying to find a way in, they would still be unable to. Do you know? Whenever it opened in the past, just what kind of existences entered?”


“Not to mention that our human race’s various large and ancient families would grow hostile for the sake of adding a single member to this quota, even a pure blooded horned dragon, or a Taotie would send their heirs into there,” said Tao Ye

“No way!” The little guy widened his eyes.

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